Hungry, this Christmas night

I wonder if I stay up at night, and wait for Santa's sleigh

Will I get an extra present on Christmas Day

It's two days before Christmas, the snow is on the ground

I wonder if Santa will stop by my town

I'm getting hungry, but I am sure that Santa will be hungry too

My parents are asleep and there is nothing to do

So I wait under the Christmas tree

Santa has not come yetHungry, this Christmas night

I wonder if he will notice me

Sleeping under the blankets

I see his shiny black boots, and his jolly red hat

I see him approaching, he gives out a yellHungry, this Christmas night

He came in so quietly

No one but me could tell

But unfortunately for Santa, the moon is full this night

There is blood all over the dining room

Mom, dad, I am a werewolf

And Santa was my very first victim, tonightHungry, this Christmas night


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