Isn't It Too Early for Halloween?

The police reported her death that day

Her parents said she just wanted to play

But she couldn't play like a normal child in the sun anyways

So they came to me for the truthIsn't it too early for HalloweenI told them that she was alone that day

It was Christmas eve and she wanted to play

She knew she could not fit in with the other children but she wanted to fit in, so she tried to find the right words to say

The police said, "Isn't it slightly odd, that her house is the only one on the street with fog, you said you usually passed her house for a morning jog, so what made you stop there today?"

Her parents asked me for a favor, so that was when I noticed her odd behavior.

I offered to watch her and when I fed her, she confessed to me that it was only blood that she could savor

I wiIl tell you what I did

I got up and I left, but I did not want to make her parents upset

So I stayed

When I woke up in the middle of the night she told me, "I watched you while you slept"

The police asked, "Did anything change, different behavior patterns after that day?"

She knocked on my door, I don't know how she found my house, but she spoke in whispers so I woke my spouse

It was so cold

She said she was hungry so my husband and I let her come in

My husband joked, "I like your fake sharp teeth, but isn't it too early for Halloween?"

She looked at us with cold gray eyes and she said, "These are my real teeth."

We were surprised

The last thing I heard her say was, "Isn't it too early for Halloween?" before I blacked out and I was covered in blood, but my husband and I were not dead

She stood over us with a sad look in her eyes and told us, "Drink blood or you will die instead."

I asked her how could this be

She told us to tell our first victims before we kill them, "Isn't it too early for Halloween?"

If we didn't she said she will follow us for the rest of our lives

"Stop making things up, we are tired of your lies!" the cop cried.

I smiled revealing sharp teeth in my mouth and I said slowly, "Isn't it too early for Halloween?"

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  • aww great take! I love it.

  • That's such a creepy story

  • It's never too early for Halloween.