15 Worst Albums From The 80s

I have said many times 80s was the best decade in music. But actually there are some 80s albums that were unlistenable more or less. Still even worst 80s music sounds better than most albums that they are around today.

Well "Worst" might be a wrong word sicne I haven't listened to every 80s album...but still "among the worst" is a sure thing.

1) Air Supply - The One That You Love (1981)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s.

I should mention Air Supply are my most hated 80s band. The shame of Australia literally. They really put in shame other popular Australian artists and bands, like Rick Springfield, INXS or Midnight Oil. I could add all their albums in this list, but it would be unfair, so I will add only one. Totally pathetic and I hardly believe how on earth they managed to score so many Top 10 US hits. Their music is not Soft Rock as it's often mentioned, but lame Balladesque Pop for Eurovision Contests.

2) Bucks Fizz - Bucks Fizz (1981)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

Since I mentioned Eurovision Contest...well what did you except from a band they were Eurovision Contest winners? Only "Lady Of The Night" stands out from here. Rest of it is boring.

3) Celine Dion - La Voix Du Bon Dieu (1981)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

Just one word. French Pop. And French Teen Pop particularly. I won't say anymore.

4) Laurie Anderson - Big Science (1982)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

Experimental Music isn't always bad. But this is just weird. And pretty tendious as well. Never understood people who liked it.

5) Lotus Eaters - No Sense Of Sin (1984)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

Apart from "First Picture Of You" which was the lead single, every other song it's totally lame. Glad they remained unknown as a band.

6) The Smiths - The Smiths (1984)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

The Smiths had only one good song. "How Soon Is Now?". Everything else is forgettable. This album is just an example, but I believe any of their albums could make it here.

7) Sting - The Dream Of The Blue Turtles (1985)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

I don't understand why Sting became so lame after the break-up of The Police. The Police were a fantastic group where they blent New Wave with Punk and Reggae. Sting's solo career is just pathetic. It's just lame Jazz Pop.

8. Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound (1985)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

Although the album cover is excellent, the album is very weak. "Breakfast In America" was great. "Famous Last Words" was OK. But this is unlistenable.

9) Crowded House - Crowded House (1986)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s Indie Pop. Lame Indie-Pop, a genre which happens to be popular in our days. And Crowded House were way too successful than they should be. Nice album cover though.

10) Communards - Red (1987)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

Their first album was just boring. But this is ultra-boring. Only "Tomorrow" stands out by some degree actually. Bronski Beat's second album was better than those 2, even if it wasn't so successful after lead singer Jimmy Somerville left.

11) Living In A Box - Living In A Box (1987)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

One good single, "Living In A Box", and 9 fillers. Except the lead single all other songs are forgettable.

12) George Michael - Faith (1987)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

Totally lame Soul-Pop. I hardly remember any good song from here. I never understood why when someone goes solo, goes downhill as well.

13) U2 - The Joshua Tree (1987)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

YES!! Exactly. The most overrated album from the 80s. I don't know how it managed to sell so many copies. Apart from "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." or maybe the passable "With Or Without You", I don't see anything so impressive here. U2 were awesome during their first 2 albums. Their 3rd and 4th albums were good as well. Anything else after that point was lame.

14) Kim Wilde - Close (1988)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

Very lame pop. It's a shame since she was a great New Wave artist, and like so many others she turned into lame pop since late 80s.

15) Spandau Ballet - Heart Like A Sky (1989)

15 Worst Albums From The 80s

I honestly believe there's NO worse album released in the 80s than this. And it's a shame since it's coming from a band which released 4 very good albums in the early 80s. Their 5th album "Through The Barricades" was just average. But this is absolute crap. It seems more like they did it on purpose.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just the fact that "The Joshua Tree" is on here makes the whole list invalid. It's rated where it should be.

    You do know that there are millions of bands that existed in the 80s that all had worse albums by default, simply because they sucked too much to become well known?

    • I never got "Joshua Tree" personally. I've listened tons of better albums of Alternative Rock style released between 1986-1990.

      Some examples:

      The Alarm - Eye Of The Hurricane
      Big Country - The Seer
      The Church - Starfish
      The Fixx - Calm Animals
      Icehouse - Man Of Colors
      Inspiral Carpets - Life
      Midnight Oil - Diesel & Dust

      And some others. If not worst, then it's definitely way more overrated than it should be. Well it's just my opinion.

      As for your last paragraph, such example are Lotus Eaters I mentioned in my question. They had just one minor hit and just it.

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