The One TV Show I Think Should Make a Comeback Is...

Hello GAGers. Over the past few months classic television shows have been making a comeback in one way or another. It can be a successful continuation of a previous series such as Fuller House. Or, a total reboot of a previous series like The Powerpuff Girls.

Over the past few months there have been rumored to be remakes in the works of: Coach, Hey Arnold, Married With Children, Rugrats and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Even previous series that were discontinued long ago are being brought back such as X Files and Twin Peaks. Personally I have one show I would love to see remade.

King Of The HillThe oneTV show that I think should make a comeback!

This show was about a Texas propane salesman and his family and friends living the daily life in their small town in Texas. Hank Hill was a conservative grassroots Texan who believed that hard work and self discipline paid off in life. While his wife Peggy Hill was a strong woman who battled everyday obstacles to gain success as a housewife and a beloved substitute teacher. As well as an expert boggle player.

Then there was Bobby Hill, Hank and Peggy's only child due to Hank's "unmentionable problem " (he had a narrow urethra ). Bobby is not like a typical teenage boy. He enjoys baking,playing video games,prop comedy, stand up comedy,eating,and his girlfriend Connie. Even though it is apparent that Bobby has a love interest in Connie, Hank sometimes questions Bobby's sexuality in a roundabout way by usually saying "That boy ain't right". Hank wants the best for Bobby but isn't able to really show much empathy because he did not receive none from his father when he was Bobby's age himself.

The One TV Show I Think Should Make a Comeback Is...Other characters include: Dale Gribble, a bug exterminator and conspiracy theorist who spends a lot of time researching the Internet. Bill Deautrive, a stereotypical "loser" who has an obsession with his ex wife who left him. And also has an infatuation with Hanks wife Peggy. Then there is Boomhauer. A ladies man whom talks really fast and is sometimes not understandable. He also collects classic cars. To a modern audience this show could be remade easily just by adding new scenarios and a few new regular characters to make it modern.

a lot of people love Family Guy,American Dad or Bob's Burgers. Which I agree those are all great shows,King of the Hill was something different. It was more real life and relatable. This show tackled everything from Feminism,politics,ADHD, Government Conspiracy theories, teen issues such as:Bullying,teen smoking, teen drinking ,sex, even how different generations grew up. The other shows today mainly focus on toilet humor or side characters that really serve no purpose. But King of the Hill was really more based on reality and real life experience rather than a lot of toilet humor and sex jokes.

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  • King of the Hill was a great show. I miss it!


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  • yep!

    • Unknown, there is actually a PC game of King of the Hill that was released in the late 90s. That was like a simulation game where you take up residence in Arlen and befriend the residents

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    • It's more of a nonsense game than a strategy game

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  • I used to love that show


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  • NO bring back firefly dammit -_-.


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