10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

I admit I play a few hours daily as well, in order to kill time and because I don't have anything better to do. Yet I hate being called a gamer and I don't accept being called one. Not only I feel it doesn't suit me, but I definitely feel degraded by being called one. I will explain in detail below why I feel degraded by being called one.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Bad Reputation Among Older People.

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself.

Many people usually above 50-55, are going to think you are some immature person who likes to spend his time by playing video-games. They won't take you seriously.

2) Girls Who Like You More Are Gamer Girls.

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

Gamer-girls tend to be less attractive and more nerdy than non-gamer girls. It's not a stereotype, it's what I've seen in pictures and from school years as well. Those girls who used to play video-games were mostly the less attractive ones. And certainly I have no desire to be liked by such a girl.

3) I Don't Want To Be A Geek Or A Nerd In Any Way

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

I simply avoid ANYTHING geeky or nerdy in my life both from inside and outside. I don't wear glasses even if I have to. I don't wear a fully buttoned shirt. I don't care about computer knowledge, and how to program a computer. I don't read fictional books. I don't read comics and manga. And the list goes on and on. I simply avoid anything geeky/nerdy-related and being a gamer is one of the most noticeable traits of a geek/nerd.

4) It Makes You More Immature And Less Serious

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

It's more or less a fact, that gamers tend to behave in a less mature way, and often mix-up their life with their gaming life. I've seen this kind of behavior here in GAG as well. Not to be mean, but have a look at the posts coming from people who define themselves as gamers. To me gamers age by month (mentally) instead by year as it seems.

5) It Makes You More Introverted

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

It's pretty obvious why. Since you have to stay more and more hours indoors, just for the shake of a game, you'll become more introverted as time goes by. So by avoiding games, you will tone down your introvertness too.

6) It Makes Your Skin More Pale

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

Since you stay indoors most of the time, it makes your skin more pale. And if you were born very white, as it happened in my case, you end up staying pale. I really hate having pale skin, so I have to stay under the sunlight for many hours to get a proper tanning. I know there are portable consoles though, but I prefer to walk when I'm under the sunlight instead of playing games.

7) Non-gamer Girls Don't Like Gamers Most Of The Times

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

Most non-gamer girls, tend to be more attractive than gamer girls most of times. And more outgoing as well. So a gamer would be less successful among those girls. In other words, if you choose to be a gamer, you will have to accept being with less attractive girls.

8. Time Consuming

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

Maybe even gamers admit that. If you are a gamer, then you have to spent not hours but years in total for the shake of games. I mean if a gamer plays 6 hours per day for 40 years, then this will be 10 years from his life in total.

9) Waste Of Money

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

You don't buy games for free. You have to spend money for them. Or if they are not PC games, you have to buy a console, you have to buy controllers, and such stuff, and the game itself of course. And of course you won't play only one game, but dozens. So can you count how much money are going to be wasted?

10) Weird Sense Of Humor

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Gamers And Being Called A Gamer Myself

I never got gamers' sense of humor, no matter how hard I tried. It's very bizarre to me. And I don't find it funny at all as well.


Most Helpful Girls

  • 1) I've always had people above 50 years old respect me more than people my age.

    2) Your idea of attractive is probably unrealistic and only chicks that are models and Photoshop.

    3) I hope you stay on the mouth-breather category too, and not disturb anyone else.

    4) Why the hell would you bother other people with more serious personal topics? If anything you're going to make them feel extremely uncomfortable. It's easy to separate real life from video games, if you think about it some video games are kind of like active books. Instead of just reading a whole story, you have to complete certain tastes to find out whats going to happen next. I'm having to read A LOT in most of the video games I play.

    5) I only became a true gamer about 3 years ago. I would still be part introvert with or without games, since before I got into games I was an introvert most of the time. People over whelm me and I can't stand talking to them for too long. Which games have nothing to do with that.

    6) I can't tan in the first place, When i was 16 I tried for a whole summer trying to tan. Nothing happened and all it did was just burn me and that's it. So I've faced reality about how my skin just won't tan. So I rather save my skin from the harsh sun and not get skin cancer. Than to force myself to try tanning 24/7 to please mouth-breathers like you.

    8) Everything you will ever do in your life is time consuming. Writing this take consumed time you could have put into learning something useful.

    9) Well you can download them for free, play on free emulators, and make it so you can play games for free on some game consoles. I have only payed for 2 games since I've gotten into gaming.

    10) A lot of peoples sense of humor is weird and doesn't make any sense to anyone who doesn't know about it in the first place.

    You seriously care WAY too much about what others think of you. Which will make it hard for you to enjoy anything in life when all you do is be paranoid about how others will think.

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    • 4) Nope there are a lot of adults that act immature and don't play video games.

    • Wait a second. That's not true. Even the people with the darkest of skin tones can get skin cancer. My grandma, who is dark olive skinned, got rid of an early stage of skin cancer (thank God.)
      Never say never!
      It's important to wear sunblock!

Most Helpful Guys

  • 1. Why do you care what random old people think who have no power over you? Your self worth should be higher than that.

    2. eh, maybe? I've only dated one girl who I'd call a gamer. She was really hot and neither of us knew the other was a gamer till months into talkin to eachother.

    3. Cool *thumbs up*

    4. Never made me immature. It's just something you do that's fun. It doesn't replace your responsibilities, but it does help you unwind. So if that counts as less serious, then I guess that's not such a bad thing. Know how to relax and let go.

    5. I'm very much an outgoing extrovert.

    6. I go outside every day lol.

    7. I've told girls I've dated and hooked up with that I'm into video games and even talked with some of them to some detail. They called me a nerd, before continuing to hook up with me regularly. You just gotta own your shit. If she doesn't like you solely for that, then she's a pretty shallow bitch to begin with. She's better than me because she watches teen mom instead of playing halo? OK lol.

    8. Definitely can be time consuming if you're not careful. I personally have no issues with moderation.

    9. It's entertainment money. Just like going to the movies, and concert, and amusement park, bowling alley, pool hall, sportsbar. You're paying for fun. Seeing how you get more hours out of games than other sources. Seems like a good investment as far as "fun".

    10. Eh. Yea, I hate gamer humor too xD.

    • 1) As I said, to another person, every time I told to a school teacher of mine, I play games in my free time, they were negative about it.
      2) How do you define hot though?
      5) I always thought such people have it easier when it comes to hit on a girl, especially guys.
      6) I can see that, since you are very brownish.
      7) See? As I guessed.
      9) If you find it fulfilling, then fine.
      10) All good.

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    • 1) Not exactly, since I was like 12.
      2) I can't tell without a picture, and of course I don't expect from you to post one.
      5) I think it can be changed.
      7) OK then...

    • Thanks for MHO. Didn't see your final response by the way. *fist up*

  • Fully agree with you. Games helped destroy me. I wish I never picked up that fucking sega mega drive. What these people who are arguing against you don't realise that all this time consuming gaming: steals your life and skills. in 20 hours you can learn a new skill, to start off with. But nope, that goes to TV games. I would of been way more successful in life and women if it were not for games. And yes... women don't fuck hardcore gamers. Because men have to initiate and drop their controls to find a woman. A girl can play games and receive all the male requests. Men don't have this luxury.


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What Girls Said 12

  • 1. It is true that it does have a bad reputation, unfairly so. Hardcore gamers who literally game their life away and do not do anything productive are typically the vision that older people have of "gamers", when in actuality the average "gamer" only spends a few hours (up to around 6) a day on video games. This is equivalent to someone's free time after work if they do not have other priorities (like children, which suck up all your time). Who effing cares how I spend my freetime? If I want to play video games rather than go partying and being super "awesome" while getting laid and having drinks... then I can choose video games and it'll be the best choice every time. Obviously there are better usages of time, but why can't I do something I ENJOY as long as it doesn't ruin my life?

    2. Isn't is crazy that someone with the same interests would like you more than someone who doesn't have the same interest? And you're absolutely stupid if you think all gamer girls are unattractive. That's simply false. And there are a lot of "closet gamer girls" who actually are very beautiful. Although, you are exceptionally shallow anyways if you'd rather pass on someone who has a similar interest that you enjoy for the typical "hot chick" who will probably make you take her shopping and spend money on her all the time going places.

    3. That's honestly your problem. And, again, I repeat... SHALLOW.

    4. Because... video games are SOOOO immature... liking a good RPG with a great story line and fun mechanics and doing it in your free time is just... so... immature. You must instead read Classics... or stare at a wall and do nothing rather than have a little bit of healthy fun (much healthier than going out with friends and doing bad things)

    5. And that's a bad thing... because?

    6. Gaming will not make you pale unless you game for your entire life and don't get out in the sun for more than 20 minutes. I am proudly pale and do not subject my skin to UV rays of the sun. Sunscreen for life!

    7. Probably because they would want someone with similar interests as them? I know, shocking. They'd rather not have someone who plays games as their hobby because that's not something they are into and wouldn't want to jump alongside them in a coop game.

    8. WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU BE DOING IN THAT TIME? If I read for 6 hours a day, just a different activity, or if I go out with my friends for that time... isn't is the SAME EFFING CONCEPT? Life is just a huge waste of time!!!

    • 9. Because your hobbies are so much cheaper? What's more expensive, your daily outage with friends or a game that you buy probably once a week? What's more expensive, your daily cigarettes or the alchohol you'd consume while going out with friends, or your weekly video game? Not all gamers buy a new game every day like you apparently think... And if you play on PC you can get a LOT of very CHEAP games! I always pick up my games on the Steam summer sale where you get MASSIVE savings, and you can pick up games that you want to play between your big AAA titles. In fact, I haven't bought a AAA titles in months... Just a bunch of little games here and there. And I choose to do that over going out to dinner or hanging out with a bunch of people I don't care about.

      10. Because people who don't game have such a great sense of humor?

      God you are shallow and judgmental. You're embarrassing yourself, honestly. This is all one huge stereotype.

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    • lol... you could do it to me, so we're even :)

    • Being white has nothing to do with staying in doors! Some people just burn like crazy so they wear this crazy invention called "sunscreen". I'm white as all hell, I like reflect light off my skin I'm so white, and yet, I spend more time in the sun than a LOT of people. And @Mekkalyn I think you are gorgeous, and you and your boyfriend look very happy, which is what matters :)

  • 1. Well that's sort of true. Depends on the person, but you don't really have to shout out to everyone you meet that you play games.
    2. Most girls I know play games and trust me, they're not ugly. Maybe people who are hardcore gamers, but casual, no way.
    3. You must realky care about what other people think to not do things that creates a bad reputation. Who cares what other people think? Just be yourself.
    4. I definitely don't think this is true. Some games have a great storyline and are actually educative. It all depends on which games the person plays but I don't think this is true.
    5. A lot of gamers play online with other people. It can make people actually more sociable. I think gaming has nothing to do with a person becoming introverted. I think that more introverted people play games, but it doesn't make you more.
    6. I was born with a pale skin and burn fast. I stay out of the sun regardless since I don't want skin cancer or a old looking skin. Gaming has nothing to do with it.
    7. Depends if you're a hardcore or not but this is a little true, but I would stay away from girls who would turn you down for a hobby. That seems pretty shallow.
    8. This is a little true, it takes some time, but it doesn't really matter if you are watching a movie or Netflix or play a game right?
    9. It consumes some money yeah but every game is a new experience. I think it's pretty well-spend.
    10. Unnecessary overgeneralization.

    • 9, comparing to other hobbies is not even that money consuming, and i am not talking about piracy, but a gaming pc costs less than many hobbies and it can be used for many other purposes.

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    • I'd never pass you as a geek either.

      OK do whatever you want. I just said what I prefer personally.

      Music takes time? How? You know when you listen to music you don't just sit on a chair and do nothing. I can do many other things meanwhile. Like right now I'm listening to music, and I'm responding to this post.

      As I said, I play games as well. But I don't want to be associated with gamers.

    • Dude... I actually had this argument with that former porn star they featured on here. Women don't understand this. That former porn star loves TV games, but she can, she has sexual power. A mans power comes from doing things and being competent, and making money. TV games doesn't give men these tools. TV games produce and reinforce those type of behaviours that make men not attractive. Women won't see the big deal, they only see the outcome. Which is that TV game nerd.

  • I'm torn.
    1. Eh, well in my dad's eyes and the folks around me, hardcore gamers waste their time and are losers, but then there are others who think that they are okay.

    2. I was with a hardcore gamer, and I wasn't one. I liked him for other reasons besides gaming.
    Here's an important point: Non gamer girls will love you too if you have more to offer. And well I know some pretty gamer girls.

    3. Geek\Nerd does not equal Gamer, and vice versa. How stereotypical of you.

    4. Less serious? Actually, not always. My ex was very serious and used this as a form of escapism.
    Immature? Depends. I'd say that dumping your pregnant girlfriend because she isn't about that lifestyle and then hold a grudge on her because she doesn't play games like you, not to mention believe that YouTube will be your job, yeah that's immature as fuck. But then again, I know that there's gamers out there that have jobs and care about more than just games.

    5. Sadly, I must agree with you on this. My ex just got taken over by the gamer life.

    6. You realize that some people are naturally pale like me? Notice that in my profile pic, I am *gasp,* outside! And that's cause I don't tan, I only burn.

    7. Not true.

    8. Yep. Gaming can become an addiction, and needs to be moderated at times.

    9. Depends on the game ;)

    10. Not true.

    • 1) No comment]

      2) How do they look so I can tell?

      3) But I despise geeky looks A LOT.

      4) I was judging from my experience.

      5) Why "sadly"?

      6) Personally I think I'm almost as white as you, although I can tan actually.

      7) Most of times though?

      8-10) No comment.

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    • Well bud, you can either let your bad vision get the best of you, or you conquer it.
      Have you tried surgery? Or a therapist?

    • @Mekkalyn I'm not almost blind, but still I can't see very well. And yes I mind, especially about what girls would think. Being without glasses, I feel way more confident.

      And ScorpioMoonChick... therapist:? Really? Nothing will happen trust me. A therapist is not a magician. As for surgery it's pretty expensive. And I don't have the courage for it as well.

  • After reading this take and your replies to people I have this to say:

    You have issues. Admit that and quit blaming them on video games.

    • I agree, being a gamer is not a bad thing at all. It is nothing more than a hobby one chooses to spend time wdoing

  • I don't hate gamers. I have nothing against these people. If you like games then play, who cares what other people think. When I have free time or I just want to kills time I play on
    . It's my way to relax.

  • 1) If it's your boss or someone like that, they don't have to know. If it's your parents, who cares.
    2) Slightly shallow but valid. I have seen some gorgeous female gamers though.
    3) If you game then you game. Doesn't make you a nerd unless you want it to be or allow it. It's like calling a supermodel fat..
    4) To some yes, others not. Depends on the person
    5) I usually play with my friends and meet friends all the time, so I guess I don't apply lol
    6) Personal issue really. I tan ridiculously easy so even if I don't see the light of day (not literally) for a week I'll be tan.
    7) I think that's person to person. I know a lot of out going gamers but from what I've seen most like to keep to themselves
    8) Depending on the games, yes. You can play MOBA's and be relatively fine.
    9) ^ Like above. MOBA's are your best friend and most rigs can run them.
    10) Well, the cake is a lie.

    • 1) Teachers in school then? Every time I mentioned I play games in my free time, they always said it's shit, especially older ones.
      2) Valid? Glad to hear that.
      3) Aren't most gamers branded as nerds though?
      4) OK.
      5) Most gamers play solo, as far as I know.
      6) Very good!
      7) Outgoing gamers, are less common I believe.
      8-9) MOBA? What it means?
      10? What?

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    • Hey, OP, Im sorry people agree with me and like me so much I keep being linked back here. Not my fault, Im just a lovable person who thinks its bullshit for you to talk shit about something you know nothing about.

    • @BaileyisDarcy <3 Love the calling out.
      I am most definitely not a gamer, I own nothing, I broke a PS2. And that's my history. But even I was reading this list like "are you serious?" and these comments.
      If you are actually into games but don't want the label, tell no-one or shape up and accept who you are. If you aren't, which apparently OP isn't at all, then you aren't a gamer and who are you to be rude to those that are, insulting attractiveness etc, when you aren't even in the scene.
      I want to Comic-Con because a friend asked, and my god some of the girls are gorgeous!

  • As an unattractive nerdy girl myself, I've stumbled upon gamer guys who want the pretty girls. Its not enough to like the same things or have the same sense of humor. To those guys? I basically wish them well and go my separate way. You would think ugly wants ugly but I guess not

    • let me see

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    • @AdamThomas I don't even watch TV at all actually. And I started to get pretty tanned this year since I spend a few hours under 80F at least. Where I live it hits 80F now in April, and in June it will surpass 100F.

    • Of course I am stereotyping the typical gamer, you do play games in front of a TV though.

  • I work a 40 hour week, work out everyday and "I'm a gamer" and yes I am fit and attractive. So not all gamer girls (women) are butt ugly.

  • I love video games and you're right 'true gamers' are losers

  • Lol, okay. You do you.

  • I'm glad I'm not a gamer or a player 🤓

  • I'm not a gamer girl but my crush loves playing video games :)


What Guys Said 30

  • You ain't no gamer fool, you just a hater. Nothing beats the good ol' days.
    And I play state level basketball foo'.

  • TL:DR you're edgy and looking to upset people. And hate a bit on someone you think will get pissed.

    But to reply.

    1. So what? think they'd like you doing weed and sleeping around? Or drinking yourself into a stupor. From experience they respect gamers more than party people. My grandmother adores me for following a hobby i like rather than getting assfaced every weekend and getting STDs like gamers play pokemon; "you got to catch them all".

    2. So what? there are exceptions too. But overall gamers seem to not care that much about this thing called "girls".

    3. So what? oh and fiy; you're not a nerd for gaming. That's just you stereotyping. But guess what; we "nerds" coded your smarthpone and all the apps.

    4. no, it doesn't. Spending excessive time not socializing does that. And if you do that, you're simply an addict.

    5. or it's just that we're introverted to start with? Or you know, we just want to socialize with similar minded *cough* world of warcraft or any mmo ever

    6. gaming doesn't do that. Not getting sunlight does that. correlation doesn't equal causation.

    7. Or you know, manage to balance your hobbies? There's gamers who play on their spare time, then there's addicts who never leave the house. huge difference. Also; so what? We like to play, deal with it. Life isn't just about pussy

    8. So what? it's fun. And time enjoyed isn't time wasted. In my opinion football is a waste of time. Same with getting hammered on Saturday night. Same shit, different perspetive.

    9. How much do you spend on beer? on pimping your car? Yeah, everything cost money. Gamers like it, gamers consider it worth it. Deal with it.

    10. so? It's called "gamer humor" for a reason.

    So you're just a little hater standing on the side hating on gamers for making a life decission. You basically play the stereotype. But hey, your call.


    • 1) STDphobic? Not my favorite type of people.
      2) Most don't care to get laid, I believe.
      3) So what? As you say.
      5) Why socialize only with such people?
      6) But if you play games, then you're avoiding sunlight anyway.
      8-9) OK, OK. Got it. If it fulfills you, it's fine.

    • Hey, hey dude with a stick up his arse! Its called opening the curtains! Oh look at that, Im playing an emulator of GTA San Andreas on my super computer with the fucking blinds open! Oh hello sun. Good to see that games DON'T stop you from existing.


    • @BaileyisDarcy Do you know I can report you for talking like that?

  • I have to laugh at the immensy irony. When this mytake is so ridiculously shallow, insecure and immature and of course, accuse a group of people for such.

    1. Why do you have to cater to the elder? The older people get the harder they seem to struggle with change, so in other words old people in general can be pretty shortsighted that way (naturally not all, but the types who look down upon you cause you game for example already prove that they are). Dont be so scared to just be you. Dont let your fears decide your course in life.

    2. Are no rule book obviously that says a gamer has to be "ugly" or something, but I seriously do not see the problem whatsoever. Whats wrong with being liked by a gamer girl or a geek for that matter? So shallow anyway if its based only on looks, just silly.

    3. Translation = Im sacred, im afraid, Im a coward? Although curious if thats how u see nerds for example, at least you are on ur way of becoming one then if so, ironically. Cause who bloody cares really what people wanna label you as, labels tend to be wrong anyway. I been labeled like everything myself, its just meaningless blabber, gossip or whatever. Cause regardless what other people label you as, it dosent change who you are, dont again be scared to just be you. Screw labels.

    4. It only makes you less imature and less serious in the eyes of people who are less mature and too serious. Which is again their problem, not yours.

    5. While not exactly what makes someone introvert, I can at least see how that may contribute to it, but still nothing wrong with that either. Its much more useful to be self reflective anyway. To spend more time with yourself to get to know yourself. Which everyone needs to do. To grow comfortable in own skin. Which honestly sounds like is something u need to do.

    6. I dont see whats wrong with being pale anyway. Many "attractive" people who are pale, but can of course have ur personal preference.

    7. ah just lol. Future advice, dont base your relationships on just looks. I so so so rather be with someone whos actually beautiful at heart than supposed "beauty" on the outside. But in my case I can't see anyway, like people like Paris hilton is supposed to be attractive? I think?, but jeez, almost makes me puke just seeing her face. Such a shitty personality.

    8. Everything consume time.

    9. Only a waste if you dont enjoy it or dont get any fun out of it.

    10. Humor dont belong to any groups.

    • 1) Because I don't like giving some bad impression to someone.

      2) Actually I care a lot about looks. Maybe it's just me, but I feel proud every time I have the chance to go out with a pretty girl, even if she might be just a friend or acquaintance. I give a good impression to people around me.

      3) Because I don't like geek/nerd stereotypes?

      4) Well, OK.

      5) Again I feel like extroverts have it better when it comes to hitting on someone. ESPECIALLY guys, who are supposed to do the first move.

      6) I just like being more brownish personally.

      7) Never understood people who don't value looks much actually.

      8. What it matters is if you feel and satisfied of what you do.

      9) Again, the same as above.

      10) Don't they have a certain kind of humor?

    • 1. Im pretty sure u gave a bad impression of urself with this take to some. What do you do about it? what is there to do? Cause no matter what though, u can't please everybody. Will always be people who will think of u in a bad way.

      2. So what do u do when your partner grows old? or when beauty fades? Do u think u could love anyone passed their "prime" age? Would it matter to u if say someone was "pretty" but always mean and bitchy?

      3. You dont like the label cause its inaccurate? (which is what a stereotype is). Or people who indenitfy as such? (which are also an inaccurate description of themselves). Dosent really define a person at all.

      5. Sure but honestly, While im an introvert myself it certainly haven't stopped women from hitting on me. Compared to many extroverts many more have hit on me than them apparently, and im ugly, lol

      7. Well mutual confusion there at least, :) cause I never understood people who do that so much or more so than personality.

      10. Not at all

    • 1) I expected it actually.

      2) I have no idea how I will think after 40 years.

      3) As I said, I always thought of guys wearing huge glasses, and fully-buttoned shirts every time I hear the word geek.

      5) Women hitting ON YOU? WHERE such a thing happens?

      7) Because looks are the first thing you see maybe?

  • Dude, are you really a gamer? Or you are just pretending to be one because you have nothing else in your life? I don't think you are a gamer.

    1/ Yeah, I know. It's old people!!! You don't listen to them all the time because they can get it wrong too! I remembered a 70 year old farmer asked my teacher why should he send his kids to school to learn how to read because the kid would be a farmer and would not need to know how to read.

    2/ What's wrong with that? Do you prefer a social elite girl with all the dagger dance and small stabs in conversations?

    3/ I am a geek and proud of it. I know a guy who is a math geek with a PHD in Mathematics and he now teaches in AI as a professor. He's a geek and a nerd and I don't see being a non-geeky punk is a better choice.

    4/ Yeah, because obviously you have been playing games like a kid. How about playing games like an adult?

    5/ This is wrong because the Warren Buffet is an introvert and he's doing alright. It's not about sitting around like a rock in a corner, it's about getting things done the way you want without speaking more than you need to. That's being introvert.

    6/ Most people working in an office in really really cold region tend to stay indoors too. Some areas have no sun for 6 months and tanning salons are decent businesses. Your point?

    7/ Maybe they don't like you not because you are a gamer but you are an unemployed, no-drive, no-work, no-money, no-life dude?

    8/ So is driving around, drinking with friends, chatting online, checking out facebook, reading trashy novels and watch netflix. OH! Almost forgot: finding lost keys and remote controls. Again, is there a point?

    9/ So is smoking, shoe collecting, fashion, dinner dates, chess, beer league baseballs and other hobbies. They are hobbies!!! They tend to cost more than what you make. The IRS agrees with me on this! If you keep losing money on your home business then it becomes a hobby instead of a business.

    10/ If you don't understand gamer's humor then you probably are not a gamer. You just play games but you are never the gamer. You don't enjoy the games enough to be a gamer.

    • 1) Do you know how much I learned in school personally, apart from the basics? NOTHING. Real knowledge doesn't come from school.

      2) I don't fancy girls who are nerdy as well.

      3) What about his looks? And I don't want to be a bookworm either.

      4) Like an adult? What do you mean?

      5) OK, good.

      6) As I said to other people here, I was just expressing my desire to have more darker skin.

      7) You mentioned "no-drive". Do you know I'm FORCED to wear FUCKING glasses in order to get a license? That's why I don't want to. I don't accept to wear them in public, since they'll bring my confidence to the zero. I feel totally ugly when I wear them. I tried contacts as well, but I can't.

      8. Hmph...

      9) Well, OK I agree.

      10) Indeed. I feel like a nerd when I play.

    • 1/ well obviously you couldn't learn. Some people do well with what they learned and some never seem to get it. You belong to the later category. Thankfully, the rest of humanity seem to advance beyond starvation.

      2/ anyone who carries passion is a nerd. You don't seem to like them.

      3/ nothing wrong with a bookworm. The best people tend to be bookworms.

      4/ the difference between an adult and a kid in playing games? One of them has more discipline and know when to stop. And it's not the age.

      6/ go to a tan salon. They seem to do fine.

      7/ get LASIK. You obviously have no idea that people buy glasses to look smart even though they don't need glasses!!! It's a multi billion dollar business to sell non-prescription glasses! It's fashion!

      10/ don't. You have no passion. You don't like the games. You just play. You aren't qualified to be called a nerd. You can not be called a math nerd if you can only solve math problems but does not like math.

    • 1) So you think school teach the right stuff?
      2) Whoever has a passion is a nerd? I though it had to do with stuff about technology mostly
      3) I'd find them boring, personally.
      4) OK.
      6) You mean use solarium?
      7) I'm aware of that and I find it really weird. And personally I feel totally stupid with glasses on, and ugly as well.
      10) All good then.

  • This fucker clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Look, just because we enjoy games and are proud of our nerdiness doesn't make us Amy less attractive to women. In fact, women are attracted to that kind of passion.

    I'm open about being a gamer, loving anime, reading manga and I still get laid by hot girls.

    Your view of what a nerd IS has been skewed by such bad tvshows as The Big Bamg theory, which paints the wrong picture of what needs are.

    Want to see a real nerd?

    Look at Vin Diesel. He is a well known Dungeons and Dragons fanboy, started his own game studio to make the riddick games, and even financed his house to make the most recent Riddick movie.

    Robin Williams was a Call of Duty fan and spent lots of time playing World of Warcraft.

    Ronda Rousey is a HUGE Pokémon fan and is proud of it.

    Samuel L Jackson is a huge fan on the Japanese manga Lone Wolf And Cub and has bought almost all the issues.

    Last I checked these guys didn't fit your model of what a geek or a nerd is.

    Other than all that, gaming is an expensive hobby. Quit whining if you can't sustain it. It's NOT for everyone.

    • Do you have geeky looks?

    • Honestly gaming isn't even that expensive, anyways.
      Just the initial cost of making a PC (or buying console) is the most expensive part... I mean unless you buy AAA 60$ titles all the time... that quickly adds up. But on PC there are so many cheap games in the 10-15$ range that basically equates an evening out. I'd choose a new game over an evening out any day of the week!

    • @Mekkalyn Honestly I have no ideas about overall game cost. I use to play those I used to have before, when I do.

  • Lol ur a guy plays video games. Its OK to be inasecure by the way. Because you are. its a title who care what 50-55 yr old have to say their old. their not your peers. but also its not a waste money its a hobby like playing basket ball.

    Or people who play basketball. you literraly throw a ball in a who with a higher/lower percentage than a another person.

    Everyone has their clicks. You don't want be associated with any gameer stuff. becuade u don't want to be a nerd. Cause society tell you nerd bad.

    Listen being black was bad back in the day being gah was bad back in the day you think people give a shit about u being a nerd.

    All people love walking dead and harry potter and game of tbornes but there not nerds.

    One hobby doesn't define a human being. a human being can be more than just one thing. U can like hip hop and rock /country pop music. the point being ur more than one thing.

    Also your the type of guy that does anything for pussy. and changes as soon as he gets a girl attention your the fake friend. You wanna be friends but only reap the benefits only

    • Am I the type of guy who does anything for pussy? How?

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    • I'm older than you actually. I'm 24, and I'll turn 25 in October.

    • Oh then why being like that.

      I feel like ur being insecure.

      Man rule 101

      No man or. woman can define a another Man

      You are who you say you are. if you say your a nerd your a nerd if you say your. alpha male then ur a alphabmale if you say you handy mannthen your a handy man. You chose your label.

      I sound like a fucking Disney movie lesson or something any way

  • Don't take the label then. No one's stopping you

    I mean, every one of your points are either applicable to hardcore or are generalizations

    8&9 are subjective. If someone wants to spend money on games and that's what they like, it's not a waste. The same goes with time

    Bad Take M8

    • Then don't read it.

    • I have to wonder if you said that out loud and listened to how that sounded before you submitted it

      That's such an illogical response
      How would I have known it's a bad take if I didn't read it?

  • I'm not a hardcore gamer by any means. I work full time and just don't have time for it anymore, but whomever wrote this article is spiteful and comes off as a very sad person inside. Why do you feel the need to spend your time disparaging people who have a different hobby than yourself? Get a life.

    • As I said, even though I play games, I don't want to be one of the gamers. I don't want to belong because I feel degraded.

  • point 3 and 9 are just stupid, first of all being a nerd/geek isn't bad, that just means that you enjoy using your head rather that muscles (doesnt necessarily means that you dont leave at all) and point 9 is as stupid, if you like enjoy something and you spend your hard-worked money that is not a waste as long as you are not affecting yourself or people around you

    • Every time I see images about how geeks look and behave, I just find it disgusting, and I want to throw up. I don't want to resemble them not even by 1%.

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    • Just google "geeky guy".

    • Quit googling shit. Its unhealthy for idiots.

  • you must be 15 or even younger.

    Many of the things you said is unsmart. the only things i agree with are that it is time consuming and that SOME girls don't like gamers.

    I'm a gamer myself. I'm extroverted and do well socially, i play A lot of sports and keep in shape, i don't have pale skin, i haven't spent a dime on a game (i play free online games like League of Legends and C9). Oh and there are tons of HOTTT ass gamer girls.

    Get your facts right and don't generalize. I sense from you super Anti-geek personality which personally tells me that you don't have a strong personality and if you ever were thought to be a geek by someone you'd be offended.

    For your info, more and more girls nowdays are finding the geeky-type guys hot. that's because many many girls are geeky nowadays and they find geeky guys cute. This is a true fact that you can research and ask a question about later if you want. Oh, and incase you were thinking: No they are actually HOT girls.

    • I'm 24.

      Hot for you maybe?

      I believe geeks don't look attractive.

      It's just a trend and it will fade away. Trust me. Like this idiotic beard many guys tend to grow for the last 7-8 years.

    • i don't know what beard you are talking about.

      But the hot im talking about is not just for me that's for sure. Actually many of those women hide their geekness so you never really know they are geeks until they feel comfortable with you. They are the women that you think are 'non-gamers' when they actually are.

      No girl i meet ever knows im a gamer, unless i tell her. Otherwise she'l just think i'm an athletic jocky guy who studied Finance. Same concept applies to those girls, same concept applies to you.

  • Excuse me, you play for hours a day and are not a gamer?

    If I spend hours a day playing guitar am I not a musician?

    You are what you spend your time on.

    • 3-4 on average.

    • If you don't want to be called gamer then stop gaming so much. You can't really shake the stereotype if you spend half of your free time playing.

  • I play games. I have a nice job. I have an attractive woman who likes me. If you don't like computer/video games, then don't play them. The fact that you bothered to spend so much time writing this take to shit on people who like something that YOU don't like tells us quite a lot about you.

  • The stigma against those who are considered gamers (as in those who consistently play video games)... is so ridiculous.

    Video games are nothing more than a hobby to do in one's spare time. By the way ANY hobby can become and addiction; not just video games.

  • Mostly, it is about the stereotypes and labels of being a gamer. I agree games can be time-consuming, costly, or lead to paler skin. The word game also carries certain connotations seen or thought of as bad, such as, "Oh he's a gamer." "He cheats?," or like he games the political or economic system or whatever the case may be.

    • Edit: There may be a misconception that only certain groups of people, especially by age, play or do not play games. However, the truth is that games existed for many tastes and in many eras. If it is not the games of phones, personal computers, or consoles of today, it was the pinball machines, slot machines, or board games of decades or more ago.

    • Those who cheat are called players, and not gamers, right?

    • Well, some who commit an act of "cheating" are called players, but the idea of playing and gaming seems close in meaning in my opinion. Maybe it depends how you use the words. I can't say for sure what others call someone or think.

  • Gamers would be degraded by being associated with you, too. What a weird Take, made of ignorance, arrogance and stereotypes.

  • Jut don't play games then bro lol. what you think @mustachekitteh?

    • This dude is so weird, why the fuck do something that you don't enjoy just to kill time? Why not find stuff you actually like first before going to last resorts?

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    • @MTO That's pretty sad if you suck at every other possible activity. You don't even have to be good to do them if you love doing it. I'm not amazing in soccer but I still like to play it and will keep playing it. It's extremely pointless to do something you don't love or have fun doing it.

    • @Mustachekitteh I agree with u kitty, it is about enjoying the activity itself, not if one is "good" or not. I'm not the greatest basketball or football player but I do them because they are fun (as well as the idea of perfecting a skill).

      Playing video games and not enjoying them anymore yet still compulsively playing, is a sign of addiction. No bueno. :-/

  • mmmh, the only point i find to be true is that being a gamer can be time consuming, anything else seems childish.

  • wow.. None of this is true. Literally none of it. i am a gamer, i have been a gamer more than likely since before you were born (Mid 80's) and i have never experienced any of this.

  • Well you can play cracked versions in PC. Also you can create a gamer channel and earn some money like other gamer channels.

  • lol @ 6 , black guys should play games, they might gain some rights in the process.

    About the whole take though... GG WP mate.

    • Now what "GG WP" means?

  • Why not find something better to do? Real life has better graphics than any consol.

    • There's nothing wrong with engaging in some fantasy in video games. The issue is that those who become addicted to video game, put a bad name on the entire hobby.

    • @Prof_Don

      True, I play videos games sometimes, it was mainly in response to the fact that he plays for a few hours daily because he has nothing better to do, that seems to me like a lot of time wasted playing fantasy games when you could be doing cool stuff in real life.

  • Personally I love Games but hey if you don't wanna play don't play no one will force you it's all about the control 👍😁

  • I would rip my brain out if I had this convo with you in person.

  • Eh what happened to you bro? Don't generalise.

  • cool beans bro.

  • And there you go, another bullshit mytake

  • So in other words it is a hobby that you don't understand. If you play a couple of hours daily you are a gamer, and more so than myself. Pretty much any hobby can look stupid to someone that doesn't get that hobby. Stamp collecting, model trains, fishing, etc. Any hobby seems dumb and lame by people that don't get it. You just have issues being seen as part of that group.

    There are lots of different types of gamers. You don't seem to understand anything about them, and instead are resorting to believing in stereotypes about them.

  • You're argument almost suggests that GaG is a poor investment of time since it too is just a game. Now I'm rethinking my being here.

  • Non of these things are really a problem.
    If you're playing games in spite of hating it then wtf is wrong with you, go do something you actually like.

    • He very well can be addicted to video games, if he plays them without liking them

  • i like being a gamer for exactly the reasons you dont. as for the criteria you have of choosing women good luck with the shit you'll get... .

    • its funny how gamers hating bimbos upvote this.

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    • they exist though. no matter what "you believe"

    • They exist in some people heads only.

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