5 Movies With Awesome Action

Fight Club (1999)5 Movies With Awesome Action

Fight Club is easily one of the most action filled movies starring Brad Pitt. Fight Club did very well at the box office too (: . This movie tries and sway you from you finding out its twist ending If only Jennifer Aniston was in this movie then it really would've been more of an action packed party ;p

Road House (1989)5 Movies With Awesome Action

My favorite action movie ever! I love this movie starring Patrick Swayze it has some of the most awesome kicks and fist fights you've ever seen! It has some awesome moves that are incredibly hard to pull off! A lot of the fights Patrick Swayze has is him fighting more than one at a time and he does it pretty easily. He also fights a lot with his friend or friends and its such an awesome action movie I can watch anytime. (:

Forced Vengeance (1982)5 Movies With Awesome Action

A lot of action in this movie. Some of the best punches and flips in this action packed movie. It is vengeful and intimation in this movie and very suspenceful. All you want to really know is if everyone will make out in the end.

The Terminator (1984)5 Movies With Awesome Action

Arnold has to fight Sarah Conner and it gets very intense. Theirs so much action packed thrills that your thinking how it's going to turn out for Arnold. Not surprisingly it was a huge box office success (: .It gets suspenseful with all the action.

Heat (1995)5 Movies With Awesome Action

It's non stop thriller and non stop awesome things definitely worth a watch (:


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  • I have never seen any of these movies. Whenever I watch action/suspense/violent movies, I tend to internally feel what is happening to the characters in the movie. If somebody gets punched in the belly, my stomach hurts! So. . . I don't watch these movies.


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  • Forced vengeance is the only one I don't think I've seen and the picture of Arnold looks like it came from predator

  • Terminator is the best here, hands down.


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