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Celebrating the life of one who have passed.

Celebrating the life of one who have passed.

Today is my fathers birthday. It's been a few years since he passed away and I finally this year feel like celebrating the life he had rather than mourning the loss of it. Though it does feel wrong to be celebrating a life with the current circumstances of the world.

I didn't spend my whole life with my father, we met when I was about 4 years old, he saved my life. We were inseparable until I was 13 when we lost touch due to the foster care system. 5 years I spent begging case workers to get me his number, let me see him, even after I was emancipated I was denied time and time again. Those 5 years were the worst years of my life, for so many reasons but especially not having him there. 2 days before my 18th birthday I got a phone call as soon as I answered and heard his voice on the other end I started sobbing so hard.

We spent the next year together every single day, I would cook for him, sing to him, we would sing and play music together, inseparable once again. Though he was terminally ill and in pain, he lit up every single room he was in.

Feeling the warmth of his hugs and the never ending support reminded me of being a kid again. He was and will always be my biggest fan.

We had an early Christmas that year with all our favorite food and gave gifts for the last time. We talked and planned about all the hard stuff but in a way we made it fun. He asked me to sing and play my own song at his funeral. I played it for him and we cried together then laughed at eachother for being such ugly criers. November 2017 morning of the 16th he passed peacefully at home in his sleep. There will forever be a hole in my heart that nobody could ever fill, and I will forever cherish the memories I have with him and I'm grateful we got to spend his last waking moments together.

here's to the ones we have lost

here's to you Dad. Happy birthday đź’›

Celebrating the life of one who have passed.
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  • ohshee
    To our Smashing dozzy. I have always liked your Questions and your answers because they come from your heart. With your every word with your every breath I felt your heartbeat as I read them. I've had to stop texting this to you at least five times because of the tears coming down my face onto my phone. There are many people did I connect to on here without connecting to them you are one of them because I've always felt you were special.. You are wise you're a beautiful human being. And I can see and I can feel that you got that way because of what you have gone through in life. In the strength and the courage that it takes to overcome it'd be the person who you are today I feel that I see it and I've always know that. Many people just stopped in their tracks and lay down. I can feel many times that you had wanted to but you just get right back up and keep on going and that's what I love about you even though I don't know if it's true or no you but that's what I feel I hope people of gag when they answer your questions I would they reach your my text did they actually read each and every word because they all pay the picture of who you truly are and we are all lucky to have someone here like you because you are a teacher and you are a guide to all of us for all of us. Whether anybody else knows this or understands this the only way that they would is to pay attention and look deep.. so once again your words have touched me. And text me because I've been there I have felt what you have felt. I have tried to escape and run from it myself and I've been there too. But I also I've been to the place you were at right now and I love that strength and wisdom within you. So I celebrate this day with you I celebrate the time that you spent with your father. I celebrate the love that you have. Or that you gave in a moment of time you could have hated but you chose the higher Road. I celebrate you being you and I thank you
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  • Anonymous
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on your dad. That was beautiful and so nicely written. I'm sorry for your loss, but happy you were able to reconnect with him and share some time with him before he passed. And I'm glad you have been able to shift from mourning to celebrating his life and how he blessed yours.

    Your story hits a little close to home for me as I have a similar relationship with my father. I am fortunate to still have him but he has been my biggest supporter and fan, and the most influential person in my life.

    It's nice to see a woman your age openly show appreciation for her father. That seems so rare these days.
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  • Paris13
    Happy Birthday to Your Dad!!! Mine just Passed before his Birthday. Mom died Nearly 3 Years ago of cancer. I just too Lost another Family Member close to when Dad Died. It is Sad to Lose someone we Love. Celebrate every Year, Dear----Get them a card!!! xxoo
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  • AimĂ©e__LJ
    Love you ❤️ last night was amazing, your dad will be so so so proud of who you've become x
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  • Still-alive
    This was beautiful! I'm glad you had happy memories with him. im sure they'll be with you forever. I still remember what you told me a few months ago how you want to change the world. make it a little better more empathetic. perhaps the memory of your father will give you the fortitude to do just that. I believe anyways.

    RIP to your father!
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  • ChrisMaster69
    Shit that was moving, got dusty in here.

    A sweet and lovely My Take.

    He will be so proud of who you are.
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  • exitseven
    That was a very touching tribute. I am sorry for your loss.
    Monday was the anniversary of my father's passing. It has been a few years but it still makes me sad.
    I hope you are doing well.
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  • SaoirseS
    That was a very touching MyTake. I love your attitude and your spirit :-)
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  • DaveToo
    What a beautiful memory. Thank you for sharing!Celebrating the life of one who have passed.
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  • Pogi-Paddy-2
    Sounds beautiful, my dad just passed last weekend so I am always looking for a way to keep it positive.
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  • Guardian45
    My condolences on your loss. I feel your pain. I lost my BFF on April 25th. She was taken too soon.
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  • bowenw
    Thanks for sharing this. 🤗🤗
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  • Kelly6
    sorry to hear all this.
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    • Kelly6

      and he made you smart and critical thinker as you are now.

  • legalboxers
    nice take.. today is my fathers death.. 19 years
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  • msc545
    Very sweet!
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  • Relux47
    Sorry for your loss
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  • BillyBalls
    We will always live on in your heart and mind!!!