My Top 5 Anime List

My Top 5 Anime List

From the anime I've seen that i'm up to date with, yes some will be the typical ones everyone's hyped up and maybe some will be ones you haven't seen - you should check them out if so. No I'm not someone who posts frequently, who analyses anime and makes a big deal out of them. I'll talk about the ones I PERSONALLY enjoyed, and a little bit about why I did.

1. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

My absolute favourite, the only anime series I've watched twice. Everything about it is amazing, the characters, the visuals, the soundtrack, the plot. You go on a massive adventure with Gon who's trying to go down the same past as his father and find out why being a "Hunter" was such a big deal that his father left his family. Killua is also one of my favourite anime characters too, which further puts up the stock for me. I think the all time best part of this anime, is the amount of incredible arcs, going from the Hunter Exam, to Greed Island, to one of the best arc's i've ever seen - the Chimera Ant arc. The single flaw I found in this arc was it felt like the first 5 minutes around that staircase right as they enter felt like it went for an eternity. Would highly recommend, even with it being 141 episodes.

2. My Hero Academia

Pretty much just about people who are born with "quirks" that vary from person to person and have different uses. However there's 2 specific quirks, one called "One For All" - which is what the #1 hero All Might has - in which gets passed down to suitable hero's the previous owner finds. Then there's "All For one" - the main and biggest villain in the series, in which his ability is to steal and learn others quirks, while being able to give other quirks too. This series very quickly grew on me, it starts off pretty slow, but at the end of each season it picks up dramatically, with every season becoming more and more intense, with more plot and a character development with unsuspecting involvements with villains. The characters are great, the plot itself is great, there's a mix of comedy, societal values, seriousness and more. Some of the fight scenes are incredible, and any of the "testing" they go through - whether that be through UA high school or other means, it turns out to be incredible. The current season is very intense and I highly recommend catching up to speed.

3. Haikyuu

This is a sport anime revolving around volleyball and the team called Karasuno. The main character is Hinata who is a short player especially in the volleyball scene who wants to become one of the players he saw as kid almost flying in the sky when spiking the ball (he was also a small player). But as the anime goes on, the focus is much and much less on just the main characters, and on the whole team, including development for the fringe players, or players who get little to no frequent game time during big games.

There's a load of comedy, stunning visuals, great animation, character development is very high & there feels like there's always an existing or new rivalry being tested or created. Definitely would recommend if you're looking for a sport based anime, because there's only a couple who are good - (a lot of people would argue for Kuroko's Basketball, or One Outs, or any of those, and they are ALL very good, I just found that Haikyuu had a longer and bigger impression on me than the others - but definitely give all a watch).

This is where it gets hard to narrow down.

4. Attack on Titan

Been hyped up for a couple years now and the biggest drawback is how long there is between seasons. The general overview is that the last surviving humanity is locked up behind different walls that haven't been breached by Titans for 100 years, yet one day they come knocking & threaten to destroy humanity. The main character Eren & close second Mikasa join up to the fight these titans, learning to use equipment & learn about how to kill a titan.

There is A LOT of action, death, blood & intense situations in this anime - a massive hit for a lot of guys because well, we like this kind of shit. Highly recommend if you enjoy intense feelings, there is some serious plot twists that I didn't expect at all (I usually work them out before they get known or shown) - and there is characters for everyone that they will love, whether than be Levi, Eren, Mikasa or any of the others.

There are so many that could take this spot, so some honourable mentions include:

Hellsing Ultimate

Soul Eater



Fullmetal Alchemist

Assassination Classroom

Black Butler


But the number 5. Goes to One Piece.

Not sure how I chose from all the above, the closest next would have been Naruto. Both OP & Naruto are long running anime that start off with the main characters being young & setting of to achieve a certain goal, whether than be to become the Hokage (Naruto), or to be King of the Pirates (Luffy - One Piece).

If you don't enjoy hundreds and hundreds of episodes (also quite a lot of filler - but you can use websites to jut skip them) then maybe this isn't for you, but for those who love to binge like myself and can just sit down and watch episode after episode after episode, you're in for a treat.

Both anime are full of adventure, new turns, arc after arc that leads the group closer and closer to their goal. Characters in both are great, they're unique, have their own attributes & personalities. You've no doubt heard of both of these anime, they're popular for a reason, especially for their manga sales.

If you want to binge something that has too many episodes, both One Piece & Naruto/Shippuden are incredible. If you Like Naruto or if you've finished, also look into Boruto, it's gotten up to a pretty good point where we are recently, and apparently according to the manga the next few months are going to be as good - recommend it too.

That's about it, not an extensive anime fan or writer or whatever, but i've watched a lot of anime, and there are A LOT of good, with a lot of bad ones too.

This is my MAL (My Anime List) -

Definitely recommend to watch these 15 anime:

1. Hunter x Hunter

2. My Hero Academia

3. Haikyuu

4. Attack on Titan

5. One Piece

6. Naruto/Shippuden

7. Soul Eater

8. Kuroko's Basketball

9. One Outs

10. Fullmetal Alchemist

11. Hellsing Ultimate

12. Steins;Gate

13. Assasination Classroom

14. Tokyo Ghoul

15. Seven Deadly Sins

Not in any particular order, but likely the most enjoyed 15 anime i've watched - there's still about another 5-10 really good ones i've watched myself, but I think i've given you enough to go on.

Would love to see if you guys have recommendations/your own opinions and whatnot, don't be afraid to comment :)

My Top 5 Anime List
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  • SleepingSnorlax
    always wanted to check out hunter x hunter!
    im currently reading through one piece, and although its great, i think i like naruto more because i think the writing is just a bit better (just my opinion)
    my top 5 from least to greatest (there are so many to choose from!)
    5. Yu Yu Hakusho
    4. Trigun
    3. One Piece
    2. Cowboy bebop
    1. Naruto
    I like naruto more than cowboy bebop, but i think bebop is a better piece of art if that makes sense. I will go as far as to say its the best anime ever.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Salmon4056
    Yas for one piece. Attack on titan is very thrilling. Also My hero acedamia is very good. I might try to watch Hunter×Hunter
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  • HattieCat
    Nice! My favorite five are these (in no particular order because it pains me to try and rank them)
    -Black Clover
    -Demon Slayer
    -Fairy Tail
    • Buckzor

      Love 3/5 of those.

      Gave up on Black Clover & Fairy tale in the first couple episodes. Just couldn't get through them.

  • Penelope_
  • Anonymous
    1. Dragonball
    2. Dragonball Super
    3. Dragonball Z Kai
    4. Dragonball Z
    5. Dragonball GT