5 Bands With Underrated Songs

1. Nirvana 5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Nirvana is my favorite band. They have so many songs I love listening to their songs I know they are one of the most popular musicians ever but a lot of their songs are kind of underrated. Come As You Are In Bloom and Heart Shaped Box are their most underrated songs.

Come As You Are (1992)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Come As You Are is definitely my favorite song by Nirvana everything about it is beautiful (: As popular as Come As You Are is it should have been even bigger in the 90s.

In Bloom (1992)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

I love In Bloom its such an awesome and beautiful song I love how much of a hard rocking song it is. The music video is perfect too. Have you ever got to hear it on the radio its my sec favorite Nirvana song.

Heart Shaped Box (1993)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

My favorite Nirvana song on In Utero Heart Shaped Box is Nirvana's hardest rocking song on In Utero.

2. REO SpeedWagon 5 Bands With Underrated Songs

REO SpeedWagon is one of the best bands of the 1980s. They have so many popular songs but even though they're really popular they have a few songs that are popular but somewhat underrated. Can't Fight This Feeling and Keep On Loving You are some of my favorite songs by them.

Can't Fight This Feeling (1984)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Can't Fight This Feeling is so beautiful I feel so happy when I listen to it.

Keep On Loving You (1980/1981)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Keep On Loving You is my favorite song by them its so beautiful.

3. Mr Mister 5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Mr Mister is another one of my favorite bands of the 1980s they have some very underrated songs.

Broken Wings (1985)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Broken Wings is a very melodic song which is very popular but is somewhat underrated.

Kyrie (1985/1986)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Kyrie is my favorite song by Mr Mister its so beautiful and should be their most popular song and should be more popular.

4. The Human League5 Bands With Underrated Songs

The Human League made two of some of my favorite songs ever. Don't You Want Me and Human. Both very popular songs but somewhat underrated.

Human (1986)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Human is very heart warming when you listen to it. So much meaning in this song.

Don't You Want Me (1981)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Don't You Want Me is my favorite song by The Human League its such a beautiful song. I love it every time I hear it.

5. Men At Work5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Men At Work are awesome I love their music but even though they are very popular Who Can It Be Now, and Down Under are very popular but underrated.

Who Can It Be Now? (1981) 5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Its definitely one of their best and one of their most popular songs but its kind of underrated.

Down Under (1982)5 Bands With Underrated Songs

Down Under is my favorite song by Men At Work its a very popular song but is somewhat underrated its such a fun song to listen to.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Some of the Best from the Rest, @Red88xxx and it Is a Shame that Bands Such as this Here, dear, are Underrated, along with their Songs.
    Thanks for the Kind Invite. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well a lot of them were very popular and played quite often on the radio back in the 80s , you just weren't there to know, I remember all those songs played a lot back then and loved that era of music along with their videos on MTV but because it's been 30 years or more now they aren't heard much unless you find a station that cater to that era of music. But yes I miss hearing all those you mentioned , I guess you were born to late 😊

    • I would love to watch Nirvana on MTV I love them have you seen In Bloom on MTV?

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    • Yeah true for both

    • Mr Mister and Nirvana had so much more potential

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What Girls Said 3

  • I think "I love Kanye" by Kanye West is really underrated. People usually listen to waves, saint pablo, father stretch my hands, or something else but they tend to forget about "I love Kanye."

  • Some great songs, I also really like "The Police- Walking On The Moon"

  • I like a lot of songs by Reo Speedwagon


What Guys Said 3

  • As much as I remember, the song "Don't you want me" by Human League was quite popular back in the 80's... as well as "Down Under" by Men At Work. But the others are unknown to me.

    • Seriously? I'm kind of surprised all these songs are pretty popular

    • Well, I usually listen to different kind of music (mostly EDM, Synth, Ambient Techno and other forms of electronic music).

  • all great songs, and majorly underrated. What about Thompson Twins?

    • I've heard of them but I don't really remember their music too much

  • Mr Mister "Broken Wings" is my jam... love the "smooth" electronics and synth tones from that era!


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