5 Hidden Rock 'n Roll Classics from Australia

5 Hidden Rock 'n Roll Classics from Australia

The outside World only gets a glimpse of the appeal of Australian music. With it being somewhat misleading due to them only knowing the Aussie bands and artist that have gained worldwide acclaim. These artists often betray the essence of Australian rock and roll to achieve this success.

After being in Australia since 2012, I have discovered a treasure trove full of classics with these five being my favourites.

'Dancing on the Jetty' -INXS

Everything by INXS before 1985 was the epitome of Australian rock, so raw and ballsy.

I still think 'The Swing' album from 1984 was their absolute highpoint with them selling out for the $$$$$ and becoming commercial flogs after.

Take in some of the lyrics of this classic song:

'Watch the world argue
Argue with itself
Who's going to teach me
Peace and happiness.'

'Good Die Young'- The Divinyls

Chrissy Amphlett, the lead singer of this band, was compelling. Oozing smouldering sex appeal with her stage presence coupled with the customary school uniform and fishnet stocking. Her partnership with lead guitarist Mark McEntee was combined genius.

This song encaptured the band's free-spirited nature while getting you deep concluding with this chilling reality leaving you to ponder.

'When the good Die Young

'Took the children Away'- Archie Roach


A word Australians like to avoid when it revolves around the subject of the 'Stolen Generation.'

Referring to the settlers 'stealing' children from Australian Aborigines to place in 'white' homes in the hope of socialising them. When this song came out, it forced Australia to face up to its shameful past

You can really feel his passion in this song with Archie Roach tragically being one of those children.

'Fathers Day'- Weddings Parties Anything

This band always breached topics people avoid.

With this about the struggles and inner torment a man feels after a relationship split with the focus on his children. Touching on self-destruction and denial, all while trying to keep a workable relationship with your ex with what is at stake if you do not.

'What of a darlin' wife that once I had?
Well, I'm pleased to say that she still talks to me.
But I try not to think of what went wrong,
'Cause if I say that I was right,
She might say that she was right,
And the only rights I care about are visiting rights yeah.'

Always hits me real deep!

'Monsters'- Something for Kate

You feel this song with it talking to you in so many ways

Giving clarity to the voices in your head that echo through your being. Making you crave escape from the 'Monsters':

"trying to be two hundred thousand years younger, so i can excuse myself from humankind"

Lyrical genius!

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  • Haha, the Divinyls... man, haven't thought about them for a long time!


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  • I haven't heard any of these songs specifically before, so I listened to them just now. The first four aren't quite my taste, but I really quite like Monsters by Something For Kate! Got to agree with you though-- the lyrics are really quite fantastic, plus I really dig the dude's voice.

    It is officially going on my "chill music" spotify playlist haha


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  • no AC/DC?

    and everyone knows the best aussie rock is the bee gees... haha kidding

    • they are technically Scottish

    • ac/dc? maybe i had it backwards. i thought they were born in australia and moved to the uk for music. but i guess i have it backwards

  • I've actually heard a few of those, though I didn't know the band names. :)

    • you must have Aussie connections or a deep love of music

    • Well, I know about The Divinyls, for instance, and INXS was always huge. Those are lesser known songs of theirs, but I've been around long enough and heard enough where the rarer stuff has crossed my ears. ;)

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