The Power of Music


The Power of Music

Music is a universal language. It is much more than a series of notes and rhythm. Music has always been a very important part of our lives, from childhood to being adults.

Music is almost and emotion in itself. It can be an escape for a minute or two and as long as we desire. Music has been called a way of life for certain human beings. Somehow, it has made such a large influence on the world.
Musicians have the advantage of touching people with their lyrics or music. The way music effects our everyday lives can be almost incomprehensible at times.

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.

Every individual loves music, though the taste may differ from person to person.

There are various studies that conclude that listening to music has positive health effects on people of all ages.

Few health benefits of listening to music are as follow:

Reduces stress

The Power of Music

Stress is the cause of many illnesses. Listening to music particularly slow quiet classical music has an extremely relaxing effect on our minds and bodies. Music calms the brain by decreasing the levels of stress and hormones.

Boosts exercise performance

The Power of Music

Many gym users already know that listening to music can boost your capacity for exercise. Listening to music diverts our attention, thus the feeling of exhaustion, fatigue and boredom are evaded.

Acts as a pain killer

The Power of Music

Listening to music helps us to relieve pain through release of endorphins which acts as a natural pain killer. It encourages relaxation by diverting the attention away from the pain.

Helps in meditation

The Power of Music

Meditation is an ancient form of relaxation. Listening to music while meditating, obscures any background noises and helps to improve the concentration level. Meditating to music helps us to connect to our inner self and relaxes our mind.

The Power of Music

So music has been and will always be woven into the fabric of our society. There are many uses for music and it has many hidden meaning and .It's power spans from entertainment and fun to the ability to heal, reducing stress, creating a desired atmosphere ,meditation and so much more.

Concludingly it is important to make music a part of our lifestyle to understand its immense benefits.

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The Power of Music
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  • AlphaGhost
    Music is responsible for wars and mass destruction too cuz of the woman factor attached with it. The horny kings used to wage war on neighbours cuz he got the better personal dancers. The soldiers, families and children suffer cuz of this factor, I am not against music but its always good to show both sides of story in any discussion but you only focus on good ones that didn't get along with Title as "POWER OF MUSIC"
    Well nice pose in the pic anyway but I am not impressed !
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  • DizzyDesii
    Noooo i was actually makin a music mytake :( im just not done. I put it on hold for some days now
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  • ADFSDF1996
  • gentlemanscholar
    Thank you, for your MyTake on "The Power of Music". I completely agree with what you mentioned in regards to the qualities that music has specifically, that music is indeed a universal language.
    However, I also believe that music is also the language of the heart; in the words of Shakespeare, "If music be the food of love, play on." (Act One, Scene One from the play Twelfth Night)
  • hotstuffSRD
    Waah kya pose hai 😂 LOL
    I love music
    You love music
    Which means we love each other
    Have an awesome day
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Another excellent take Alina.
    But not everyone likes music. I know there are some radical sects of Islam that forbid music.

    I agree that it's a good stress reliever.
  • Nik1hil
    Imagine the Tasteless life of "Tone deaf" people..
  • Secretgardenblood
    Great take
  • Premm619
    Very nice mytake and yes music has power