Why Justin Bieber Haters Should Think Twice


He went from being this...

To the depressed guy he is now.

If you actually look at his photo's, you can tell that he is NOT HAPPY. Do his eyes shine with happiness? NO! He looks lost and empty. Even Eminem quoted that bieber had demons. Eminem was not being a hater, he was putting it straight.

I have personally known many haters who admitted they were just jealous. Somebody hacked his Instagram and snapshotted the message box (Which has now been deleted) and it was fulled with gruesome abuse. People threatening to kill him and cut his d*ck off; Every type of sick thing you can imagine.

Why can't people just understand that he is a sensitive guy? He admitted himself that he was quite feminine. Who cares! So was Michael Jackson! He grew up with a crap life then worked hard and became famous- but not over night...He actually had to go through many radio stations before his debut. He worked his ass off. He said himself that he gets hurt easily, so why torment him? Because of his voice? Did you know that he tried to commit suicide because of the abuse and his manager had to get Oprah to stop him?

Did you know that his manager set up the "Justin bieber Roast" to harden him up so he could adjust to his haters? Did you even realize that his song "i'll show you" is really depressing? - he sings , "They don't even know that I'm hurting" and is talking about the haters..

He has become bitter, angry, depressed and wild because of what these haters have done to him. Now he's put up a big wall and he's ashamed of himself. He even wrote a song called "change me", talking about how he wishes someone could change him, and open up the light and make all his wrongs right...

Well you know what haters?? YOU did to him. YOU attacked an innocent person who would never have hurt you. YOU MADE HIM SUICIDAL and You should apologize! All you haters should gather up and apologize!! That's my speech. And no, I'm not obsessed with Bieber. Actually, I'm a kpop fan. I just think that there's no need to be nasty. It's an UGLY trait and you shouldn't be like that to people. Since when did your parents ever teach you to be evil?

You should be kind, no matter what. Justin Bieber used to very kind and that was the real reason girls liked him. They could see it in his face and hear it in his voice. Now, he's miserable and so are his fans. You stupid haters. Please, apologize. He's not like Taylor Swift who loves having haters. He's actually a christian and christian's ain't the type of people who can ignore abuse easily; they happen to be more soft and sensitive.

He was a christian as a child and he is one now, who is trying to change. So yeah, I repeat myself and demand that next time you haters go on his twitter/instagram, then APOLOGIZE!! It may have been funny for you to hate him to you but it actually hurt him so badly, that he's started to believe that any younger guy he become friends with will have his life ruined by haters, therefore he's decided to be quite a loner. You people shouldn't have started abusing a teenage boy in the first place, how ignorant are you? What did you expect to happen by abusing a teenage boy who was neglected by his father and grew up struggling with a mom who had two jobs? He had to busk on the street for more money because that's how poor he was. He was a boy who was bullied in school for being poor and felt worthless. He already had trauma but he had hope that he could pursue his dream of being a musician, but then he suddenly became an icon for most hated celeb of all time. And for what? Being a pretty boy?

You haters ruined his childhood, so you better not continue to ruin his life. Don't forget what I said and please, be loving and just apologize. Just do it. Apologize now. It would make him feel better knowing that at least somebody actually feels bad for what they did.

Why Justin Bieber Haters Should Think Twice
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  • JudgmentDay
    Meh, I'm indifferent about him. All I know is that even for those that have all that fame and money, they are still miserable and can be miserable as fuck no matter what, regardless of whether they had any haters or not haters at all. Emptiness and nothingness is the reality and finality. The more you have, the more you'll end up losing in the end, all that you have ever gained. Haters and shit comes with that territory when it comes to having lots of fame and attention, that's the price of having fame and attention, and I'm sure he wasn't the first and only famous person or celebrity that had to go through and deal with haters, and all that miserable shit, etc. Because it happens. Don't forget about the paparazzi too, they sure piss off and make famous people miserable frequently.
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    • lovelyboys

      finally. Someone with a real mind. It's nice to hear your opinion

Most Helpful Girl

  • prettywallflower555
    I agree with you. If you compare his photos from 2013 to now you can see that he is not the same and no it is not because he's getting older because 24 is not old. He looks exhausted. I also know that the haters aren't the only reason for his depression, his parents don't spend enough time with him. I am afraid he will have a mental breakdown soon and I do not want that to happen. He does not look fine.
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  • NearlyNapping
    First thing that comes to mind is this recent question at GaG

    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says he’s tired of our victimhood culture (in the US) do you agree? ↗

    Victim culture. Everyone blames everyone else for their problems. Instead of taking responsibility for their own lives, they point fingers at everyone except themselves.

    I'm not a Bieber hater. I don't know much or care about him one way or the other. But I do know that he has screwed up his own life. He's an out of control kid. He's make wrong choices. Don't blame his detractors for the choices in life that HE made.

    Apologize to him? You gotta be kidding. It's his own damn fault. If he wants his life to be better, then HE can do something about it instead of blaming others.

    This is the twisted, backwards world we are living in. The bad guys are the good guys, and the good guys are the bad guys. People need to stop playing victims and blaming everyone else, and start taking responsibility for their own lives.
    • lovelyboys

      Let me illustrate for you. A kid get's bullied, loses his mind, and then ends up committing suicide. And it's not the bullies fault at all? It's the kids own damn fault? Is that what you're trying to say?

    • He got bullied because of HIS actions. So yes, it's his fault.

      The dude got completely out of control. That was his fault, his choices. Just because people say so, doesn't mean he's getting bullied. If he acts like a jerk and people say he acts like a jerk, he can't play the victim and try to blame everyone else.

      There are consequences for your actions. Don't blame the consequences, blame the actions.

    • lovelyboys

      He got bullied before he even went out of control though

  • 1derfulguy
    Listen, he is very talented and I loved his last album (the hits I heard on the radio anyway).

    But why should I feel sorry for him? He can afford the world's best shrink if he wants. He is rich enough to never have to work another day if he wants. He has an endless number of women lining up to sleep with him.

    Sorry, but Justin Bieber is (for all his hard work) one of the luckiest dudes on the planet. I have other people to feel sorry for before I get to him...
    • lovelyboys

      you should feel sorry for him because he is so screwed up that he can't help people the way he wants to

  • RationalMale
    Justin Bieber is rich enough he could swim in piles of money like Scrooge McDuck. He's literally richer than roughly 95% of humans who ever lived. Cry me a river about his hard journey lmao
    • lovelyboys

      exactly!! if he didn't have the haters, he could actually help people!! THe hate is ruining a potential Martin Luther King

    • 1. He could help people plenty whether he has online haters or not. 2. Martin luther king was a scumbag. 3. Why does anymore care about spoiled rich celebrities?

    • lovelyboys

      because he is having an impact on millions of people all over the world and millions of people are proven to be insensitive jerks because of their hatred. Through celebrities, we can learn jsut how nasty people can be, IF anybody is a hater of a decent celebrity it proves what type of person they actually are. Every justin bieber hater I've ever met has turned out to be a bitch. The people that are nice about him turn out to be the most generous and forgiving people.

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  • Cryostatic
    Sorry, I checked, but I'm fresh out of fucks to give.
  • castratedwhiteguy
    I get where you're coming from because one of my favorite musicians, Keith Emerson, committed suicide because of fan abuse. Although Justin Bieber isn't in Keith Emerson's league musically, the haters really need to back off and let these guys be human. Why hate on someone who's only trying to create music? It makes no sense!
  • HereToProveMyPoint
    I have never said a cruel word to him in my life, or any word at all for that matter, I simply don't like his music. But I'm pretty open about that fact and my reasons. Do you class this as being a hater?
    • lovelyboys

      of course not. You're just a normal person. You're not a hater

    • lovelyboys

      you didn't comment UGLY over his media, so yeah

  • GinaTina
    sure its maybe what he's been through is tough, it doesn't justify him treating people badly and/or humiliating them in public... it doesn't justify anyone to treat people in the way he's treated people... I've seen celebrities be "treated worse" and they still dont lash out at people... and also, im not condoning violence or anyone to treat anyone else in an negative way, but people should understand that if you want to be in the spotlight, it comes at a price
    • lovelyboys

      did you ever think that a boy with childhood issues like him CAN be justified?

    • GinaTina

      not at all, it explains why people behave a certain way but it shouldn't be justified... i dont accept it, and i dont think it should be accepted

    • lovelyboys

      He's sensitive okay? He can't handel abuse and he shouldn't have to

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  • wolfcat87
    Haters didn't make him cheat, hire prostitutes, ditch an innocent monkey in a hotel room, and overall just be a not nice person. I didn't hate him until after he started doing bad things. He brought it on himself.
  • TripleAce
    brah, it's the industry man
    that's the life he choose... riches fame and bullshit that comes with it
  • ovi2boss
    This topic is for fans only if there are people with different oppinions regarding this.
    I mean lot of guys hate him since he has the looks, the money and the girls plus he has talent and a lot of fans too. What do you expect?
    He even did some stupid shit things too..
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    i don't think his haters made him write at the hellen keller museum sign in book that she would've been a huge fan, and i don't think that people misunderstood him when he was speeding on a street in la and keyshawn johnson told him to stop or he'd give him a 2 piece :D
  • lilaqua
    his music just doesn't interest me. Mind you I loved never say never and one time when they came out, but I was you know 12
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    Mind you, I don't outright criticize him nearly as much as I used to, but I still roll my eyes a bit when he comes up.

    He's a guy who was handed shittons of power early in life and handled it like a "Greek hero" archetype.

    Maybe I'm just an apathetic psychopath but I don't really care what he went through. Use yr brains dude.

    Also have you ever considered getting a Google+ account? That's like THE internet safe-haven for beliebers.
    • lovelyboys

      Lol. I'm a BTS fan. Please, shut up if you're gonna be a bitch

    • Believe it or not I was giving a legitimate recommendation.

      But even then, I find it ludicrously difficult to believe that you're not a fan of his yet you support him on this.

  • Astoriana
    Wow. That is... a rant.

    I just don’t like his music, and his money grubbing family have not endeared themselves to me. There’s a Justin Bieber museum now, and his mother is honestly trailer trash.
  • AD240pCharlie
    I have nothing against him personally, however I do see him as a great source of joke. But I do the same with Michael Jackson who's my #1 favorite musician of all time.
    I'm not a fan of his music and I think his singing voice is terrible, but I have never had anything against him as a person. He's a meme to me and that's how I see him when I joke about him. And it's also a way of teasing fangirls who get upset over the slightest criticism.
  • Giacomanzo
    Many people are not happy and still are jerks, should I empathize for them?
    • lovelyboys

      they're not getting bullied by millions of people, are they?

    • Giacomanzo

      They don't get to get paid millions either.

  • watisgoingon
    I never really hated him. media hypes shit up. but I would just as bad or even worse If I had his fame and money.
  • Nivinxus
    He is a difficult person to like. His later music is decent at best, I actually think it is mildly underrated. But him as a person is someone who is young and mishandled it like many other child stars who were given so much due to their talents but their maturity failed to keep up with. His... person is getting better, but to say I should apologize to him for something he fcked up is a hilarity within itself. So yeah, I don't hate him, I just find him to be very similar to Miley Cyrus, so I pity them instead.
  • hammeronfire
    i never disliked him and i never understood the hate. never rocked with his music tho just wasn't my thing
  • Pyrofox
    For me its kinda justified the hate and all and while I do applaud JB for getting help. And quitting his party animal attitude. He was from the start though handed the role model position at a young age. He could do so much but instead he wastes his time doing childish things.

    I mean how many driving penalties has he gotten? I've lost count. No offense but I dont really feel as though there are really quote "hatters." But rather there are people who hold him to be better than. Acting like life is still high school.

    People dont like hating on others unless you give them a reason to do so. (That is my little bit of wisdom)
    • lovelyboys

      you are half right, half completely wrong

  • Guanfei
    He's the product of the music industry creating shit for maximum profit and he knew it, and he has been a huge asshole in his prime. I won't feel sorry for him.
    • lovelyboys

      lol. His music isn't actually shit.

    • Guanfei

      Oh it is, it has nothing special, and he's not even the one who decide what to do. He does what he was created for.

  • evank
    the only people hating on justin bieber are bored ass teenagers. no one really hates him.
  • Halucinator
    Kudos from a Belieber!!
    I loved this take
    It's really amazing
    Thanks for sharing!
  • InTimoreDei
    I have no pity for people without backbones. I was bullied in school but stood up for myself and the bullying stopped because they respected that such a scrawny nerdy punk kid could stand his ground. My grandfather's days were a rough time during ww1 and ww2. He had to quit school to take care of his family, he worked as a whaler in his teens which was a rough job, and then joined the merchant navy throughout ww2. I have way more respect for that generation. Today's kids, in the first world countries, are pathetic really.

    So... no... my opinion of Bieber doesn't change... he's a whiny little brat. Your "speech" doesn't affect me one bit. LOL. Nice try though.
    • lovelyboys

      You see, justin bieber has way more pressure on him than you would ever believe. He's been bullied by MILLIONS

    • *shrugs* Don't care...

  • Goochbreaker
    he sold out, almost all famous people have, fuck em all
  • SirRexington
    When he came out with"sorry' I thought it was him apologizing for making music. It should have been.
  • ThisDudeHere
    He reaps. whay he sowed.
    • lovelyboys

      excuse me? Did you even read the article?

    • Nope. I don't need to hear any defence for a guy who pisses in buckets and spits on his fans.

    • lovelyboys

      read the article so that maybe you'll gain a little understanding as to what caused such behavior in the first place

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  • DiegoO
    He's an asshole, I am not sure why I should think twice for saying it.
  • ryancg
    Wait, are you serious? If you really think he's depressed, then you're deluded.
    • lovelyboys

      Of course he's depressed.

    • ryancg

      He's certainly got you fooled. He's only putting on the whole stoic and wistful act as part of his current image. It's kind of obvious. I mean, come on, if he were really so depressed, do you honestly think he'd still willingly put himself in the public eye?

  • TheUsername27
    I'm glad it's working... I suppose we should keep it up.
  • BeHappy1985
    I don't really hate the dude but I don't like him either. But than again I'm not a teenage girl.
    • lovelyboys

      This thread was made for guys, not girls. Guys are the majority of haters.

  • Waffles731
    He is one of my least favorite Canadian people
  • Political_dude
    Nobody punches on a stone wall
    • lovelyboys

      don't be stubborn

    • I'm not being stubborn nor I'm Bieber hater. I used to listen his song some years ago now I don't because I hate that man screaming "baby" in my ears. But I'm not the one who sends messeges to him. I just stopped listening to those songs.

      You're the one being stubborn actually. Are you really expecting his haters to apologise? LOL. They won't do it even if he dies. It is partially his fault. Look at Eminem. Half of America hates him yet he's standing still

    • lovelyboys

      Eminem is not standing still at all actually. He is the most depressing guy in the music industry. Does he look happy? Does he sound happy? Does he feel happy? NO. So yeah, you used a bad example. A happy person is "Luhan" (Who you wouldn't know because pftt... why would you know the most famous guy in china?) Eminem is NOT happy.

  • Hungry_Shark
    I hate Justin because he broke up with selena.
    • lovelyboys

      selena cheated on him first, with zayne from 1D

  • MisterSir
    i thunk a second time and still don't care. sry
  • CT_CD
    Justin Bieber is rich and swimming in pussy
  • Revolver_
    LOL @ you
  • Anonymous
    yeah i like Justin Bieber and his music.