Music From Some Places Of The World

Swahili (Africa: Somalia, Kenya, Burundi, and others)

African music really open our hearts when we listen to it. Very cheerful melodies.

Russian (Ukrainian Singer)

A song that was recommended to me recently ( thanks @QuestionMan ). I think she sings about a love that she does not want to lose, but will if it's necessary.

Spanish - (Mexico)

The beautiful Thalia sings mexicanly about sex and embraces her roots.

English (Australia)

17 years and this Australian hottie was full of talent. She says there's nothing sweet about her but I strongly disagree.

Spanish - (Spain)

A song that caused controversy back then. Sings about a woman that was hit by a man.

Sami (Swedish singer)

The Swedish singer Sofia is of Sami ancestry and she sings in that language. I don't know about you, but I love this song.

Turkish (Turkey)

I have to be honest, I have no idea what it says, but perhaps some Turkish users who've seen around here could help me.

French (France)

The beautiful Alizée tells the story of a Lolita in French XD

French (Belgium)

The Belgian singer talks about the monotonous life, but in the end ... We just have to dance

Bulgarian (Bulgaria)

In the comments there is some confusion about its meaning, they said it was about notable Turkish deaths, that they wished they had been killed before to be taken to their families, however, another person says it is not, because the song is originally from the Rhodope mountains.

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