5 Powerful Iconic Australian Songs


0.5 The National Anthem

This one doesn't count as being on the list, considering it's the anthem and technically not a song? (I don't know, I've just heard anthems aren't songs) but honestly, I don't consider our anthem to be an iconic song. It's just the anthem.

Our anthem was originally "God Save The Queen" until it was changed in 1984.

Advance Australian Fair was first performed in 1878 as a patriotic song and was composed by a man named Peter Dodds McCormick.

1. I Am Australian

In my honest opinion, this should be our national anthem. It speaks of our history, our culture and what we believe in. It is the very essence of what it means to be Australian, and I'm afraid so many people now don't know what that means. (plus more people know the words by heart than they do our ACTUAL anthem)

This song is my top favourite of all on this list.

I am Australian was written in 1987 by Bruce Woodley of The Seekers and Dobe Newton of The Bushwackers.

2. Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda is still Australia's unofficial anthem. According to the National Film and Sound Archive there are more recordings of Waltzing Matilda than there are ANY other Australian song.

The name is actually old Australian slang for walking with your belongings in a pack. To travel on foot was to waltz, and the pack was called a matilda.

A jumbuck is a sheep.

Coolibah tree is one of these http://lh5.ggpht.com/4u1neu_tXkUulHPR4WOPkF7Dwj0hVYB5Gxp19cm1YS0ZQpL4gs-JhXAS1E6LF-ucbNJHXNzt7ZwiAO33mWe5=s580

A very thick gum tree basically.

The lyrics were originally written in 1895 by Banjo Paterson and were first published as sheet music in 1903 and first recorded in 1926 by John Collison and Russell Callow.

This is my personal favourite version.

3. Land Down Under

By Men At Work, this is a song about a man travelling the world and being proud of his nationality (as anyone should be).

Land Down Under was originally released in 1980 and is the only Men At Work song to have hit the top 20 charts in the UK.

4. Great Southern Land

Released by Icehouse in 1982.

To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of this song. I like the lyrics and what the song is about, and as much as I get that this is simply the style of the band, I don't like the way it was executed.

5. I Was Only 19

Released in 1983 by Redgum.

This song is about a young volunteer member of the Australian Army during the Vietnam war. Common belief is that he was conscripted however, men do not become eligible for conscription until they're 21.

The lyrics were written based on the experiences John Schumann (the bands lead guitarist) had heard from veterans, particularly Mick Storen and Frankie Hunt.

There we go, five very powerful Australian songs.

Let me know what you think and if I've missed one let me know!

I was originally going more for a patriotic theme, but I found that I was leaning more towards songs about Australia that felt powerful to me, than simply ones that are essentially just saying, yay Australia.

Bonus Song

I can't believe I forgot this one XD thanks @SarcasticElla41 for the reminder.

I wouldn't call this a powerful song, it is just a very fun song that i think every Aussie loves and can sing word for word.

But, it's here anyway because fuggit.

5 Powerful Iconic Australian Songs
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  • Waffles731
    I do love I was Only 19,
    I also like the Song Khe Sahn
    Is this still revelant?

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  • Goodwifie
    True blue.
    Played at Steve Irwins memorial service 5 Powerful Iconic Australian Songs
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  • yoshi_wanna_ask
    These are really good. I was listening to 'I Am Australian' just two days ago, no joke XD Another really great one is
    Great South Land by Geoff Bullock (sung better by Steve Grace though ;p)
    and the sung version of Clancy of the Overflow.
    I haven't found the sung version of Clancy online though but it's beautiful. I remember hearing Adam Hills and his wife perform a version of it mashed with something else & *that's* online. Still really good.
    • Oh wait! And of COURSE "I Still Call Australia Home"! How could we forget that!

  • cth96190
    The national anthem. . . it makes me cringe.
    To me, it is pompous dirge that would appeal to only the effete latte set of inner Sydney and Melbourne.
    I am old enough to have voted in the referendum, which was not valid because we were not allowed the option of retaining God Save The Queen.
    • Really? They didn't have that option there? That's... kinda bullshit actually.

    • cth96190

      No, we were not allowed to vote for God Save the Queen. It was not on the ballot.
      The self-appointed effect lefty elite decided that Advance Australia Fair would be imposed upon us, so rigged the ballot to ensure that they got their way.
      The leftards were (and remain) too ignorant to know that Advance Australia Fair is the same tune as God Save the Prince of Wales.
      There are parts of the anthem that remind me of flatulence, when played by a brass band.

    • cth96190

      effete lefty elite
      Bullshit American autocorrect, made by illiterates for illiterates.

  • SarcasticElla41
    AGREED ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE!!! Although, i feel like home among the gumtrees should be here somewhere
    • Damn that was the one i was missing, i knew i was forgetting a big one!

  • TheOtakuMaid
    best national anthem I have ever heard, the country does not even exist XD

  • Maxemeister
    Cheers to Down Under lmao

    Honestly out of the many shitty countries in this world, there's not really a lot I can hate Australia for. They gave me Flight Facilities, Tame Impala, and so many cool animals.
  • winston83
    This is a bit dated and stale.
    How about 'never tear us apart'?
    Khe Sahn?
    Short Memory?

    Definitely need some real john willliamson in there too...
    • Outdated? Stale?

      You're insane I've never heard of any of those.
      Besides the title is ICONIC not just 5 random Australian songs.

    • winston83

      Are you American?

    • ... do you not check peoples profiles or, hell, just sit your mouse on their name before asking stupid questions?

      Im Australian. Just because I've not heard of your "modern" singers or songs that doesn't make me anything but, it just makes me someone who honestly hates new age music. Its almost all shit.

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  • Zorax
    I love most things from Australia, including those songs, wonderful Take :D
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  • KnightCross
  • LoloWaye
    I've never heard of any of these but definitely going to give them a try. I'm always looking for new music.
  • SalilP
    Thanks for this take! Tbf I don't even know A of Australia. Thanks though for some introduction.
  • naraku
    At the risk of been unpopular, I'm not a fan of any of those. I could say I don't mind " Great Shouthern..." but that would be it. XD
  • jacquesvol
    I must confess I didn't know any Australian song.

  • edgyfox
    Those songs are good. If only our Government was good too.
  • Walrus_au
  • Himig_Ng_Pag-ibig
    I knew I knew ''Land Down Under'' was gonna be listed
  • BronzedAdonis
    I shed a tear while reading this and had a hard-on, I'm just overflowing with national pride.
  • Femdomina
    Beautiful songs, nice MyTake :)
  • lazermazer
    Lolz not heard even one of these
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  • emerald77
    Well I'm not Australian but I like these.
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