Five Movies that got History Right!

Are you a history buff? Do you like to watch movies? Then you probably have seen the movies of the list below. If not....then get them and watch them asap because you will like them.


It sounds like a promising movie when a director says "That's the movie I always wanted to make". There’s no shortage of harrowing battles in Das Boot, but the film has gained much of its infamy over the years due to the way it portrays the claustrophobic conditions of a German U-Boat. It was nominated for 6 Oscars and remains the most succesful German made movie. If you have claustrophobia, you'll have a hard time watching this. I warned you.


Downfall is an incredibly brave movie. This is certainly the most human representation of Adolf Hitler. During the production of the movie, one of Hitler's last living bodyguards, Rochus Misch, served as an advisor on set. Almost two years ago I met a German war veteran who fought in Berlin and he too, told me that Downfall is pretty accurate. If you’re only familiar with this movie because of the many Downfall parody videos, do yourself a favor and seek it out.


An incredible movie. Based on Operation Market-Garden which was the largest airborne invasion ever attempted. This one must have been quite expensive for its time. It shows tanks, different sorts of aircraft, hundreds of extras, many of them performing parachute jumps. But the real worth of it is that it was filmed on the real locations where these events took place. Also, the cast includes many of the best actors of that time.


Four hours and thirty-one minutes. That’s how much time you’ll need to invest in 1993’s Gettysburg if you’re going to see it through to the end. With that kind of run time, you might be wondering if the movie really does only focus on the battle of Gettysburg. For the most part, it does. While that hurt’s the film’s pacing somewhat, it does leave plenty of time for Gettysburg to examine every element of this historic battle in minute detail.

So, that’s exactly what the movie does. Gettysburg tries to present both sides of the conflict as human beings caught up in something much greater and more terrible than they could have ever imagined, which in and of itself is a striking approach. Despite the obviousness of the outcome, neither side is presented as being morally superior.


This is the one movie that even the most hardcore history buffs love. It is based on the last 100 days of Napoleon as Empreror of France. The actual battle of Waterloo was filmed in Ukraine with thousands of extras as soldiers, all of them provided by the Soviet army. Of course the movie has a few mistakes that were intensionally made for artistic purposes, but let's be realistic, no history movie can be 100% accurate.

That's it. I know I can add many more to the list like Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, Apollo 13 etc, but I'll leave that to you. Comment below what's your favourite history movie.


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  • Dunkirk looked pretty accurate but yeah it's pretty hard to find a historically accurate Hollywood movie. Remember U571

    • Dunkirk was anything but accurate. A quick google search photographs proves it.

  • liked it


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  • Re Gettysburg the movie and the real event.
    It is a source of wonderment to me that so many in the US south revere Robert E. Lee as a great military leader and strategist.
    When I was trained as an officer by the Australian Army we studied campaigns and battles that ranged from the ancient Greeks to Vietnam.
    Gettysburg was offered as an example of how to not fight a battle. It was a clusterfuck of enormous proportions, for which thousands of men paid with their lives.
    Pickett's Charge was the pinnacle of that disaster: an infantry charge, across open ground, toward entrenched infantry supported by artillery. Even with muskets, there was only one possible outcome of such an insane order.
    It violated every principle of military tactics, then and now.

  • good list


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