10 Most Memorable Album Covers (Vinyl Records Addition)

10 most memorable album covers (vinyl records addition)

I'm not sure how many of you know what a turn table is, but my parents have one and when I was little we'd play their vinyl records on it. It's a very good childhood memory of mine, listening to older music and going through their record collection. I listened to a lot of it, back then and I still listen to it now. I digress though, they have a lot of records but there's certain ones that stand out in my mind, even today. So, here's my top 10 list of most memorable album covers.

1. Big Brother & The Holding Company

This was the band Janis Joplin was in, before she was just Janis Joplin (at least to my knowledge). What I remember about this one is, that it looks like a comic strip and as kid that makes it memorable.

2. Derek & The Dominos

This was the band Eric Clapton was in, before he was just Eric Clapton. I remember this one because of it's mixture of artistry and funk chicken designs lol, it's very hard to forget a cover like this.

3. Chaka Khan

This too has an art work vibe to it, but I remember this one because I love the song "I Feel For You". So,I pulled that album out enough times to memorize the cover lol.

4. Frankie Goes To Hollywood

This one I also listened to a lot (though being young I wasn't aware of the meaning, at the time). Anyway, that's one of the reasons I remember it but the other is the kind of naked people and mildly bare butt you can see. It certainly makes an impression lol.

5. The Rolling Stones

This I remember because of the cover beinging a pair jeans with a gold zipper (which I believe they made to look like a real zipper but I'd have to check). I also remember that this is said to be one of the most conversal album covers, because of the zipper thing but don't quote me on that. Either way, it's kind cool and hard to forget.

6. Twisted Sister

I remember this for the simple fact that, it scared the hell out of me lol. With the makeup and bone (or whatever it is), it's freaky and certainly terrifying for a young child.

7. Van Halen

I mean, I think it's pretty easy to see why this is memorable. Could you really forget the irony of a baby with angel wings, smoking a cigarette lol? Probably not.

8. Animal House

This is not a band but instead the sound track to the movie Animal House (I have feeling this is not from my mom's album collection lol but instead my dad's.). Anyway, I remember this because there was a song on here call "Shout" that I liked and the cover is very cartoon like. And, what kid doesn't like cartoons?

9. Led Zeppelin

I remember this because I thought it was cool that it looked like an apartment building and you can see all those windows, I think it's very neat and definitely one I remember.

10. Woodstock

Again, not a band but more like music complied into an album of songs that were performed, at the actual Woodstock. I don't know if the cover itself is the memorable part or if it's that it's from Woodstock, I suppose both is why I remember it. Neither of my parents ever went to Woodstock, but it think it's cool they have an album with music from there.

So, that concludes my list of memorable album covers. Feel free to give me your thoughts and tell me what your most memorable album covers are. Thanks for reading :)

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