The Worst Songs of The Years

There are terrible songs in every year, but lately, these songs get worse and worse. No one sings about important stuff now. This is my list:

10. Oh no, you didn't.

A bad song got worse lol Is that even possible? well, it is if your name is Nicki.

Also, if you don't have a plastic booty and if you're skinny, you're fucked. For Nicki, you're not a real woman.

Fuck those skinny bitches? Fuck YOU, Nicki!

9. Why J.Lo?

If you work with I consider the worst rapper in the world, you will not make a good song. #Fact26473782

Hard to believe J.Lo gets to decide who becomes an American Idol. Seems fair.

8. Well, everything by Pitbull is shit.

This is just disgusting. One of the most stupid songs I've heard. Besides... they didn't create it, they did.

7. What's the message of this song, again?

What the fuck is nae nae? what is this song? why? WHYYY???? Watch me doing what though? Who the fuck would waste studio time on this? oh man, we're so fucked.

6. Focus on what? On how terrible this song is?

Fuck the haters, but I need you guys because you give me attention, so focus on meeeeeee!

5. You don't go lesbian, wtf?

Sick of men, so yeah, the right thing to do is going leeee-eeeh-sbian. Makes sense. Change your sexual orientation, that's the key.

4. What the heck are you saying?

I'm serious, I don't understand, what the heck are you saying? It just sounds like a baby making annoying noises.

3. If you're skinny, you're not a real woman

You see, I'm no barbie doll, love me for me!!! but hate all those skinny bitches and go for something with actual meat.

FUCK YOU, MEGHAN. I'm a woman and I'm skinny, deal with it.

2. It's "complicated" to get the meaning of this song, Avril.

I'm not a fan of anything Asian, no goku, pikachu, kitty, no anime, and no annoying clothing! This being said, you can imagine how shitty this was for me. I like Avril, I won't lie, but this... AVRIL, ARE YOU FIVE?

1. More guys, more Taylor, more breaking up. YAAAAAAAAAY.

You're in your freaking 20's, it's freaking time you grow up and start making serious shit. "Bad blood" is stupid asf too, but this is more annoying for me.

"Guys only want love if it's torture", what a great message to kids, let's treat boys like shit because we are women and we rule the world. Awesome, Tay.

Guys guys guuuuys, this isn't over!! we have more. You think I forgot Miley and Justin? OH FUCK NO!

1.1 Let's love pedophilia, let's dress like babies to fulfill this amazing fetish.

Can someone understand this? because I don't, this shit makes no sense. Miley Cyrus got terrible in the last 5 years, but this is where I draw the line. This is when I can really say "I can't even".

1.1.1 Yes, Justin, it's too late, I already hate you. Don't even apologize, you won't change a damn thing.

The only good thing about this song is the rhythm, and guess what? He didn't make it.

Well guys, I'm done, share what you think is the worst song created lately. And one thing, those songs are all terrible, don't pay too much attention to the order.

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  • I question why people make really awful songs popular. I mean a lot of people seem to dislike them, so why do people still buy them? It blows my mind lol

    On a side note, I actually had an English teacher (middle aged person) who was OBSESSED with Pitbull. She made us listen to one of songs before to go over the "profound" lyrics. Being an avid rock fan, I cringed haha

    I can't think of any extremely bad metal songs off the top of my head, but I know there are some REALLY bad metal covers of pop songs out there where they scream things that shouldn't be screamed.


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What Guys Said 12

  • Agreed. I hate Anaconda. I also dislike Watch Me... the beat is catchy, not gonna lie, but there's is absolutely no meaning in the lyrics "Nae nae"? The fuck? And that's Rap music? Oh man, I really missed 2Pac and Biggie :(

    Now make the opposite Take with the best songs of the year, and you better add some EDM in it ;P

    • I'd prefer to avoid that... when you say something is "good" everyone will disagree XD but say something is bad or wrong, you'll have everyone joining you to the shit throwing

      There are a lot of edm haters here XD

      but fuck it, I'll do it

  • 2|0
    • oh my god... what the fuck? I did not expect that, that's one of the worst voices I've heard. I'm so serious.

      nice tits tho lol

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    • @Josht11 eh, yeah man

    • Hahaha even though this song and music video seem to be for comedy, it's sadly not too far off from what a lot of mainstream popular songs on the radio sound like these days, with the annoying style of enunciation and sound!

  • you don't like Asian music? I like maximum the hormone. If for some reason you were ever in the mood to 'try' Asian music, they tend to poke fun at the Asian 'pop culture' a bit. Though, I don't know if you're into heavier music..

    As far as really bad music goes, basically I haven't really listened to anything new since Brittney Spears was a thing.

    • no Asian stuff and no heavy music for me XD sorry to disappoint :/

      I like britney XD but she surely has terrible songs

  • I understand the Rih song is a terrible song, but... it is catchy. I can't lie about that. "I wanna see you work work work work work." I don't even know if that's the words. So catchy though.

  • For the first one click the mute button and enjoy the show.

  • I have to admit tho... blank space is pretty catchy
    Besides that i only know all about bass and anaconda and they both suck ass

  • I jersey off to anaconda like 13 times all muted lmao

  • I like the Beatles guns n roses nirvana 80s pop

    Screw new stuff lol

  • They're all terrible except the Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus songs.

  • I agree with everything, Except...

    Quit hating on Pitbull, Damnit :P

  • Ariana Grande sings? Lol I didn't even notice it in that video!!! Lol

  • LOL true; they especially play Rihanna's "Work" on the radio a lot recently and it's so annoying. xD Good thing I have other stations to listen to!

    And I agree that Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" song is awful lol. She is very popular in Japan due to her past music, I've heard, but this song was a huge misfire on her part in a failed attempt to appeal to that market more.

    But aw, you don't like anything Asian? Not even the guys? :P


What Girls Said 6

  • I like Anaconda, despite it being full of shameless advertising and riding on the popularity of an old one hit wonder. I think I just like that someone did something with that old song. Nostalgia lol.

    I - I don't know. Is this a popular song by J-Lo? I'm pretty sure I've never heard it.

    Yeah, ditto on Pitbull...

    Watch me by Silento - hehe - you need to check out Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper, you will realize you are lucky lmao.

    Focus indeed appears to be a terrible song.

    Whoever Manika is her voice is grating. And obviously, didn't you know that everyone who is a lesbian is just that way because men are all assholes? Like duh lol. (Venemous sarcasm there, I don't know if it comes across).

    Aww c'mon everyone loves Rihanna. At least she can actually sing lol. Not her greatest song.

    I never knew bass was being used as euphemism for fat in that song. Catchy as hell though.

    Avril advocating teenage lesbian experimentation?

    I kinda think Blank Space is like the last hurrah of breakup songs, it's more about her serial break-ups than being a break up song.

    Miley was pointing out that it's weird AF by being weird AF.

    Check the Sorry video though, there was 100% some intentional body positivity message there. Not one of those chicks has the same body type, they're all just crazy awesome dancers.

  • 1. I absolutely hate Anaconda. It's not only a bad song with weird noises in it, but the message is terrible as well. She says you're not desirable if you don't got a big butt. Me and my skinny butt poop on Nicki Minaj.
    2. Kinda the same with this song. I don't like the big butt trend that's going on. The song sounds like shit.
    3. Lol, never heard of this song but Pitbull is shit overall. I never know what he actually does except for saying some Spanish shit in other people's songs.
    4. It's almost the exact same thing as Soulja boy a few years ago and they intended to go for that. Make a shit song but put a nice dance in it.
    5. I think she means focus on her 12 year looking old body. I don't really hate this song though.
    6. Never heard of this song but I lol'd a bit. It's terrible with an awful message.
    7. I actually think the song got a nice beat and nice vibe to it. I'm not a hater.
    8. Ugh I've got intense hate to this song. It's overplayed, annoying as fuck and has a really bad message.
    9. Someone once send this to me and said he didn't want to watch anime anymore after this. It sounds terrible.
    10. I though Taylor sounded like a psycho in this song. Definitely not my favorite but not a hater either.
    11. Never heard of this song but Miley Cyrus sucks anyways. Anyone also though she sounds like a pubescent guy when she talks?
    11.1 I actually think Justin Bieber got a lot better over the years. No hater on a few songs of his new album. Just on the kid himself.

  • Honestly I kinda have to agree with you on all the songs.
    And thank you for putting Taylor Swift on here! I feel like I am the only one who really doesn't like her music.
    The only one I kinda like is 'Watch me whip' but only because the guys in my youth group did a really funny thing while the song was playing and every time I hear it I think of that.
    Also, never understood what 'All about that bass' is about. And I am sick to death of 'Sorry' ☺️
    Hey, at least I'm not the only one

    • oh believe me, people with brains hate it too :)

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    • oh man, I'll pass. I'll stick to my beautiful spotify haha

    • Haha. I do love Spotify

  • Almost all the songs made in Latinoamerica, are really bad, even worse than the ones you posted.

  • To each their own.

  • i love 2 n 3


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