11 Songs From One Country That Got Adopted By Other Countries

1.) Oh Tannembaum/Oh Christmas Tree

A Christmas song originally from Germany, it got adopted by various English speaking countries.

2.) Stille Nacht/Silent Night

A German Christmas song, it's been adopted by many countries especially English speaking countries.

3.) Heil dir im Sieger Kranz/God Save the Queen

The origin of this song is unknown but it possibly has a British origin. It has has been adopted as a anthem by many nations including the German empire.

4.) Lili Marleen

A German love song that has been adopted by many nations. The song is available in German, Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Italian and many other languages. Many popular male and female singers sing this song.

5.) Märkische Heide

A German folk song that has been adopted by the Chilean army. For those that don't know, Chile has adopted a lot of German/Prussian traditions because there are a lot of Germans that live in Chile. Chilean army parades resemble traditional German army parades. Pictured below is the parade uniform of the Chilean army, they resemble the Wehrmacht. Märkische Heide starts at the 1:55 mark of the video. The first song is a Chilean version of Lili Marleen and the second song is a Chilean version of "Ich hatte einen Kameraden/I once had a comrade"

6.) Horst Wessel Lied

A very controversial and infamous song. The Horst Wessel song is hated since it's recognized as the anthem of the third Reich. It's banned in various countries but what many people don't know is that it has been adopted by the Chilean army. The only difference is that the lyrics are different.

7.) Panzerlied

A German song that was used by the German tank divisions during WWII, it gained fame when it was used in the movie called "Battle of the Bulge". This song has been adopted by several countries including Chile, Japan and Korea. It was used for a anime called "Girls und Panzer".

8.) Dein ist Men Ganzes Herz

A German love song that has been adopted by English speaking countries, an Italian version also exists.

9.) Die Wacht am Rhein/The Guard on the Rhine

A German song that has been adopted by a Finnish movie director. A parody of this song was used in the movie called Iron Sky.

10.) Carmen Les Toreadors

A French song that has been adopted by many countries. There are many versions of the song.

11.) Ode to Joy

A German song that most people have heard before. It has been adopted by many countries. This song is song in various language but it's mostly sung in its native German.

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  • Fascinating!

    I loved the music and can see why they were adopted in other countries.

  • Members of the Australian Army's Armoured Corps are also rather fond of Der Panzerlied.
    During my time, my former regiment's regimental march was the Luftwaffe March, which was written for the 1969 film The Battle of Britain.
    Had Reichsmarshall Goring been around to hear the tune, I think that he would have approved.

  • Nice take. You missed "There's a Hole in My Bucket", my father-in-law's version had Karl-Otto as the male character.

    Maybe that wasn't so orchestral?