My First Young Love: A Story of Heartbreak

This is a story of a young girl who fell in love, for her first love was nothing that she was never proud of.

Little did she know she was going for a roller coaster ride, the boy she learned to trust slowly lied and denied. They met from different high schools a kilometer a part; he would go see her and the same when it came to him, as she knew at this point he had her heart. Every day after school he would wait for her outside she’ll be full of happiness and joy that feeling never died. They would roam the school together holding hands side by side, put him in the school jumper, it was his only way to hide.

The both of them were inseparable, they respected each other that was true, she loved him more than anything and that was all that she knew. They would attend each other’s school events supporting each other in what they did, they wanted to do it for each other, a feeling, a promise, they never got rid.

My First Young-Love

None of their parents knew what was going on, both parents were strict with religion and culture knowing about this would be forbidden and wrong. Yet these two young people knew the consequences if they were ever to get caught, they still loved each other too much to even care about the thought. The only way they could see and spend time with each other was to tell a fib or two, mum and dad I’m going to the library to study for an assignment that will be due. Instead they went everywhere with each other public transport being there new best friend, the memories they created together they never wanted the dates to end. As each day turned into weeks and weeks turned into a year, they couldn’t get enough of each other, it was blatantly clear.

A sunny afternoon with the girls’ parents and sisters all gone, he came out behind a tree waiting for her on someone’s lawn. When he saw her he greeted her with kisses and hugs, he slipped her in his arms and never let her go as if she was a fragile little bug. He carried her in his arms to her bedroom upstairs, there clothes flew off, her shirt, her pants and slowly her underwear. As they lay on her bed feeling completely wonderful and bliss, she had no idea that this was going to be her very last kiss.

From each day forward after the events of making love, he slowly became distant to her as he was no longer in awe of. The two of them met up at his school event, a talent show competition and he was going to represent. For a dance group that she never knew stood a smaller girl among five, there were going to be up next getting ready to walk on the stage with pride. She looked at her boyfriend as he was staring at the other girl, this was something she didn’t want any part of watching a girl whirl and twirl. A couple of days later with barely no replies, she awaits for him to come home to her but unfortunately there was a surprise. Her phone blared out her ringtone it starting vibrating in her hand “I can’t make it today, I’m at school still studying, I hope you understand."

She tried to call back, getting voice mails left right and center, “Sorry this call has been disconnected” he didn’t know what this meant to her. A couple of hours passed, when he finally called and said “I’m here with the girl from the dance crew,” she felt so appalled. She slid down to the edge of her bed her phone on the floor, as tears rolled down her face the darkness started to seep inside her door. She picked her phone up still sobbing from the past “Don’t you ever speak to me you pathetic loser, don’t you try and find me again you cold-hearted user.”

She spent every single day after that trying to gather the pieces up, she felt alone, lost and betrayed from the terrible breakup. She was a young girl who had so much love to give she felt like no one understood; she wasn’t going to give up on something that was suppose to feel good. Several years passed and here she is not only a stronger woman who knows what she needs, she yearns to find love and so her heart bleeds. For the man who can take care of her, the man that can shower her with joy, is the man who she is with now for her heart feels no longer destroyed.


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  • Unfortunately, I see and read these kinds of stories way more often than I should. It's almost starting to feel like 9/10, every girl has encountered this kind of thing at SOME point in their life, and I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that.

    But, looking back on it all, could you honestly say the signs were always there and you refused to acknowledge them? Or, was he really THAT good at hiding his nature that even now looking back on it all, there was absolutely NO WAY you could have known?

    • Mm it wasn't that I didn't acknowledge it. I knew something was going on, but didn't feel like this other girl was a "threat" in my relationship. I had no right to not trust him at the time as he was wonderful to me and didn't do anything to differ. I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and if he did wrong by it.. (which he did) he didn't deserve me.

    • I see. Thanks for the response. I try to study these kinds of social interactions but, the moment I do, most girls get very defensive when I ask personal questions or try to dig deeper.

    • It's a sensitive subject to some girls. So tread carefully. No girl wants to revisit the past if a certain memory hurts them the most. It's like re-digging something that was suppose to lay in the dirt to never be brought back up again.. And no problems! Thanks for reading :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • It pulled a bit on my heartstrings when I read: "(...) she had no idea that this was going to be her very last kiss".

    I am just sorry that some people don't realise how much their actions may affect someone, be it due to imaturity, selfishness, whatever.

    And I'm glad you have found someone that has healed your heart and is loving you in the way you need and deserve to be loved.



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  • The glue NEVER fully drys, Mooks! But you have learned a lot from it, so who cares! Thank God! Who has "won" here? Hmmm... (do I have to say "duh") :)

    I've stood there. I do know...

    And those "sutures" on your heart Them ain't goin' away... EVER! Just learn (as you have) to appreciate them for exactly what they are!

    I admire you Mooky! or "her" Wink, wink, nudge, nudge! :)

    And yup I did try the goat cheese, but feel kinda weird that I did... maybe a link would be "my request" to that myTake! But I' m not trying to ask for things that benefit U! LOL! Far be it from me! ;)

    • Thanks for reading Mr Fingers!

      Did you end up liking the goats cheese?

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    • Surprise! I do what I say. :p

    • Haha yeah quite lol

  • Well written. It hit home a little, because I did several things I'm not proud of when I was younger, at that age it's easy to forget how the other person might feel too. First take I've read that actually made me think about myself.

    I have a question if you don't mind. If you haven't already, would you accept his apology if he offered it sincerely tomorrow? I mean you wouldn't have to be friends, but at least the air is cleared.

    • Hey! Cheers man! :) Oh I've done a lot of things that i wasn't proud of either when I was young :( I don't when to sound like a bitch lol but i'm kind of glad my mytake story was able to make you think about yourself (if it hit home for you even a little bit).

      He has apologised. During the month I was getting over him. One day getting out of bed, i was just like to myself "This shit has gone long enough" So i went through the whole house clearing all the things he brought for me and popped it in a trash bag, and sent it to a friends house where he later picked it up. He called me that day and told me he missed me and apologized, but I didn't want anything to do with him anymore.

  • Just. Wow.

    Very well written. But this begs the question - personal experience, if I may?

    • Thank you :)

      Yes most definitely personal experience

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    • You're welcome. This was probably the first take this year that I actually read through. The entire thing. So that says something :)

    • Haha wow! I'm honoured! 😁 That's pretty great news! Thank you

  • Your story is so well written. Thank you for sharing!


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  • Mookyyyy! This was beautifully written and tragically raw. You're such a strong woman, and I'm glad to call you a friend.