5 Awesome Action Movies Well Worth Watching

Road House (1989)

This action movie stars Patrick Swayze and definitely has awesome fight scenes, and awesome lines to go with the action. This movie also has one-on-one fights and even one on five or six, and two people taking on multiple opponents. It has some of the most bad ass fighting I've ever seen; Patrick Swayze became so fit from his previous movies that he definitely deserved to star in it.

An Eye For An Eye (1981)

This movie starring Chuck Norris has cool action scenes and awesome lines. Chuck Norris is definitely one of the best fighters ever! The story is good in my opinion but not as much as the action scenes in the movie, which are something I always look forward to seeing.

Forced Vengeance (1982)

This Movie also stars Chuck Norris and has an awesome story and awesome action scenes. I love this movie; it shows fighting in the first 2 minutes of this movie. It has some of the best kicks ever!

Predator (1987)

This one has some pretty intense fighting that you will love to sit back and watch.

Fight Club (1999)

This movie stars Brad Pitt and has some good action scenes and a pretty good story.


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  • Bad Boys
    HackShaw Ridge
    Bad Boys11
    Mission Impossible
    13 Hours
    *Thanks for the Kind Invite, @red88xxx xx


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  • I don't usually watch action movies but I enjoyed "Fight Club"


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