My Top Five Game Shows Of All Time!

After seeing @Ginnyweasley97 's post about her favorite shows plus anithet GAGers post about Sitcoms I decided to post on Game Shows.

1. The Price Is Right

My top five Game Shows of all time!

This is the longest running game show in the United States. Over forty years of running for a whole hour each weekday. This game is wonderful to play along with at home and shout out the prices. It's also fun to see the contestants spin the big wheel and win new cars. Although my favorite host was Bob Barker, Drew Carey has seemed to make the show his own.

2. Family FeudMy Top Five Game Shows Of All Time!

This game is also extremely fun to watch.

Two families trying to find the number one answer based on surveys. Plus this show has had some of the funniest, yet most WTF moments in game show history. This show had had many host but my favorite is the classic Richard Dawson.

3. Jeopardy

This game show is always a treat to watch for people who like trivia and are good with memory and facts. Plus Alex Trebek is also very knowledgeable and good with the show despite how the SNL skits show him especially with Sean Connery.

4. Wheel Of Fortune

This show was always my number one as a kid. I always wanted to spin the wheel and try to win the money. I also wanted to ride on it too lol. The puzzles and the bonus game are also fun, but many people still watch it for Vanna White the popular long time hostess of the show and fellow Carolinian.

5. Match Game

This is an old 70s classic,but still airs in reruns on Game Show Network. I always loved the answers and questions given where the contestants had to fill in the blanks and match celebrity answers to win money. Like Family Feud this show also had some of the wildest and funniest answers,but at times could be pretty dirty for 70s standards.

There are some of my favorite game shows, if you have anymore past or present feel free to share!

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