Prepaid: A Poem About Breaking Up

Prepaid: a poem about breaking up

I guess I'm a psychic now

You may be attractive but you turned into an asshole nowPrepaid: A Poem About Breaking Up

I'm just going to save you the trouble of complaining about me to your friends.

I'm going to dump you before our relationship begins

You say you won't

I'll say I do

Then I'll pretend I'm done with you

And then I will say you are the one

And then we'll fight

Prepaid: A Poem About Breaking Up

And we'll break up

You will say I'm bad

I guess we are through

Its you not me

I'm done with you

I don't want to date you

so I prepaid it

This is over

I know you will hate it

So let's break up before we say we are through

I wrote this prepaid break up just for youPrepaid: A Poem About Breaking Up

So you can keep your shoes

They are at your mother's house

Please close the door behind you

when you leave out

I cried all night cause I'm messed up

I ate ice cream in your t-shirt

This has nothing to do with youPrepaid: A Poem About Breaking Up

I just wanted to tell you

It's just I know that we will break up so I'm dumping you now

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