10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

There are some answers that I cannot accept personally. Here they are:

(In alphabetical order)

1) 50s/60s etc.

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question

Like for example, someone says I listen to 70s music. It's absolutely generalizing, simply because 70s wasn't only one genre. In 70s there were genres from Disco to Punk Rock, New Wave and Hard Rock. Where do you fall at?

2) Alternative/Indie

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

Very generic. I believe they say it, just in order to show off, and make us believe they don't like Mainstream Music. But don't you know how the genre you listen to is called? What is Alternative anyway? I've even seen stuff like New Wave or Post-Punk being labeled as Alternative, along with Alternative Rock or Alternative Dance. One of the worst generalizations ever. I've even seen bands like Nirvana or R.E.M. being defined as Alternative, when they were more Mainstream than Mainstream, once.

3) Classic Rock

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

What Classic Rock means actually? It means Rock music that stood the test of time. But people usually refer to 60s and 70s (first half of 70s mostly) Rock-related bands when they say Classic Rock. Obviously, popular late 70s, 80s and early 90s Rock bands might be considered Classic Rock in our days. So more or less it has to do with bands that have been around for at least 25 years.

Personally I find this term very poserish. Just to show off more or less. For example someone who listens to Classic Rock means bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. But they're not Classic Rock. Classic Rock isn't a genre. This term didn't exist when those bands came out. It's more correct to say Hard Rock, Metal and Progressive Rock, for Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd respectively.

4) EDM

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

(No, I don't love girls who love "EDM", I just found this wallpaper nice.)

Another common generalization, that is more common in our days unfortunately, than it used to be. EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music. But it's divided in dozens of subgenres. There are heavier genres like EBM (Electronic Body Music) or Trancecore, and lighter genres like Freestyle or Eurodance. So the EDM term isn't definitive at all.

5) Everything

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

It's impossible. It's impossible to like every music genre from every decade. There are things you like and things you dislike. Otherwise you're just one of those kind of people who just turn on the radio to break the silence, and have no interest towards music.

6) "Foreign" Music

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

I don't think that's a common term in English-speaking countries, but here where I live, many people call Foreign Music any music that's in English language. Which means any music in English language no matter the genre or the decade. It might be either 50s Rock 'n Roll, or 10s Modern Pop. Do you expect me to understand, what music do you like, exactly?

7) I don't like any music

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

I get this answer, from gamers mostly. I have no idea why, but it happens. So if in case you are a gamer, then you should be aware you listen to music as well. Most video-games have music within as far as I'm aware. Unless you set your TV's sound off.

But even though, I don't think there's any human that doesn't like any genre at all, unless they are deaf. It's part of the human nature. If you actually don't like any, then I believe something's wrong with you.

8. I like (enter name of Artist(s)/Band(s) here)

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

Well, I asked you what kind of music do you listen to. Not which Artist(s)/Band(s) you like. Well I'd make an exception if you like the same bands as me though, to be honest.

9) Metal

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

Metal is divided in way too many subgenres. Like EDM as I mentioned above. Glam Metal is different than Thrash Metal. Thrash Metal is different than NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). NWOBHM is different than Industrial Metal. And so on and on. So essentially, the term Metal (note, just the word Metal) defines the early Metal bands like Black Sabbath and Cream.

10) Pop

10 Answers I Hate, To The Question "What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?"

If you don't define, then you make me believe you listen to this crappy annoying Modern Pop of the last few decades. Pop music is different from decade to decade. Duran Duran and Rihanna, were both labelled as Pop. But they are as different as night and day in fact. So keep in mind to define from which decade next time.


Most Helpful Girls

  • yeah, i've never been a fan of generalizing. I prefer songs that actually have something to say. I'm tired of hearing about the breakup you had, the hoes you f*ckin, and how many guns you have to cap somebody with.

  • People tend to generalize things, nothing weird about that.


Most Helpful Guys

  • 2) yeah I hate the term "indie." Many bands that don't sound anything like typical "indie" bands produce their albums through their own label, or independently, such as Megadeth right now

    4) some people do listen to multiple genres of EDM and most people don't wanna hear them list them all (which goes for... well, most of the things you're complaining about.) Most people don't know the difference between drum & bass, dubstep, electro house, jungle, big beat, and glitch hop.

    5) oooh I fucking hate this answer. I get it all the time from people I like, but I hate the answer. Like, no, one of the largest genres is metal, and you listen to precisely zero percent of that. I usually respond with "oh, so you like Norwegian black metal?" And then they start actually saying what they listen to (or they say "oh, except that screamo stuff, like metal). But yeah such a copout answer. Typically these people just listen to whatever is on the pop station, maybe some country, very well known rock songs, along with possibly what's on the classic rock station.

    7) dude, saaaame with the gamers. They say "I don't really listen to music or like it but sometimes I like electro swing songs". Or dubstep. Weirdos.
    Basically this answer is reserved for weirdos.

    9) them: "I listen to lots of metal"

    Me: "oh nice, what bands"

    Them: "Five Finger Death Punch, Pierce the Veil, Black Veil Brides, Suicide Silence" [essentially anything that will make them more emo]

    Me: *shoots them* *shoots self*

    If you claim to like metal and you never took the time to actually listen to NWOBHM or thrash or just any classic metal, please fuck yourself. And metalcore and deathcore shouldn't even be considered metal they should be their own shitty genre.

    10) meh, they just mean whatever is popular at the moment, on the VMAs, pop radio, YouTube, their shitty tasteless friends...

    • Just curious, since you are aware of the NWOBHM as a genre, and from what I see, you are American. Do you know who Saxon are? I've mentioned them a few times to some metal fans (or at least they claim to be), but I'm surprised most people don't know them.

      Also I should mention I'm not what you call a "metalhead", but I enjoy some metals bands here and there, the older ones mostly.

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    • What's AOR?

    • AOR
      noun: AOR

      a style of popular music in which a hard rock background is combined with softer or more melodic elements.
      "an album of AOR tracks"





  • I worked as a sound engineer for live bands. Every thing from Sol De Mexico (mariachi) to the Utah Symphony (classical) to Utah Opera, to country, to ska, to reggae, to you name it. I had no control over the bands, nor the genre. And I will tell you that every band is both unique and generic. Generic labels are a simplification that allow someone to express a lot of information quickly. Such as "I listen to 80's music" means I listen to music that was popular in the 80's not all music from the 80's just what was popularly played on the radio at that time (the top 40s of that era) etc
    Truly most people just don't know enough about music to give you a detailed description of their tastes (honestly, how many people do you think could say something like "I like rock steady two tone ska"?) Most people don't study music, and accept the description given to them by their local radio stations, which is as bland of a description that the station can get in order to pull in more audience.

    • Yeah that's shitty indeed. For example when I say "I like listening to AOR", most common answer I get is "What is AOR?".

    • Exactly.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Is there any correct answer for you? Lol

    Honestly, this comes across as douchey and condescending.
    Not everyone knows music like you, not everyone studies music like you.
    I like what i like.
    And even lets say the person does know about music, and they get all specific. Your question "what type of music do you like?" Is broad in itself. Why we would we bother getting into details, we don't know if you'll know what we're talking about or even care.
    That question is similar to "how's your day?" People usually respond with "fine" and won't just, typically, unload and say exactly their day like their child just got sick last night and they had to get a cab because their car had a flat etc.

    I'm not going to get into detail like merengue, salsa, or ranchera, banda, etc because most people don't know the difference anyways. So I'll just say Latin or Caribbean or Puerto Rican or Mexican music. If they ask what kind, then I'll go into further detail.

    Relax, not everyone is a music expert like you lol
    This would be like a lawyer getting mad that people don't know legal jargon.

  • Dude nobody cares... no one is interested in giving answers which are pleasant to ur ears

    • See what Anpu23 said.

  • I answer "I listen to everything" because it's just easier to say that then to list every kind of music I listen to, because I listen to quite a lot. I dislike this take you're hating against other people's tastes.

  • Ok so you never happy whatever people tell you honestly. You really a boring guys


What Guys Said 5

  • Dude, but that question is sooo broad. I mostly listen to a few genres, but I also like songs from other genres, so what am I supposed to say.

    Just like with EDM. I know what it stands for, but I'm not gonna give you a list of all the subgenres that I like. I'll just say EDM cause it's faster, easier, and people still understand what I mean.

  • Is there any answer you dont hate?, which why bother asking in that case if are like 98% chance u will hate the answer?

    • If they define what metal subgenre they listen to, or say "Psychedelic Rock", "Progressive Rock", etc instead of "Classic Rock", for example.

  • Yeah, bit people who don't really know music, don't know how to define it. Plus unless it's pop music dribble, there is the idea that real music created by real musicians and bands is just music, absent of classification. It mught sound like rock, or rap or whatever, but it's just music.

    People who go around wearing shirt with real bands on them, usually k kw how to define their music, people who go to jazz club s/bars knkw how to define it. It's just mainly people who don't really care about music and just want to have something to party to or to fill the space. They do t really listen to the music maybe, or if they do its on the radio and is just the too hits of the day, and they get bored of it after its been played 300 times in an hour.

  • After reading this article my impression was that the old saying is true, ask a stupid question. . .

  • This seems... unnecessarily anal.


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