10 Great Rock/Metal Songs You've Never Heard Before

Here are 10 rock songs you have probably never heard before because real music is not radio music. I know people on here don't like questions and myTakes with YouTube videos embedded in them.

Heidevolk - Winter Woede

Heidevolk is a band from the Netherlands. The song in English is called Winter Anger, or Winter Rage. They make songs about mythology and about the history of the Netherlands also.


Korpiklaani is a band from Finland, their band name means woods clan. They sing a lot in in Finnish but also in English.

EQUILIBRIUM - Wirtshaus Gaudi

This is a band from Germany and the song is about BEER.

KORPIKLAANI - Ämmänhauta

Another song from Korpiklaani, this time in Finnish, I dont know what they are singing about but the song rocks.

Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Sun

Maybe you have heard about this band, they sing about Satan. They will sell your soul to Satan when you go to their gigs, no just kidding, they don't do that. Actually I don't know, they seem like they might as well do it. lol.

Thou Art Lord - Societas Satanas

This is a band from Greece, this song is also about Satan lol.

Stahlgewitter - Wir Sind Im Recht

This band I firstly would not put on this list but I'm running out of songs to put here lol. This band falls under RAC (rock against communism) Its a German and they sing about right wing stuff. The sound is nice, but i dont know if I like the political message too much.

Отава Ё - Что за песни (Otava Yo - what songs)

No Satan or right wings in this song. This band is Russian and i think they rock.

Skinflint - Dipoko

This band is from South Africa. They have a bit of an Iron Maiden sound to them, typical heavy metal. I think they rock.

Parkway Drive - Crushed

This band you probably have heard if you are into metal. I don't know what to put here anymore lol. this is the 10th video so its the end of the list. I saw this band live and they were really good. Modern bands like them don't really do guitar solos any longer, but shit this band did them live and they were fucking good. The singer sings really fucking good life he has a powerful voice, and their message is powerful as well. They sing mostly about the apocalypse and about the decadence of society.

So my myTake ends here. My past myTakes are not so popular but I wanted to write this. I was asked to be in the #menonfire team for the #BATTLEROYALE. I am not good at writing lol but I did my best. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to browse through this mytake. Sorry about the super obvious clickbait title lmao. I hope you learned something new about rock and metal today.


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  • PARKWAY DRIVE! Yes, I know who they are, I'm a metalhead


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  • Korpiklaani is interesting stuff. One time a person put wooden pints by korpiklaani on the jukebox. I was surprised that was even on the jukebox lol.

    I listen to a lot of doom/stoner/sludge metal. I like that the most because of the riffs.


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  • that was crazy man, thanks for sharing, the first one was the best, what was the language spoken in it? Swedish?

  • great take, now if you excuse me i will grow my beard and shake my fist to odin while i listen to amon amarth

    • ps. if you dont know the band, check out ABSU as well. they bring epicness to a Whole other level (at least for me)

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