6 Movie Sequals That Were Canceled

The Amazing Spiderman 36 Movie Sequals That Were Canceled

Its because Spiderman 2 fell short on expectations.

Ghostbusters 36 Movie Sequals That Were Canceled

Bill Murray never really wanted to do a third one and so many ideas were thrown around that they never got to do Ghostbusters 3.

The Girl Who Played With Fire6 Movie Sequals That Were Canceled

The director David Fincher just could never get to do the other two characters he was planning to do but production was delayed because of script issues.

Who Discovered Roger Rabbit 6 Movie Sequals That Were Canceled

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was one of the biggest hits of 1988 so they wanted to do a sequel after doing test footage it was deemed too hard to make so it was canceled, but Roger Rabbit creator Gary K Wolf is still interested in doing a sequel but most likely won't be able to do it.

The Last Airbender 26 Movie Sequals That Were Canceled

While The Last Airbender was a box office success it received so many people angered because it wasn't a good movie of Avatar The Last Airbender the show and is deemed by critics and audiences as the worst movie ever.

Fantastic Four 2 6 Movie Sequals That Were Canceled

This movie fall short on expectations and was canceled.


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  • Lol I was surprised that they even planned to have a sequel for the Fantastic Four movie. Not really surprised it got cancelled


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  • Too bad about the Ghostbusters 3, Who Discovered Roger Rabbit, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Last Airbender 2.
    I've never seen "The Girl Who Played With Fire".
    That version of Fantastic Four was a remake, I prefer the original with Jessica Alba.

    • Yeah I know it was a remake but they were planning to do a sequal of the remake and I don't see why you like The Last Airbender so much :o

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    • Nicola Peltz was 15 in The Last Airbender movie I hope you aren't talking about in the movie

    • No, not in the movie, later (Transformers: Age Of Extinction, The Bates Motel).
      But Seychelle Gabriel is my actual favorite ;)


      Followed by Azula :D


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  • Very interesting you did a lot of research and it's too bad they didn't have a Ghostbusters three way back and now they can't with the original actors since Harold Ramis died a few years ago

  • I don't know why Fox won't give up Fantastic Four. Just sell it to Marvel. They didn't even make that much money off the last one.

  • I think they also cancelled Beverly Hills Cop 4, but Top Gun 2 is in the works

  • Fantastic four really sucked

  • I still think nothing beats the originals anyway.


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