Are Our Most Famous Entertainers Really Role Models?


Disclaimer: This myTake was inspired by a recently asked question on this site whether Nicki Minaj is a good role model or not. I'm not a person of many words and this is my 1st myTake, so it will be short, I promise.

An entertainer's job is to entertain

Are Our Most Famous Entertainers Really Role Models?
"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" has recently grown into a big thing. Many, if not all, people know what it is about. They are a rich family who got a TV show filming their everyday life. As many people do, they can be funny, they can be serious, and so on, like any normal family. This makes the audience have a good time (maybe even relate) while watching it.

Success doesn't mean good example to follow
Are Our Most Famous Entertainers Really Role Models?
If this whole myTake started from a question about her, let's mention her a little bit. Today she's the most famous female rapper in the pop industry as far as I know. But before she got famous, she was an average person like most of us. She managed to get to the top by using her sex appeal (sex sells, we can't deny). Because she got where she is, it doesn't mean that she needs to be idolized.

I don't believe in having a "role model"
Are Our Most Famous Entertainers Really Role Models?

There are many scientists, philosophers, researchers, inventors, etc. who we should thank that we *can* know so many things today. While I appreciate their efforts and work, I don't feel the need to become just like them. I want to bring out the best of myself.

P.S.: Sorry if I did any comma or verbal tense mistake.

Are Our Most Famous Entertainers Really Role Models?
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  • dangerDoge
    Hmm, I agree/disagree with this mytake.

    From my viewpoint, I believe rolemodels are good to have and there are viable rolemodels in the entertainment industry. That being said, I agree that success does not automatically mean we should follow them. There are many famous people who are not rolemodel worthy.

    On the contrary though, I would argue that "sucess does not mean bad example to follow."

    Likewise, one does not have to follow a rolemodel exactly. For example, I found (and still find) Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) as an inspiration to me. I may even consider him a rolemodel in some aspects. His ability to play multi instruments and learn them on his own inspired me to go with music. With that in mind, I don't consider him perfect, and I don't plan on walking down the same exact path as him. I look to him for advice on how to approach certain situations, but I don't take it on blind faith.

    I think he still had a positive influence on my life though and helped get me into music. He let me know that I didn't have to take music lessons to be successful in what I wanted to do. I feel like the positivity of the influence therefore helps bring out the best of myself.

    I believe this experience can be applied to other famous entertainers, scientists, etc. too.
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  • anonman32
    Hercules is my role model. Nothing beats mythology.
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  • hotstuffSRD
    I read that Nicki Minaj question too though I didn't answer :P
  • Anonymous
    I think it depends. If you want your life to have same role like of Kim K then Kardashian family would be a good role model