Four TV Shows You Might Not Know Are Owned by Disney

Disney has a whole line of princesses, Pixar movies, TV cartoons, TV Channels, Themeparks, among other properties. But, you might not know Disney owns the rights to these TV Shows as well. Let's take a look at four properties owned by "The House of Mouse".

The Golden Girls

Four TV Shows you might not know are owned by Disney

Yes, Golden Girls was owned by Disney. It was released under the Touchstone/Buena Vista subsididary from 1985-1992. But, Disney still owns the rights today.

BlossomFour TV Shows You Might Not Know Are Owned by Disney

This 90's teen favorite is also owned by The House of Mouse under its subsididary properties.

ScrubsFour TV Shows You Might Not Know Are Owned by Disney

Yes this show is also owned by Disney and it's subsidadaries. This has also been acclaimed as being one of the most accurate depections of the medical community by the media according to medical staff. Even more so than Greys Anatomy (Also owned by Disney).

The MuppetsFour TV Shows You Might Not Know Are Owned by Disney

The Muppets are Jim Henson's Creation. But, Disney bought the rights to them in the 90's including the Muppet TV show and movie library. Jim Henson was on the verge of selling the whole Jim Henson Production Company including: Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Labrynith etc.. to Disney for $150 Million in 1989-1990. But, after Jim Henson's untimely passing in 1990 the realatives decided to keep the company, but still sold off the Muppet Franchise and Bear In The Big Blue House. Jim Henson Productions still owns the rights to the other afformentioned properties.

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  • Scrubs and Muppet show? I never knew, weird 😱
    Golden Girls, meh, yeah, it's a surprise too.
    Blossom, I'm not familiar with that show.


Most Helpful Guy

  • interesting. Blossom? really? haven't seen blossom in 22 years. As for the muppets, I would of guessed

    • Blossom and Punky Brewster are two shows that were popular but everyone seemsto forget

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    • If Puberty wouldn't have hit Punky like it did there could have been a couple more seasons. Plus NBC was quick to throw it under the bus

    • Nods. she was not bad in Sabrina the Teenage Witch..

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  • Nice mytake I did not know about any of these


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