A Tribute Poem to the Orlando Pulse Club Victims and Their Loved Ones

(All photo are taken from the Pulse Orlando Facebook page What can I say: A Tribute Poem to the victims of Pulse in Orlando, and their loved ones affected by it

What can I say?

What can I do?

To help erase all the pain that you are going through

All humans have a beating heart

At least that's what I believe

I want to believe there is someone in the sky

looking after me

What can I say?

As a person, I have never experienced a loss so severe on Earth throughout my years

All I ever saw was a rainbow in the sky

That brought me to tears

Me, I, myself, that's what people seem to only care about these days

Saying things like, "my God is better than your god, so I will fight you over it anyways!"

Me, I'm just waiting for that rainbow in the sky to give peace to a mother

a brother

a father

a lover

a friend

a sister

a uncle

a nephew

a daughter

a son

Im just waiting for them to tell me that they don't feel pain anymore

I hope I can help create that rainbow

Just show me how

Although I can no longer see you

I realize I have never known you

until now

What can I say?

I would be lying to myself if I said everything will be okay

No one should have their lives taken away from them this way

You were probably a college student

a tourist

A popular local

an adventurer

a free spirit

a go getter

in love

Looking for the American dream

Or maybe you already found the dream

looking for redemption

a rebel

a dreamer

the mature one

or the wild one

a calm one

What really matters is that you were someone

What can I say?

I am only one person

And while I look at that rainbow

there is comfort in my heart

that someone else on the other side of the world is looking at the same rainbow too

So I hope that wherever you are

you are no longer in pain

No matter what you believed in

I hope that you are still dancing or singing

Or still chasing that dream

Or still laughing

Or still hugging

Still thinking

Still exploring

Or still loving

And as the rainbow grows taller and taller

It will stay and unite peace

What can I say?

No one will be able to hurt the rainbow never again

At night or during the day

Still loving



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