Come on Hollywood, you know you want to...

Look just get it over with, watching these franchises slowly but surely fail is already painful enough. At this point its better to give these franchise a quick kill instead of just slowly torturing them. The following franchises are ones that are either mutilated, destroyed, or on its way to the torture room.

1. X-men: Fox has decided to perform ling chi on this franchise. My head almost exploded from them making Mystique close friends with Xavier. Just when I thought Days of Future Past redeemed themselves, they put out another movie and decide to pro long the torturing.Come on Hollywood, you know you want to...

2. Spider-Man: Doesn't Hollywood realize that the very definition of insanity and doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting the same result? It didn't work the other previous times and it is not going to work again. I don't care if Iron man is going to be in the movie. Just let it go.Come on Hollywood, you know you want to...

3. Transformers: I only watch these movies because of Optimus Prime and bumblebee. Yes I admit Michael Bay makes trailers that could put any director on Suicide watch, but when it all comes down to it, the movies just kill off characters once they run out of ideas. All I have to say is the Last Knight, better be the last movie. I'm sticking to the animated shows, just leave me alone I am going with the animated shows. Come on Hollywood, you know you want to...

4. Fast and Furious: Paul Walker's death has brought more attention to ever and the budget is now higher thanks to the previous movie. However, that doesn't mean its ok to just put in every little thing just because you have a shit load of money. Just go away please.Come on Hollywood, you know you want to...

5. The Underworld: How are you going to make an entire movie without the star of the show and slap the Underworld label on it? I am glad that Selene is back, but please do not ever ever ever ever, in your life make another Underworld movie without her. At this point this is the only franchise on this list that has hope. I don't want an origin story. Come on Hollywood, you know you want to...

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  • I agree with some. But;
    Fast & Furious is my favorite movie and i wish it continues forever as well as Underworld.
    If Transformer don't change to the main story, i will stop watching it but if they continue as what Transformer started to be, the main plot, then i would desire it as long as it can go.

  • Ah, I wish my wife reads this one. She will. love this article.


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