John Green Books- Which Is the Best?

While this is open to discussion and many opinions, this is a brief overview of each of John Green's books. Being a fan for just a year and a half, it's not surprising to experience the rebellious charm of his protagonists, and how the conflicts are often challenging society's standards.

6. Let it Snow

While this was a delightful three-part story with supporting characters being lead characters in another part, there is no reason to hate this book. However, because there was little John Green in it, this book seems rather insignificant to the John Green fandom.

5. An Abundance of Katherines

Predictably Green's least popular individual book, it was still very nice. As per usual, the characters were very lovable. However, it seemed a little confusing. For example, trying to remember which Katherine was which. It seemed a bit random. Perhaps he was overwhelmed? Still worth a read, though!

4. The Fault in Our Stars

Now, here's where we get to the hard part of narrowing down the list. Undoubtedly the best success for the vlogbrother, The Fault in Our Stars was perhaps the greatest inspiration for so many YA books about teens with cancer/terminal illnesses. I know many people who have cried over this book. I must be a psychopath, then. Still a great book, obviously! I'm not giving this one a better score as the others as perhaps, once read, it was already overrated in my mind.

Be sure to check out This Star Won't Go Out if you liked this one. After all, Esther Earl was what partially inspired, not based, this book on. Rest In Peace, Esther.

3. Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Okay, this is getting unfairly difficult now. This is an excellent book and was incredibly hard to narrow down to. Joyous and pride-filled, coincidences and irony, this book is underrated in my opinion. David Levithan is a great author as well. You should check out his work, too! Especially Hold Me Closer if you liked this, something of a screenplay, which was just released last year, I think.

2. Paper Towns

AHHHHH WHY DID I MAKE MYSELF CHOOSE?!?! This is a wonderful one. Really stays with you. Great movie as well, though I would not have chosen Cara for the role of Margo Roth Spiegelman. Great side characters, especially Ben. I think he's my favorite John Green character, just because of how funny and weird he is.

1. Looking for Alaska

Okay, all of Green's books are similar in general storyline and protagonist personality. But his first book is just so quotable, so breathtaking, and more of a mystery girl than Margo, this is just . . .

I can't put it into words. But I can guarantee you that is a frickin' good book. As all of John Green's books are.

Now go read, Nerdfighters!

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  • Shoo, I'mma read some books just because you are so enthusiastic about it.. I remember starting off reading "The Fault in our stars" in the library one time, and had to leave, and couldn't ever find it again.. LOL..


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  • My mother is a retired High School English teacher and her students loved The Fault in Our Stars. I think he's a good author that writes appealing stories that anyone over 13 or 14 can probably read fairly easily.

    We are suffering, in the US, from not having enough people who read for pleasure, so they don't develop certain critical thinking skills. I'm glad you like this author and promote him.


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  • The Fault in Our Stars but I still have to read Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska. I like John Green's writing. The dialogue between Augustus and Hazel was a bit unrealistic for two teenagers but nonetheless, it made me cry because it was a well-written story with a plot that made sense.

  • I absolutely hate John Green's stuff but to each their own.

  • Eh not a fan of John Green

  • I only liked Paper Towns...
    TFIOS is just okay.. I haven't read the rest though... Yet.

  • My favorite book of his is Looking for Alaska. And its one of my favorite books ever.

  • I like John Green. It's not one of my favorite writers, but I appreciate his books, especially Will Grayson Will Grayson and Paper Town