The 10 Types of Acts on America's Got Talent

10 Types of Acts on America's Got Talent

1. One Offs

Lacking talent and the surprise factor (#2), these are the acts that just want their 15 seconds of fame, or 15 seconds next to fame. Poor Simon.

2. The Surprise Factor

Some acts seem to get put through to the next round just because of the surprise factor but I doubt they would get much further once the novelty wears off.

3. The Wow Factor

These are acts that have the surprise factor (#2) but also have some talent to back it up. However, it may not be enough talent to get them far into the competition, especially if there isn't much they could do differently at each performance. A lot of contortionists and balancing acts tend to fall into this category.

4. Serious Contenders

Going one step further than the wow factor (#3) these are the acts that tend to get far into the competition. A lot of acts in this category use electronics and technology in combination with other things.

Personally, I think Team iLuminate should have won that year.

5. Oldies but Goodies

These are senior citizens with some talent you wouldn’t expect from people their age.

6. Young Blood

These are little kids that are well beyond their years for the talent they have. There tend to be a lot of singers and dancers in this category.

7. Dangerous Daredevils

These are the people who put their lives on the line for your entertainment. If you think your life is worth one million dollars go ahead but I ain’t doing none of that shit.

8. The Gross Factor

Some acts are so gross but you just can’t look away.

9. The Delusional

What made you think this was a good idea?

10. So Bad It’s Funny

I can’t believe they were given the golden buzzer – it wasn’t that good, or that bad enough to be good, or – well you know what I’m trying to say.

If you have any other categories you would like to add, or some other examples of the categories above, then leave a comment below.


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