20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Part I

Since there are many that I forgot in the first MyTake, I believe we should have a Part II as well. There are also others that don't deserve their fame as well, but they deserve to be slammed down instead.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Bee Gees

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Hairy chests, glamorous clothes, puffy hair and beards coupled with super kitsch music. I just want to puke.

2) Blur

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

During the 90s in UK there were two dominant forces in the music business. Oasis (as I mentioned in the previous MyTake) and Blur. Well you know, they sucked both and generally this shitty Britpop thing. Ultra-cheesy uninspired songs, and usually undeveloped. It was just a singer scratching his guitar and singing songs with cheesy lyrics. Well anyway, Blur happened to be at the right place, in the right time, and so that's why they made it big and they became rich, whilst they didn't deserve it at all.

3) Mariah Carey

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Guess she is one of the cases of I want to sound like a Black singer. Anyway, her music is unmemorable and her songs extremely boring. Don't get how many people are into her music, but anyway. And by the way please do us a favor and stop wearing make-up. You look even uglier than you are without!

4) Cher

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

I have no idea how she gained an idol status. With her boring duet I Got You Babe in the 60s or with her 90s stupid hit I Believe? Or the fact that she looks extremely younger for her age (after numerous plastic surgeries). Well, obviously she is just extremely overrated.

5) The Cure

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

OK, in their first records they might sounded decent, but then since 1982-1983 they were one of the biggest craps in music industry. Yet highly successful especially in the UK. Blame their loyal fan base for it, that they were finding cool shitty stuff like The Walk or Let's Go To Bed.

6) Daft Punk

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

How a song that repeats the phrase Around The World 200 times, became a global hit is a huge mystery to me. And yes thanks to this hit Daft Punk became huge, and even influential. Influential my ass. They just wanted to be different than other Techno acts of that era, by wearing those weird helmets.

7) Garbage

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Their name speaks by itself. GARBAGE. Same applies for Shirley Manson's appearance.

8. Green Day

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Stupid music for stupid teens who think they are Rockers because they listen to Green Day. Green Day isn't Rock. They are not Rock Stars but Teen Idols who want to be a Rock band, like ANY Alternative Rock band of this era.

9) Whitney Houston

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Bleh, I never understood why she is so highly praised. Her songs are boring and unmemorable. Well except I Will Always Love You, because it's grossly overplayed, so you remember it whether you want it or not. Has she ever thought just for a moment, adding Electric Guitars to her song, in order to make it a Power Ballad, and not a super lousy Soul Ballad?

10) Human League

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Well in their first period (with the four male members) when they were experimental and had a more serious image they were actually pretty influential for what would became Synth-Pop, so credit goes to them. But since they recruited the two female vocalists they literally committed suicide as a group, and they did everything just for the money. One of the biggest sellouts let's say.

11) Joy Division/New Order

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

I consider them the same band, so I don't put them separately. After all New Order are basically Joy Division without Ian Curtis. Especially Joy Division are overrated to the core. For many they changed the face of music. Bullshit. They were one of the MANY British Post-Punk bands of the late 70s/early 80s. It was just Ian Curtis' suicide, that made them legends. As for New Order, I never understood why this Blue Monday single was so highly praised and changed the face of music as well. It was just another Dance record of the year 1983. What made it so special, I don't understand what it was. Anyway New Order are highly praised in Alternative circles as it seems, and they are considered Gods in the Alternative scene. Bullshit, it's just the Alternative crowd that's delusional.

12) Kraftwerk

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Godfathers of Electronic Music. Bullshit. First of all they were part of the Krautrock genre of the early 70s among Tangerine Dream, Neu! or early Scorpions as well. And secondly they became fully Electronic in their Autobahn album in 1974. They came too late in the game actually since fully Electronic music appeared in 1968 with Wendy Carlos (then Walter Carlos) Switched On Bach. Now why they took the credit about being the Godfathers of Electronic Music is something I don't get.

13) Bob Marley

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Well it might be just me, because I don't like Reggae much, so I consider him overrated. I just mention him, because among the Reggae pie, he took the biggest piece.

14) Kylie Minogue

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

As long as you are media-friendly, even if your music is shitty you can make it really big. Kylie Minogue is a perfect example of the case.

15) Muse

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

I like how people in our days consider them quality music. Quality my ass. It's just music for people who think they are better than the Rihanna/Beyonce crowd and more or less I would call it Rock music for school kids. There are Rock giants like Styx and Journey, so who cares about a modern Rock band anyway? Guess only kids who don't bother to look for music released before they were born.

16) Pearl Jam

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

They come from Seattle, Washington these guys. So figure out. They were part of the gross Grunge triad that destroyed the music in the early 90s, along with Nirvana and Alice In Chains. Obviously they don't deserve their fame, and if it wasn't for those Nirvana turds to bring Grunge to the masses, they would still be an obscure band (that's what they deserve). Not one of the biggest bands of the 90s. You guys should have quit from music business decades earlier, and become lumberjacks. You look like lumberjacks after all.

17) Prince

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

Not as overrated as his rival MJ, but still overrated as well. He just sounded a little bit Rockier than MJ, but there were tons of other artists in the 80s who could actually play better Rock than Prince. I believe it was his unique clothing he used to wear on stage, and his comparison with MJ that made him so popular.

18. Lionel Richie

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

During the 80s among the famous male black vocalists, Michael Jackson and Prince were the top dogs. But Lionel Richie could be the third most famous I guess. Did he deserve all this fame though? Absolutely not. He was just part of this Dance Disco/ Ballad Soul kitsch scene, among many others.

19) Smashing Pumpkins

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

I really wonder if the Alternative crowd has really got any idea about music in general, because it seems like they have no idea at all. Smashing Pumpkins is the answer about it. So they make themselves appearing like, I'm just listening to shitty music, in order to be considered Alternative. Do those guys have really any memorable songs or any memorable guitar riffs? No. The only memorable thing from this band, is Billy Corgan's bald head.

20) Spicy Girls

20 Most Overrated Bands And Artists In the Music Business (Part II)

This band became popular because of those stupid teen girls of the 90s who wanted to be like them. Teens are always the worst crowd in music, since those are who made bands like Spice Girls popular.


Most Helpful Girls

  • I disagree with a lot of things here.
    Lionel x_X Whitney? Whaaat

  • You included Green Day because I told you that I liked them and that they definitaly measured up with the big guys. Nice one. You still have yet to tell me what makes them so overrated...

    Smashing Pumpkins is a pretty damn good band, it's one of the bands that gets kids into alternative. Joy Division was actually well known among the alternative crowd for quite some time before Ian Curtis's suicide, they were a good post-punk band.

    Look, you clearly don't like punk or the alternative scene. That's ok, just don't listen to it, and stop criticizing it. I don't go around telling people that rap and hip-hop are stupid genres, and that they're overrated, even though I don't like them.


Most Helpful Guys

  • I would disagree with this list. I feel like they aren't overrated, they just aren't what you enjoy as music. I do believe that is creating major bias. Smashing Pumpkins are great. Have you ever listened to the album Siamese Dream? It's fantastic. Even if you don't like grunge, it doesn't mean every grunge band is overrated. Also, Bob Marley was hugely influential. Definitely doesn't deserve a spot on the list amongst others.

    Like I really do not enjoy Michael Jackson music, but I still recognize him as very influential, unique, and I respect his stuff. I respect his music for what it is. He deserves/deserved his fame. Me disliking his stuff personally has no bearing on that.

    There is a difference between "overrated bands" and "bands I don't like." This is the latter with the title of the former.

    • I have listened to any Smashing Pumpkins album from the 90s. The only thing I remember is Billy Corgan's bald head, literally.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Why Bee Gees? Why Spice Girls? Why New Order? I can't agree with this mytake :(

    • Bee Gees and Spice Girls were HUGELY promoted. That's why their success.

      As for New Order they became popular "because they were Joy Division". And the latter became popular because of their lead singer's suicide at an early age. If he was still alive I don't think they would be so much popular.

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    • Okay, how can I find you, you are always anonymous?

  • Interesting how you always slam the artists from the 60s-90s varying from pop to rock. So what the hell is not overrated? I say anyone from the past 10 years at least is overrated because they are all copycats of artists from previous decades. Anyone who has to use auto tune and their body to make it is overrated but those who are actually talented, different, passionate and maybe sexy are not overrated.
    Seriously who is great in your opinion? The garbage of the past decade is my guess. It is one thing to have different taste in music but to slam anyone who isn't current is ridiculous, without them there would be no poppy, rap, rock or any other kind of music that is being made right now. Can you list 20+ artists who are not overrated? I would like to know who is so high and mighty in your book.


    • I will make a MyTake about artists who deserved their fame, soon.

      Such are Journey, REO Speedwagon and Bruce Springsteen to give you some examples.

What Guys Said 2

  • You do know Mariah Carey is actually black, right? Also, your list is shit. And I like how you're anon when everyone knows who you are 😂

    • Why you like this emoji so much? And does she look black to you?

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    • Sorry pal, but I always picture you saying what you aree saying with your thick American accent. I can't help it...

    • You know that there's no such thing as an American accent, right? Stop trying so hard, bruh

  • What kind of alien life form has possessed you? I thought you like Human League, after all, they practically started the synth-pop era.
    I agree with your opinion on Joy Division/New Order, and some other bands here, but I'm still quite surprised.
    What about Kraftwerk? They were the pioneers of electronic music, what changed your mind?

    • Human League have two periods. One with an all-male quartet and one with a sixtet featuring two female backing vocalists. The one I was criticizing was the latter. They are as different as night and day, despite sharing the same name.

      Kraftwerk weren't pioneers. If you trace back in the early 70s you will find out that many bands did what Kraftwerk did in the mid 70s.

      And no I;m not possessed by anyone. We grow older, so music taste is changing. Bands I liked 10 years ago, now I cannot listen to them anymore. Bands I found boring 10 years ago, now I love them.

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    • It had some good cuts like A Friend I Call Desire, One Day or their classic hit Dancing With Tears... but still I consider their other albums superior. Anyway, I consider Ultravox more Synth-Rock than Synth-Pop. They weren't using exclusively Synths, unlike others.

      Anyway my favorites from the Midge Ure-era would be Mine For Life, and Hymn.

    • Indeed, they were more like Synth-Rock. Hymn is among my favorite Ultravox songs too, but Dancing With Tears In My Eyes is the number one for me.

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