Music Is A Religion: My Music Related Pet Peeves

There are some things I follow religiously when I listen to music, or some certain pet peeves that I cannot stand at all.

No playlists

Music Is A Religion: My Music Related Pet Peeves

If I was doing a radio broadcast, I would do it. Otherwise no, I am and I will always be an album guy.

I won’t pause the music for anything

Music Is A Religion: My Music Related Pet Peeves

OK, if some strong earthquake occurred, I would leave the house in order to save my skin. But if someone was calling me on the phone…well, sorry but don’t expect me to press “Pause” in order to talk to you. You have to wait till the album is finished. After all, I hardly hear my phone ringing because I always listen to music loudly.


Music Is A Religion: My Music Related Pet Peeves

I said it above too. Music must be listened to loudly, always. Especially if it’s Rock ‘n Roll related. I always turn it up to the loudest volume possible whether I’m listening to music via speakers or via earphones. Unless you are into some stuff like Ambient which was supposed to be background music, then why not turn it up loud? Even during quiet hours, you can always use your earphones. And as they...If it's too loud, you're too old!

When CD/Mp3 skips...

Music Is A Religion: My Music Related Pet Peeves

Oh my! This is really painful. I want the album to keep rolling without any pauses.

When I have my earphones and someone wants to talk to me

Music Is A Religion: My Music Related Pet Peeves

Pretty girls are excluded of course, I’m more than happy that you annoyed me. But if it’s some middle-aged dude then why would I have to stop my music to bother with you. But generally it’s rude to speak to someone who has earphones on, unless you didn’t notice of course, but again you should apologize if you actually didn’t notice it.

Skip button doesn’t exist

Music Is A Religion: My Music Related Pet Peeves

Sure there are songs that I might like less, but when you listen to an album, you must listen to it as it is from the beginning to the end, as I said above. When you read a book do you skip the pages? Guess not. It’s exactly the same thing.

When Shuffle button is pressed…

Music Is A Religion: My Music Related Pet Peeves

Sometimes it’s pressed accidentally. So once I realize that the following song it’s not the one that supposed to be, I feel extremely annoyed! I want the tracks to be in the album order EXACTLY. If they are not, I cannot enjoy it that much.

In music, everything must be played LOUD & CLEAR and in absolute order!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm with you on the whole earphones thing. I can't understand how people don't notice you're using them, unless you have bluetooth earphones, or why they think you can still hear them. If you're not using BT earphones, which I never do, then you should see the wires.

    I need my music loud, too, and have been lectured/criticized about it not being good for your hearing. Been blasting music through headphones/earphones since I was about 9 or 10, am 36 now, can still hear well and still blast music.

    I'm not with you on albums, though; in fact, I rarely listen to full albums when I play music. Besides, I have so many full CDs, like an actual tangible CD collection, that I could never fit every full CD I have on whatever I'm using as a portable music box at the moment, so I cherry-picked songs to begin with, except if I really loved a whole CD. Even having cherry-picked songs from CDs, I still have filled-up 64GB iPhone and iPod Touch devices. I am also big on remixes, radio edits and rare or unreleased tracks that didn't come on full albums, so... got a lot of those, too.

    I love playlists, and I love shuffle. In fact, I have put a ridiculous amount of work into creating playlists. Most of the time if I use shuffle, I will pick a playlist and shuffle it, and I often get through the playlist. Usually, what I do is let a bunch of songs just play while I do something else (which I am doing now), pause it when I'm ready to stop hearing music (after a song has finished, not in the middle, lol), and then when I'm ready to hear music again I will pick up where I left off and so on until the playlist is done. It can sometimes take weeks because I make big playlists most of the time... the one I just finished today had, like, 293 songs on it. I am now on one that has over 1200 songs, lol. I know that sounds crazy, but it has 1200+ songs because it is all the songs I rated a 4 or a 5. It says it's 85 hours long, lol.

    But with as much music as I have, I find that playing different playlists and shuffle are the best way for me to actually listen to artists/songs that would otherwise never get played.

    • Not crazy. I have about 260 albums in total, which means almost 3000 songs. Although it seems to be little for me, because I find myself playing the same albums like once every week. I listen to A LOT of music during the day, like 12-13 albums on average.

      As for the shuffle it really annoys me. I believe it's like reading a book with the pages being in random order. It's better to know which song comes next.

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