10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

1. Last House On Dead End Street (1972)10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

The original title was "cuckoo clocks of hell" and was 180 minutes long. Nobody has ever found a complete version of it, So it is considered the 'Holy Grail' to collectors.

Roger Watkins was a very talented filmmaker, Reportedly he had an $1,800 budget but spent it all on meth to stay high during the entire three-week shoot; So this seminal grindhouse movie had a total budget of $0 dollars!

Although it was made in 1972, It wasn't shown in theaters till like 1977 and Watkins didn't find out till 1979, And he waited till 2000 to actually come forward and admit he was the writer, director, and star.

So, For a very long time, it was a total mystery where the film actually came from or who made it.

When it was originally cut down to 73 minutes and shown in theaters, it was called 'Fun House', But was later changed to ;Last house on dead end street' to capitalize on the success of Last house on the left.

They even stole the catchphrase 'It's only a movie..."

10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

And, It had one of the creepiest teaser trailers in history!

All in all, This film is one of the most brilliantly nihilistic and hateful movies ever put on film. It was even accused of being a real snuff film.

Phenomenal but no fun to watch.

2. Clownhouse (1989)10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

This movie has been OOP(out-of-print) for a long time now, And it is very doubtful it will ever be reissued.

It will forever be stigmatized by the actions of the director. But, I saw it as a kid in the early 90s without knowing anything about all that, And it is a very good movie and stars a very young Sam Rockwell playing the dickish older brother beautifully!

3. Begotten(1990)10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

This extremely gory and totally visual experimental film tells the tale of the death and rebirth of Gods. It has no dialogue, Just occasional weird ass background noise.

Some seriously blasphemous and disturbing sh*t!

4. Spookies10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

This is a very bad movie, But a very fun kind of bad!

One of the few horror movies directed by a Woman. I love the Spookies :P

5. Blue Monkey (1987)10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

I have no idea why this Canadian horror movie is called 'Blue Monkey' since it's about killer insects and has no monkies in it at all.

6. Rawhead Rex10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

This is one by Clive Barker, But it never quite reached 'Hellraiser' Fame. It is still one great movie, And so is Night Breed!

7. Necronomicon (1993)

10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

This movie has some of the best practical visual effects ever, And its source material is by H.P.P Lovecraft.

Great anthology movie, I love it.

8. The Changeling (1980)10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

This great, classic ghost story is one of the best ever. It has never gotten a true HD treatment and is sure to go out of print sooner than later.

It's a real shame. There is a remake.

9. The Reflecting Skin (1990)10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

Everyone who likes horror movies should watch this one.

10. The Company of Wolves (1984)10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems

This movie has always been overshadowed by the Howling movies and An American Werewolf In London. But, It has just as good FX as either and is one seriously entertaining movie!


10 Of My Favorite Obscure Horror Gems


Most Helpful Girl

  • So can you spoil the plot for Last House on Dead end Street for me? I think its original name and the history sounds interesting.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • The plot is pretty simple, Porn director spends a year in jail for drugs then recruits a cow sodomizer (no kidding) and a couple of girls to start making real snuff films, Then the people he sells them to cheat him again so he kidnaps those four and kills them on film.
      It's on Youtube, a lot of these movies are.

    • Ah okay. Probably not for me. But someone the bottom films you listed seem interesting.

    • They are :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Clownhouse looks ridiculous. LOL

    I do have a question, though: I'm not a horror movie buff by any means, so maybe the movie I'm asking about isn't even remotely obscure. But I have this memory of watching a weird horror movie when I was a kid, and it had this metal ball or something that zipped around and cut into people's heads with little blades. I think there was some creepy old dude there as well.

    ... what the hell was that? Anybody know?

    • That's easy, Phantasm.
      Love that movie!

    • Ah yes, I think I remember the name now.

      I saw parts of it when I was like 12 or something. I don't remember being scared, just really weirded out. LOL Must be why that memory has stuck with me.

    • It is a weird movie, But a legendary one.
      I FOUND part two on a four movie pack but have never owned the original on DVD. A full Phantasm collection would be ideal.

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  • Have you seen Nurse 3-D?
    If so, what did you think?

    • I have seen one movie called Nurse, I don't remember it being in 3-D but the cover had a nurse riding a syringe.
      I really liked that one!

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    • I am heavily into bdsm edge play offline with totally experienced people only.
      ie: I like pushing my mind and body into TOTAL extremes + luuurve rising to challenges.

      I have never heard of The August Underground movies tbh, but googled it just now and have bookmarked it. TY xo

    • You're welcome.
      The gore in A Serbian Film wasn't hard to take, But the subject matter finally made me have to look away.

What Guys Said 1

  • I remember Rawhead Rex, great 80's horror indeed :D
    The Company of Wolves and Necronomicon are also very good movies :)
    I liked Spookies, Clownhouse and The Changeling too ;)
    I've never seen The Reflecting Skin and Blue Monkey, they both look like a very interesting movies, thanks for the info, fantastic Take 👍


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