3 Great Films No One Went to See

Diclaimer: No I don't literally mean " no one" but films that under performed before someone tries to go all anal on me. Also I classified this movie under entertainment but G@G claims it to be Sexual Behavior. I guess it's because of Alicia Vikander's robo butt....

I don't write too many MyTakes mostly because I'm lazy and I feel like a lot of takes are just redundant and common sense type things. But I felt like writing one for the fun of it. I love films and I really like cult classics and here are some films I think will become huge cult classics if aren't already. Just to note yes all these films are sci-fi. I'm a complete nerd for sci-fi.

#1 Edge of Tomorrow

I remember seeing the commercials for this film. The marketing team really dropped the ball. The commercials made the movie seem like a crappy generic Michael Bay exploding action film that get boring within minutes of it starting. And virtually no one was talking about this film. And the film did not do well in theaters when it was released. But guess what?

The film is actually really really REALLY good. If you like sci-fi action films with aliens it actually is a fantastic film. It has great reviews and when I watched it the film was fun from beginning to end. It really is one of the best films that no one saw.(Yes I know excluding you who's going to say "but I saw it.")

#2 Ex Machina

This film is very different from Edge of Tomorrow. If you're not looking for action but a very thought provoking and beautiful film look no further. This film which has a very small cast and 95% of the movie takes place in one persons mansion/research facility manages to be very entertaining. It deals with issues of free will, morality, and sex(there is no sex in this film but it plays a huge role), and the dangers of AI.(fun fact Stephen Hawking believes AI is the greatest threat to all of Humanity in the near future) One of the strong suits of this film is the visuals of this film as well as the music. It's a great film if you like sci-fi. Unfortunately this film came out in spring of 2015 which was an amazing year for films. Furious 7 (I'm not claiming F7 is an amazing film I'm just acknowledging that it was a massive hollywood blockbuster film) had just come out only a week or two earlier so F7 made this film completely disappear in it's shadow and the Mad Max: Fury Road came out a couple weeks later. It was a terrible spot to release a film that wasn't as well advertised or known as those two.

#3 Dredd

If you Ex Machina isn't your thing because you like action then you'll like Dredd which takes Edge of Tomorrow's violence and double down on it. Yes fair warning this film is incredibly graphic. So if films like Kick-Ass were too graphic for your taste you may want to skip out on this one.

Dredd is a film that had an uphill fight considering the calamity of Sylvester Stallone attempt at it almost 2 decades earlier. This film succeeds where Judge Dredd(1995) failed. It is actually good. Now it will take a couple of minutes to get over the protagonists ridiculously goofy helmet to be serious about the film. But the film is great. The story is pretty simple and it's not too long but it's entertaining and gorgeous in it's own brutal way. If you like Dystopian future films such as Escape from New York give this a try. The story while simple is a good story. Sometimes simple is the way to go. The characters are great and Dredd doesn't take off his helmet for us to see which really pissed people off with the 1995 film. Unfortunately unlike Judge Dredd it didn't get much attention. None of the actors had a big enough name like Sylvester Stallone which is a shame because this is the Dredd film that was meant to be made.Hell I don't even think I ever saw a single commercial for this film and it barely made back at the box office what it put into the budget. I hope though they make a sequel in the future and have enough faith in it to have a marketing team. Seriously the marketing team for this film is even worse than Edge of Tomorrows.


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  • I've watched them all, they're good movies. The ex mechanica was amazing and definitely something to write home about. Have you watched chappie?

    • Yeah I've seen it. I wasn't exactly a fan of it.

    • I'm curious what is it you didn't like? I know it's the only robot film like this and that's probably the main reason I enjoy it. It's different to AI which is similar in a way and someone I spoke to compared it to irobot which I don't really see.

    • I just didn't think the story was very good. I like the genre though. I was surprised I didn't like it because I loved District 9 and Elysium which were all directed by the same guy.

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  • I did see Edge of Tomorrow, and it was great. I especially like Emily Blunt. I usually don't like her roles, but she was great with Cruise. She was extra thin in that one, and had sort of a different accent. And that sassy behavior when they got a bit more close :D


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  • I thought exactly the same thing when I started watching Edge of Tomorrow: explosions, shit plot, blah blah blah.
    I was pleasantly surprised, it's actually quite good :)

  • I saw Ex Machina. It was spectacular. I don't think it was in wide release.

  • I saw Dredd, it was on netflix, it was actually a pretty good movie

  • I also saw Ex Machina. As for Edge of Tomorrow, I think people were avoiding it because of Cruise...