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My Favorite The Voice Singing Auditions.


My Favorite The Voice Singing Auditions.

My Favorite The Voice Singing Auditions.

These are a few of my favorite auditions from the show The Voice. I hope you enjoy my list.

1. Jordan Smith The Voice 2015 (winner)

Singing Chandelier, by Sia

Jordan a singer, songwriter, and musician from Harlan, Kentucky. Smith began singing in his church choir as a kid and continued through his college education at Lee University. Jordan was always considered geeky he was teased and bullied through out school. He turned to music for comfort during those hard times.

My Favorite The Voice Singing Auditions.

Jordan had never even had a girlfriend until he was out of college. Multiple people gave criticism along Jordans journey during The Voice, saying things like he was to fat, geeky, and unrelatable to American teens. I love it when a underdog wins!

2. Jonathan Wyndham The Voice 2014

Singing Say Something I'm Giving up on You, by A Great Big World

Not only is this probably my favorite love song of all time. I later found out that Jonathan had recently suffered a breakup not long before his audition to The Voice. So that made his performance of the song even more relatable to me.

3. Mika Zazie The Voice France 2016

Looping Gangsta's Paradise, by Coolio

I don't know much about this guy besides he's insanely talented. He was in college during the time he auditioned. This was only a hobby and his girlfriend (seen on the video) was his biggest fan. She begged him to go to the auditions when they came near their home. Mika did and made it all the way up to semi finals, later that season.

4. Deanna Johnson The Voice 2017

Singing All I Want, by Kodaline

Deanna had the dream of singing for a long time, and had audition for The Voice before. It was in Season Five, in the late rounds and only two coaches were available to vote: Blake Shelton and CeeLo Green. Neither turned their chair.

My Favorite The Voice Singing Auditions.

Johnson reauditioned for Season Eight of The Voice. This time all four coaches (Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams) turned their chair. She was one of the three finalist that season.

Chris Schummert The Voice Germany 2013 (runner up)

Singing Pumped up Kicks and Wagon Wheel, by Foster the People and Darius Rucker

After winning runner up on The Voice Germany Season Three. Chris has had several hit singles since then. He continues his music career by touring different parts of Europe currently. I like all the covers this guy does, from Tracy Chapman to Johnny Cash he rocks.

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My Favorite The Voice Singing Auditions.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Brett99
    My UK version, if anyone wants to read or listen to any of these auditions...

    2012: Becky Hill (Ordinary People)
    2013: Leah McFall (R. I. P)
    2013: Ragsy (The Scientist)
    2013: Emma Jade Garbutt (Sweet Child O'Mine)
    2014: Anna Mcluckie (Get Lucky)
    2014: Sophie May Williams (Time After Time)
    2014: Chris Royal (Wake Me Up)
    2014: Rachael O'Connor (Clown)
    2014: Beth McCarthy (Sexy and I Know It)
    2015: Daniel Duke (I'm Gonna Be)
    2015: Stevie McCrorie (All I Want)
    2015: Emmanuel Nwamadi (Sweetest Taboo)
    2016: Cody Frost (Lay All Your Love On Me)

    Haven't watched the show since 2016 unfortunately. Most unlucky, ironically, was probably Anna McLuckie who didn't make it to the live shows. Leah Mcfall had a great range, possibly the best alongside Christina Marie (not listed) to have been on the Voice UK.

    2014 and 2015 I watched the most.
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  • Lliam
    Very fun, Wowgirl. As a singer, myself, I really like The Voice. I only wish I had half the talent of most of those contestants. The raw talent is just mind blowing, but what's amazing is how much they improve over the course of the season with all the coaching and polishing. It's a brutal boot camp that turns people with amazing talent into true artists - entertainers of the first degree.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • SydneySentinel
    Dude I liked #4 and #5!!! I've heard the rest before and they're still good! Thanks for sharing!!
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  • Lauren-green
    I love watching singing auditions, some of them are so moving
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  • ErikStorm
    I used to watch the Voice.
    I liked Team Adam season 4.
    Particularly Amber Carington.
    She sang the Maroon 5 song "Sad."
    It was really good.
  • Xylem1992
    I take issue with "reality" shows like this. Its all too set up and staged
  • Lemia
    We have the voice uk here
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Chris006
    Wowza! Wowwawawiiwa!😱🤩😎🤠
  • Creepazoid
    Lol the first one was pretty surprising
  • alperenreis44