“Rock” Songs, That Don't Belong To The World Of Rock (According To Me)

Those were passed in history as "Rock Classics", but in fact they are out of the Rock realm in my opinion. But I guess they are defined as such, because the artists/bands come from a Rock background. So with the same logic, if Deep Purple made a song sounding like Rihanna exactly, would it be considered "Rock", because Deep Purple come from a Rock background? I don't think so.

(Songs in alphabetical order)

1) Always The Sun by The Stranglers (1986)

2) Africa by Toto (1982)

3) Broken Wings by Mr. Mister (1985)

4) Burning Down The House by Talking Heads (1983)

5) Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen (1984)

6) Down Under by Men At Work (1981)

7) Drive by The Cars (1984)

8. Dust In The Wind by Kansas (1978)

9) Every Breath You Take by The Police (1983)

10) Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol (1984)

11) Heart Of Glass by Blondie (1978)

12) I Wanna Know What Love Is by Foreigner (1984)

13) Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen (1984)

14) Slave To Love by Bryan Ferry (1985)

15) Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel (1986)


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  • I think it would be easier to see where you're coming from if you'd "properly" classify each of these songs. What category do you think each belongs in?

    • 2,3,7,10,12 & 14 Adult Contemporary
      5 & 15 Funk/Soul
      Always The Sun would perhaps be Sophisti-Pop. You know the kind of music, British bands like Level 42 or Aztec Camera used to play in late 80s.
      Dancing In The Dark and Eyes Without A Face are New Wave
      Down Under is White Reggae
      Every Breath You Take leans towards Post-Punk somehow
      Heart Of Glass is Euro-Disco (it has a Giorgio Moroder feeling)
      Killing Moon is Gothic Rock, a genre I don't consider it belongs to the Rock culture, even if it's called "Rock".

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