The Sad Love Story that is My Life


The Sad Love Story that is My Life

I believe in destiny.
My story begins in kindergarden. I fell in love at first sight with a beautiful red-head in my class named Rebecca. We quickly became friends, and our friendship grew and grew. I feel Rebecca was why I first believed in destiny. Unfortunately, my dad moves a lot. We spent only a few years together, but knew we loved each other. Before moving from her, we exchanged numbers. However, she did not answer no matter how many times I called...
Still, knowing one day I could find her again, I spent years and years and move after move waiting for that day. Not once while I waited for her did I even think of asking another girl out. I simply continued to think of her, trusting she was simply not able to answer my calls.
Finally, just after I graduated, I moved with my family yet again, this time to the state I met Rebecca. All my waiting and trust paid off, as she was still living there. I don't remember why, but I believe her parents never let us call... Though this meant my trust was good. She was, in fact, waiting. We came together for both her first date and mine, and a second later on. Nothing romantic happened, but we had great fun talking of things like love.
Still living with my parents due to medical issues regarding seizures and poor memory, I had to soon move away from Rebecca yet again. We talked about this on our second date, and she told me she must and would wait again for us to be face-to-face to start contact again. I agreed.
After living in our new and current house for a few years, my mom learned of Rebecca's death. This was a few years ago, and I have been able to live strongly through it, but I simply must wait until I see her grave before I choose another girl. I cannot at all likely do this any time soon, but I will continue to wait as long as I must to say goodbye.
I still, to this day, believe in destiny. It seems Rebecca was not the one for me, but either way she has clearly trained my heart deeply how to wait. A skill I must possess if I am to look for a new girl.

The Sad Love Story that is My Life
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  • ThisIsMyUsernam

    God, I feel so sorry for you man. :( I thought I was having a hard time. I'm not really sure what to say, to be honest, just visit her and try your best to move on? Either way, best of luck to you, and your heart to mend in the years to come.

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    • Thank you. Visiting has been the plan and need. I know I can, and will wait. Like I said, Rebecca helped grow my patience. It's hard, but I just need to wait. I feel my belief in destiny helps. :)

    • I was able to see her grave today via my dad going on a business trip that happened to be near by. I can officially be 100% confident in my moving on.

Most Helpful Girl

  • iSolemnlySwear-meow

    I just want to cry and bundle you up and carry you around in my purse for the rest of my life.
    You're so cute and I'm sure you will find another beautiful soul who is out there waiting for you to find them too.

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    • lol Thank you. I'm sure I will. My biggest issue is shyness atm, finally getting some friends in this home. :P

    • I was able to see her grave today via my dad going on a business trip that happened to be near by. I can officially be 100% confident in my moving on.

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  • AmandaYVR

    Very sad but sweet story 💐

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    • Maybe after covid goes away I’ll be able to look offline for someone. Online dating never gets me any attention.

    • AmandaYVR

      Yeah, in person is better.
      Don't take it personally. It's like that for most guys. It doesn't define your value.

  • Smileyface93

    This story is so sad, but so sweet. I'm really glad that the two of you were able to meet and instantly have such a strong bond. That's hard to come by. I think when the time is right and you're meant to meet that next special girl it will happen.

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    • Thank you.
      Although I still haven't been able to see it directly, my dad went went on a sort of business trip that happened to be in the state she was always in and was able to take some photos of her grave. Seeing them helped bring me closure.
      Pretty funny how a "how would you rate your looks?" question got to this, huh? hehe

  • Daniela1982

    I think you wasted a lot of time waiting for someone that was not meant for you - or maybe for anyone. You may have missed many girls that would have fulfilled your dreams. Well, we sometimes just go with our gut, or heart, and not with reality. And sometimes love wins out, and sometimes reality kicks us in the ass. But now that you have closure it's time to move on and hopefully not waste another bunch of years before you find your soul mate.

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    • Well I’m not moving constantly anymore,(which would have lead to loosing many other girls), so I’m able to look now. I’m ready to move on. (I said I was in an update, but for some reason it never showed up here.) And I had no way of knowing she wasn’t for me until the day she passed away.

    • She was young I take it. What happened to her?

    • She got attacked by a big group of dogs she was dog sitting... They were arguing with each other and she got caught into it trying to stop them...

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  • David32

    this is a cute story but so sad 😞 also. it is so hard to find a good girl like you did nowadays. this story was sad rnough i’m at loss for words. i know if it happened to me i probably wouldn’t ever want to find another girl and just hold on to memories. stay strong 💪🏼

    • I was able to see her grave and get closure. (I made an update disappeared that said so, and it’s not allowing me to add it back...) I’ll always miss her, but look for someone new when I can knowing she’d want me to.

  • melanieeeB

    It's really rare to hear about such a strong bond and I hope you will get to say your goodbye, so that you can move on. I'm sure she will be always a part of you and maybe someday hopefully you will find someone to love

  • yaddayaddayadda02

    Damn. That's heartbreaking dude. But for your happiness, I think you need to get that closure sooner than later.

    • I feel I'm being very strong about it. I am already checking out dating sites. Still, I simply must say goodbye before I get very serious with another girl.

    • And again, please do this sooner than later. You're not getting any younger.

    • I will asap, but I can only as soon as my dad can go there. Medical issues have me living with him still...

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    This is so sad l dont even know what to say its very nice that you got to see rebecca resting place this makes me cry so much you will meet another girl but things will never be the same take care

    • Yes, I’ll never forget what we had and could not have, but the closure will prevent the past holding me back. I can and will continue to move forward. I’m keeping my eyes out. Thanks.

  • AbdKilani

    Oh man :(
    I feel so bad for you <3
    You need to move on life doesn't stop

    • I was able to see her grave and get closure. (I made an update that said so, but it disappeared and it’s not allowing me to add it back...) I’ll always miss her, but am looking for someone new whenever I can. (No luck on a first date still, but I’ll never give up. I need a SO in my life.)

    • AbdKilani

      Great man
      Best of luck to you

  • Avneo

    Cheer up handsome, another lovely girl is waiting for you :-)

    • Thanks. Although the heart of my SO will always matter most, I beg God to give me another redhead. I find red hair absolutely magical! lol 😊

    • Avneo

      That's true dude, getting a good hearted girl mean getting an awesome life, even I like read hair. And don't beg him, fight with him and snatch her from him. Say god that we made you god with our love and dedication so he owe you and its his duty.

  • Ahmed_Sy15x

    This story is so sad, sorry for your loss, what caused her death?

    • She was babysitting a great number of dogs, and most ended up not getting along in the least. Apparently she got caught up in the dogs arguments as she tried to control them and the dogs hurt her to get to each other because she was in the way. I think a pit bull dog killed her, which was her favorite animal... She really loved animals...

    • timidmale

      She shouldn't have loved dangerous animals.

  • abundantlyrich

    Its kind of odd you two didn't email each other..

  • laughinglad999

    so sad

    • I was able to see her grave and get closure, and am ready to look again.

    • Not to disagree,

      But this was actually really positive for me.

      Maybe a lot of us get so hung up on what we thought the future was going to be, or what we wanted, that we fail to see the rewards and gains we find Instead.

      It's absolutely a sad story. But the positive perspectives is extremely powerful. Educational, motivational, inspirational,

      Really something that helped me a lot.

    • @Lost_in_the_Woods Yes, I know God gave her to me for good reasons and I try to think about the positives.

  • Anonymous

    Your story is heartbreaking, and I think loosing the one that you were waiting for like literally a big part of your life seems to be difficult as hell. But hey, you have beautiful feelings and I'm pretty sure that there's someone out there waiting for a man like you and I hope you find someone that fix all the broken pieces of your heart and be happy forever and after ❤️

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    • Thanks. I know I'll find my special girl some day, and I know it will be worth the wait. I am glad my heart is as strong as it is. I had all the right in the world to cry my face off, but really I have been dealing with my loss quite well from the beginning.

    • I was able to see her grave today via my dad going on a business trip that happened to be near by. I can officially be 100% confident in my moving on.

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