10 Really Good Albums Which Were Overshadowed Because Of A Really Big Hit

Those 10 albums had some other really good songs in my opinion. Although they became famous because of this big hit, unfortunately other good songs they had they were overshadowed by it.

1) A Flock Of Seagulls - A Flock Of Seagulls

10 really good albums which were overshadowed because of a really big hit.

Actually "Space Age Love Song" was a minor hit back then, but sure it was overshadowed as well by the success of "I Ran". Sure "I Ran" is a new-wave classic, but not only. This album had some other great stuff like "You Can Run" "Modern Love Is Automatic" (it was originally released as an EP by the way) or "Standing In The Doorway".

2) Cutting Crew - Broadcast

Everyone has listened to "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" more or less at least once somewhere. But not many know who Cutting Crew are. A really good pop-rock band that was overshadowed by one hit. Well I believe "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" is their best song indeed, but they're not only just this. Broadcast was a great album as it was, and they released a pretty decent follow-up too ("The Scattering")

3) Men At Work - Business As Usual

Although they were active for only a few years they went very successful during those years. But after their first two albums their success faded away, still only "Down Under" remained a classic. "Who Can It Be Now?" and "Be Good Johnny" were also hits by then, but still they didn't remain all-time classics. Another very good album which was more than just a hit.

4) Wall Of Voodoo - Call Of The West

"Mexican Radio" was definitely their biggest hit. They also had another hit in Australia called "Far Side Of Crazy", yet it wasn't successful in US. Well, they were more than just "Mexican Radio" obviously. They also had a very good debut which was very similar to Devo's works sound-wise. And two follow-ups, with a different vocalist as well.

5) Berlin - Count Three and Pray

"Take My Breath Away" was their biggest hit which was included in this album. Despite the fact being their biggest hit, it didn't much represent Berlin's overall sound. Still they went famous worldwide thanks to it. "Count Three and Pray" 's other songs were pretty decent yet not so memorable. Personally I prefer their early works, including their debut with a different vocalist, but I believe "Count Three and Pray" deserves more than just one listen.

6) Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

Survivor were definitely not an one-hit wonder band, especially in America. Although this album was pretty much overshadowed by the title track. "American Heartbeat" was also a hit by some degree, but not as massive as "Eye Of The Tiger" which was their biggest hit as well.

7) The Vapors - New Clear Days

Mostly known for their song "Turning Japanese". Apart from it this band had no other significant hits. Although they released two albums only, I consider those albums masterpieces each on its own way. "New Clear Days" was more upbeat power pop whilst their follow up "Magnets" was darker post-punk. It's a shame most people aren't aware of those two.

8. Planet P Project - Planet P Project

Got to admit even though "Why Me?" overshadowed other songs and Planet P's follow-up as well, its official video was awesome. Still this album deserved more attention I believe. It's a concept album after all, so it should be listened to whole as it is.

9) The Fixx - Reach The Beach

For some reason, The Fixx never had any success in their native UK although they scored several Top 20 hits in US Hot 100 charts and 3 #1 hits in US Modern Rock charts as well. Anyway, this album contains their biggest hit "One Thing Leads To Another" and despite the fact it was their most successful album, "One Thing Leads To Another" overshadowed all those other good songs this album had. "Saved By Zero" was a Top 20 Hit as well, although it never had "One Thing Leads To Another" success. Personally I liked it more.

10) The Police - Synchronicity

Well, normally it shouldn't be included, since all 4 singles from this album ("Every Breath You Take", "Wrapped Aroudn Your Finger", "Synchronicity II", "King Of Pain") were Top 20 hits both in US and UK charts, but it was "Every Breath You Take" which was remained an all-time classic and pretty much overshadowed others. See in The Police's VEVO channel in Youtube. "Every Breath You Take" has more than 200 million views, whilst other 3 singles have no more than 10 each. Apart from the 3 other singles the album had some other interesting songs, like "Tea In The Sahara" or "Walking In Your Footsteps".


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  • Excellent. Never heard of Planet P, though, that's a new discovery for me!

    • Planet P was an one man band, fronted by Tony Carey. He was a keyboard player in the second album of Rainbow as well.

    • Interesting.

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