15 Rock Instrumentals I Like (Part II: 80s Instrumentals)

(In alphabetical order)

1) Behind My Camel by The Police From The Album Zenyatta Mondatta (1980)

2) Black Arrows by Manowar From The Album Hail To England (1984)

(Sorry, no other video for this instrumental can be found.)

3) Cinema by Yes From The Album 90125 (1983)

4) Escape From The Island by Kiss From The Album Music From The Elder (1981)

5) Finger Talkin' by Triumph From The Album Progressions Of Power (1980)

6) Fractured Too by Frehley's Comet From The Album Frehley's Comet (1987)

7) Groove Or Die by Danger Danger From The EP Down And Dirty Live (Live Cut from 1989)

8. Mr. Scary by Dokken From The Album Back For The Attack (1987)

9) (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth by Metallica From The Album Kill 'em All (1983)

10) Snowman by Rainbow From The Album Bent Out Of Shape (1983)

11) Subject's Theme/ (Race Cars)/ Armageddon by Aldo Nova From The Album Subject...Aldo Nova (1983)

(Note 1: Those are three separate tracks in the album, but they are actually one track separated into three parts.)

(Note 2: This instrumental has some lyrics in the Armageddon part, but they are not sung. They were made with the use of some kind of Vocoder or something like that. So, it's not purely instrumental, still it falls under this category since it's not a song, but a theme instead.)

12) Switch 625 by Def Leppard From The Album High 'n Dry (1981)

13) The Loner by Gary Moore From The Album Wild Frontier (1987)

14) The Movie by Aerosmith From The Album Permanent Vacation (1987)

15) Transylvania by Iron Maiden From The Album Iron Maiden (1980)

70s Rock Instrumentals


Most Helpful Guy

  • Thank you for including Yes. Other great instrumentals but not from the '80s
    Hibernation (live) Ted Nugent
    Jessica, Allman Brothers
    Fire On High, ELO
    YYZ, Rush
    Firth of Fifth, Genesis
    Los Endos, Genesis
    Classical Gas, Mason Williams
    Any Color You Like, Pink Floyd
    One Of These Days, Pink Floyd
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond part II, Pink Floyd

    • Just curious... since you are a Progressive Rock guy, are you aware of Gamma or Max Webster? Never encountered anyone from here who is aware of those bands.

    • I haven't but I have Porcupine Tree and Hawkwind. Progressive rock is my very fave

    • Yeah Hawkwind. They were truly ahead of their time, than the so-called "electronic pioneers".

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