To The One I Love, I'm Closing Our Chapter: A Poem of Loss

We started off so strong

A ball of flames upon a book
I put your words upon my page
I didn't take another look

You said forever
As I looked you in the eye
Now forever might be never
And I have to say goodbye

To The One I Love, I'm Closing Our Chapter

Oh, sweet children

And that Dollhouse blues
Electric feelings
These were our Muse

The soundtrack to our story
What we'd sing in your car
What you showed to me and what I showed to you

And the things that I shouldn't have written
Mixed with words that will stay for eternity

You're just a chapter in my story

I thought you were co-author
It's time for me to turn the page
I can't linger any longer

I'll never stop loving you
Even if your touch is replaced
I'll keep our chapter in my book
And look back at us every time I need to smile


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  • That's beautiful


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  • I love this 👌

  • So sad, i love it!

  • Love it :(