Some Praise For Music; My Personal Experience

During my entire lifespan, music has played a pretty darn important role. I'm pretty sure that goes for a good amount of people on here. My music taste has had an interesting development throughout the years and looking back, that development did me much good. I couldn't imagine sticking to what is to me now a horribly bland music taste. Luckily, many factors have helped me build up my library, ranging from smooth, instrumental music to rap. But looking back, these have definitely been the three most important music genres in my life.

The ''Good'' Modern Music

I used to listen to pretty much only FIFA music. This was because most of my time I'd play video games, and usually, that'd be FIFA. The songs were actually pretty good, looking back. There were even a few songs on it which, later in time, ended up becoming real hits, like 'Love Me Again' by John Newman and 'On Top of the World' by Imagine Dragons.

That changed though when searching for music on YouTube and Spotify. Spotify has helped me many times with finding some new songs to listen to, under which 'Trampoline' by The Unlikely Candidates 'Where You Wanna Be' by Charles William. However, these songs were nothing compared to two artists I'd come to find on YouTube, Matoma, and BUNT., Matoma being the first. Matoma at the time wasn't that popular in the music industry but did gain a lot of attention with his new hit called 'Old Thing Back (Matoma Remix)', sung by The Notorious and Ja Rule. My favorite song of his though, has to be 'It's Time (Matoma Remix)', sung by Imagine Dragons. Even after five years, this song has aged pretty damn well to me. I'd say that was definitely the first time for me being introduced to REAL music.

Then there is BUNT., one which came a lot later than Matoma. BUNT. still isn't that famous, but man, the music is from another level. A lot of songs remind me of Avicii, just in the folk sense of music being made by the pair. Very enjoyable. Their Soundcloud is filled with remixes, of which the best in my humble opinion being 'Brother (BUNT. Remix)' sung by Mighty Oaks. That song has to be one of my favorite songs ever to this day, because of the amazing beat. It's just one of those songs you can listen to for days and not get bored by it.

Besides those two amazing remixers, there are only a handful of modern artists whose songs I can really enjoy, Sheppard (mainly known for 'Geronimo') and Ben Rector. I've come to find out remixes really are what to look for. The emphasis on the lyrics in before and between the choruses, and then the emphasis on the beat during the choruses.

Classic Rock

Fun, listening to modern pop music. But it's not... awesome. When your standards are low, decent music might sound awesome, and the same went for me. Until one day, I'm in a car, with my dad driving, when 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' by Meat Loaf was playing on the radio. I can't remember a single time I was this quickly hooked to a song. There was something so weird about the song's structure, yet so exciting about the rhythm. Remember, I'm just a kid who mostly listened to modern songs with the exact same old structure. I can actually remember me thinking at that moment that the next song was playing, until I realized it simply was the second part of the song.

All of a sudden, an entire music library opened up for me. Queen, (again) Meat Loaf, Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, Elvis, Elton John, REO Speedwagon, all thanks to Spotify, I'm not gonna lie. Simply using their song recommendations got me completely into it. But Jesus man, that's what music is. The music you can genuinely jam to, sing along without any feeling of shame and listen to for hours straight. I can't remember the last time I didn't play an old-school song an entire day.

Modern pop music ain't too bad, no disrespect, but it falls under a completely different category than classic rock. That music to me is just something special. It always manages me to jam or even dance around, simply because of its awesomeness. Meat Loaf has to be the best in that category. Its weird structured yet exciting songs never manage to disappoint me. 'I'd Do Anything For Love', 'Dead Ringer For Love', 'Jumpin' The Gun'. You name it. When you start listening to these songs, something completely different than what you used to listen to opens up. Having been to Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, the movies, I'm now officially bonded to old-school rock music.

Uplifting Music

In between the finding out about Classic Rock and Pop/Folk music, I stumbled across a YouTube channel called ''HDSoundI''. It doesn't come close to both of the music categories, but there was something satisfying about listening to its music. The instrumentals, the uplifting feeling, the best part usually being the second-last part. This music, unlike the above two, managed to really inspire me. You just want to get out of bed, listening to this music, and start doing something or explore something.

It really started when I got introduced to another YouTube channel; ''netherlandssoccer''. I enjoyed the background music in those videos, namely 'To Build A Home' by The Cinematic Orchestra and 'Outro' by M83. It was the building up to the chorus and the chorus itself that always was the best part to me. Finding out about the HDSoundI channel really helped me in expanding my music catalog in that category. I tried searching for what the music genre is called. Apparently, it's called ''cinematic post-rock''.

Currently, my favorite artist in this category has to be Lights & Motion, my two favorite songs of his being 'Fireflies' and 'Silver Lining'. Most people would never think I'd listen to such music; especially when you consider the other music genres mentioned here. But there's something so smooth, relaxing and positive about this kind of music, that just makes me happy in general. This isn't the kind of music to turn up the volume for in the car, but it's very calming when necessary or helpful.

To come to a conclusion, music has had incredible importance on at least my life, and I'm sure that goes for many people here. Music can unite, inspire and satisfy people whenever one allows it to. The many music genres should, in my opinion, be explored and understood. That way, you can enjoy music in different aspects and emotions.

Some Praise For Music; My Personal Experience
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  • Billy96

    Yess.. music to me is high up on my list of needs and wants...
    Ofc u need food and water to live.
    After that music is next
    Probably more important than a girlfriend and love (sex)
    It's been my friend and an outlet
    I seriously don't know if I'd be living right now if music didn't exist or I'd be in prison yikes!!
    So I'd rather be dead than to be in prison for life... but i got my music so im good for now...
    Rock on peeps!! πŸŽΈπŸŽΆπŸŽ™

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