10 Sites I Try When I Get Bored of Facebook

Hey! Name's Louise and it's the first Take i thought to do. I'm glad you take the time to read it. Obviously, this one is a personal Take and you might not find it interesting.

Facebook isn't really the usual site I go to unlike most people. Anybody else out there who chooses other sites than Facebook? I seldom post pictures or update my status. Sharing pictures just isn't my thing and even my Instagram has like zero posts. One of the reasons for not using Facebook is that i just see the same annoying faces. We all have that one friend who has no chill for posting their face. I don't wanna block and hurt their feelings, so my way of avoiding them is to just get away from Facebook.

Now here are the other places I go:

1. Twitter

It's one of my favorite sites! I use it for fangirling purposes since celebrites' Facebook accounts are private. It's good to find people who have the same interest in bands, boybands, artists, actors, etc. Twitter for me best provides updates for your faves. It also contains humor from fan and non-fan accounts alike. You can see amazing layouts of the fan @'s, so go stalk over to see!

2. YouTube

I bet we all like this one. We only vary on what kinda video we wanna watch. I just find it entertaining watching music videos, pranks, tutorials, etc. I also enjoy watching weekly videos from my favorite youtubers.

3. BuzzFeed

I found this site from YouTube of course! I love accumulating facts, trivias and hacks; plus I'm a fan of enumerations of those. It's good I can share new ideas with my friends in school and they're like "Where the hell did you get those pieces of information?" Well, I got them here.

4. Just Girly Things

Actually i used to like this site when I was in high school. This is only relatable to teenage girls. But those quotes or lines used to give me "the feels" before. Still i can say, it's a good site to visit.

5. Zobe

If you don't know, Zobe is an open forum site and it's where people discuss religion, politics, sex, etc. Also you can message other users online if you wish. It's just like an updated version of Teenchat with less population of users. Regular visitors in there are either bored and I am one of them, creeps, horny, pedos, losers, and racists. Yep, there is much hatred at that site!

6. Slither.io

It's an online gaming site. You have to download the app to play offline. This is a good game to piss you off, i swear!

7. Agar.io

Another fun online gaming site! It was quite addictive when I started using it.

8. Omegle

A site where you can talk to strangers of the same interest. You know this site and more explanation isn't necessary, right? The identical site is chatroulette. Just so you know the difference, more men who are masturbating will be flashed to you in chatroulette.

9. Urban Dictionary

Where I learn modern terms and find new words! Usually it's my aid for unfamiliar sexual terms.

10. 7 Cups of Tea

This website allows you to talk to therapists or other trusted users who are trained as "listeners" to listen to your personal problems. It would be a one on one chat with you and your listener. This site also contains different sections of problems that one may be suffering. You can also take an emotional wellness test in this site.

There you have it guys!

And oh, BONUS SITE: Girls Ask Guys

But you know GaG already 😜

I'm always here ya know!

This is the best site to give and take opinions, right?

So tell me other sites that you usually visit other than Facebook. Tell me about which sites I like that you also like. Or you can tell me about an unfamiliar site that I have mentioned on the list that you just checked out!


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  • Can't believe A GIRL uses Omegle. All I see there are dicks.

  • Hahahaha omegle, it's the worst out of the list. Open the webcam and you'll see a dick.. Fun times fun time.. Wait wut


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