7 Exquisitely Memorable Vocal Performances

These may not all be live, acoustic or clean recordings, but they're an amazing piece of music history that will live forever > and continue to be inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere!

7 Exquisitely Memorable Vocal Performances

We all know these singers can belt it unlike numberous artists today, or ever for that matter... So it's not really a question of quality and artistry, it may just be a question of taste. These are mostly rock, metal, blues recordings, and they certainly continue to rock my world.

AFTER FOREVER: Alone (cover)

EPICA: Cry For The Moon

QUEEN: Bohemian Rhapsody

JANIS JOPLIN: Little Girl Blue


SKID ROW: I Remember You

PANTERA: Cemetery gates

Which vocal performances changed your life?

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  • Love that you threw in "I'll remember you" and "cemetery gates". Plenty of great live stuff but one I'll always remember watching is Eminem/Elton John singing "stan" at the 2001 grammys. Besides the shock value of Elton John appearing especially with Eminem after what he rapped about. It just showed Eminem wasn't a bad guy, he just rapped about some crazy offensive stuff.

  • Reach Down by Temple of the Dog is an amazing one too. Certainly one of the most brilliant songs to come out of the grunge scene

  • Adele "someone like you" at the Brits awards.

    When I heard that I got goosebumps.


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