Why I think Vikings have become overrated


Depending on the decade, a specific group of people gets all the popularity in the entertainment industry. Between the 1940s-1950s, It was all about WWII soldiers, between the 1960s-1990s it was all about Kung fu, Ninjas, Samurai and other Asian based folk. In the 2000s it was about Spartans and Romans. Now in the 2010s a lot of movies, shows and video games about Vikings are made. Even the Fashion such as the new "Viking haircut" is trending. I personally think Vikings have gotten overrated since they are constantly depicted as over powered people. Yes, they were tough but there comes a point where it shouldn't be overdone.
1.)1940s-1950s: There is nothing wrong with WWII movies, they are usually made as realistic as possible and they usually depict historic events. They almost always focus on one side but they are usually careful on not completely demonizing the other side. Their impact on society is positive since these movies educate people on historic events. For example, "Go for broke" educated people on the 442nd RCT.

Why I think Vikings have become overrated

2.)1960s-1990s: A period in the entertainment industry that was dominated by Asian martial arts culture. Most notably Bruce Lee who stated it all with his martial arts based films. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, there were movies about ninjas and other Asian based plots. They were very popular, obviously most of them were overexagerated which completely got rid of realism but that's what people liked back then. Specifically this is where the myth of the Katana was born. They created a similar sword to the Katana known as the "ninjato", historically the Ninja never used a sword called the Ninjato. There is no known proof that the Ninja used a ninjato. However martial arts films like blood sport and Kickboxer possibly inspired the creation of MMA.

Why I think Vikings have become overrated

3.)2000s: In the 2000s, traditional martial arts influence on the entertainment industry started to decline. Greek and Roman culture stated to become popular in the entertainment industry, there wer movies about the Spartans and Roman soldiers including Greek and Roman mythology. The most popular movie being "300" which made people think Spartans fought in the same way. However, this era was brief.

Why I think Vikings have become overrated

4.)2010s: Vikings and Norse mythology slowly started to gain popularity in the entertainment industry around 2010 but it wasn't till around 2011 when Vikings really gained popularity since Thor came out that year. Then in 2013 multiple Viking movies came out that year along with the tv series called Vikings.

Why I think Vikings have become overrated

5.)Viking/Norse culture stolen by neo nazis: It's quite sad that a fascinating culture is now associated neo nazism. Just the way the Swastika was stolen by the nazis, Norse symbols like the Odal rune have also been stolen by nazis and is currently used by the neo nazis. Viking tattoos are also used by neo nazis.

Why I think Vikings have become overrated

6.)Viking hairstyle and beards among men: You know a topic in the entertainment industry have been taken too far when it starts to have a impact on fashion. As of 2016, the Viking hairstyle has been trending among both men and women. While large beards are still trending among men.

Why I think Vikings have become overrated

7.) Hema fanatics and bias: The major issue is a result of the bias from some individuals in the Hema community that constantly try to prove in a futile effort that Vikings are superior to every other warrior class in history but whenever someone disproves their claims, they get offended. While Vikings were ferocious fighters, it's very biased to say they were the "greatest". It all comes to the individual person not the group when saying who is "better".

Why I think Vikings have become overrated

Overall: There is nothing wrong with being interested in Norse culture but once it's starts to get put on the pedestal while completing ignoring other cultures, that's when it must be toned down a bit.

Why I think Vikings have become overrated
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  • Blitzkrieger
    paganism is going through a renaissance in Europe, it is only natural for it to become more popular. we are losing national identity so people seek affiliation through the old world. there also keep being more archaeological findings of the viking era and pre viking times as well. of course lots has been lost especially in the slavic world due to the crusades on the slavic world. the slavic peoples didn't write anything down, their traditions were passed on orally.
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  • TheTrueLordJ
    As an Asatruist, I have to disagree with you. You only mentioned a single movie and a single TV show to argue that Vikings have become a trend in entertainment, and that movie in particular was based on a comic that started several decades ago and was quite inaccurate.
    Since I stated that I'm an Asatruist, I have a feeling that you would envision me as having thick beard and "viking hairstyle", am I right? Surprise! I keep my head and face shaved.
    Since we want to talk about some cultures and subcultures stealing from people of the past, how about we bring up the Christians stealing pretty much every one of their beliefs from the ancient pagans, Norse, Greek, Roman, and others. Lets talk about people of Nigerian descent having dreadlocks, which is attributed to the ancient Egyptians.
    I could pick apart even more of your post, but I will have to do so later. I'm going to work right now.
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    • He was saying that the Viking culture had been stolen from them by Nazi, not that they stole their culture from anyone.

    • ADFSDF1996

      @dragonfly6516 I think he only skimmed through this take.

  • dragonfly6516
    @TheTrueLordJ will want to see this and weigh in...
  • Titanic1912
    Listen up! I am related to the Vikings! I am related to the Viking who discovered Canada as early as 1000 A. D.
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    I think it actually has been getting so much attention because over the years it's been misportrayed by the catholic church as evil... while over 90% of the vikings weren't even raiders... just farmers and villagers.
    Sure i mean pop culture has spurrned forth an over abundance of love for it... ill be it ill founded since it's practically a TV show and nothing more. None the less, the culture of our nordic friends is one that was in fact not celebrated enough. They were well ahead of their time in sea-faring capabilities, social capacities they women fought along side the men and technologies. Their ships were built in such a way as to be multipurpose.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Another thing I forgot to mention is that Viking culture has also been stolen by the far left (radical liberals) as a way of trying to make their movements appear stronger. So this is another reason why Vikings have been put on the pedestal.