Reba the Sitcom: My Tribute to the Show

I'm sure you all know Reba McEntire as a country star but I wonder, how many remember when she was sitcom star? She had a sitcom on the WB called Reba and it was about her being a divorcee and dealing with all the ups & downs of raising a family. It showed that not all divorces have to be bad, some can be civil and they can actually can along well.

It showed that family's can be big and crazy but still work. It also dealt with teen pregnancy and teen marriage, it showed how hard it is and that there's a lot of struggles being young parents and a young married couple Though I wouldn't recommend having a baby or getting married as a teen, this show proves if it does end up happening, when you are with the right person, it can work. I thought it was a good show and showed the reality of a lot of different issues.

So, I decided to pay tribute to the sitcom Reba. I hope you enjoy.

Reba Hart played by Reba McEntire

Reba- is a single mom of 3, who's husband divorced her for his dental hygienist. Along with that, her oldest daughter get's pregnant at 17 and married. So, she struggles to take care of everyone in her house and does so with lots of sarcasm but also lot's of love.

Brock Hart played by Christopher Rich

Brock- is Reba's ex-husband. He left her for his dental hygienist, who he marries and has a baby with. He can be quite vain and self absorbed but through the show, it's clear no matter how many mistakes he makes he loves his wife and kids.

Cheyenne Montgomery (nee Hart) played by Joanna Garcia

Cheyenne- is Brock & Reba's oldest daughter. She was in her senior year of high school, when she discovered she was pregnant by her high school boyfriend. So, they decide to keep the baby and get married. She can be air-headed and self centered but as the show progresses, they show how much being a mother and going through life's obstacles makes her grow up. It also shows how much she loves her husband, child and whole family.

Kyra Hart played by Scarlett Pomers

Kyra- is Brock and Reba's middle child. She is the most normal, out of all of them and applies herself quite well in academics. Later in the series, she forms a rock band. Though she as the least issues, she is the most difficult of the 3 kids. She's sarcastic and sharp witted but also, can be manipulative. Despite all that and not showing much emotion, deep down it's clear she loves her whole crazy family.

Jacob "Jake" Hart played Mitch Holleman

Jake- is Brock and Reba's youngest child. He's picked on a lot by his sister Kyra and in the first seasons, shows some feminine qualities that freak his father out. He's a pretty normal kid, but has a habit of thinking before he speaks. Which, can sometimes be a problem but over all his a good kid with family that he loves.

Barbra Jean Hart (nee Booker) played by Melissa Peterman

Barbra Jean- is Brock's second wife and mother to their son, Henry. She met Brock while he was still married to Reba, which obviously led to an affair. Despite how Reba came into her life, she's convinced they are best friends and is quite obsessed with Reba. Barbra Jean, can be oblivious and loud with annoying mixed in there. However, she's well intentioned, has a good heart and loves her husband and child.

Van Montgomery played by Steve Howey

Van- is the star cornerback, of the high school football team. He's also dating Cheyenne, the captain of the drill team. Upon finding out he and Cheyenne are having a baby together, he decides to do the right thing and purposes to her. His parents, ended up kicking him out of the house and disowning him. So, he moves into the Hart residence. He can be a big goof and not so great with words, but he's a great father to his daughter and a good husband to his wife. He loves his in-laws and is quite grateful to them for all they've done for him, in his times of need.

Elizabeth Montgomery played by Alena & Gabrielle Leburger

Elizabeth- She's Van & Cheyenne's daughter. There's not much to say about her, they don't really show her much but when they do, she's quite adorable.

Henry Hart played by Alexander & Jackson McClellan

Henry- He's Brock & Barbra Jean's son. There's not much to say about him either, except when they do show him they (at times) portray him as a brat. Other then that, he doesn't have a big role but is also adorable.

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