Movies with Life Lessons


There's plenty of nonsense sitcoms and reality TV shows out there... but at the same time, there's movies that carry actual lessons for life. A few from the top of my list..

1. Collateral. Starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. A cab driver going through a dull, mundane life, with an impossible dream he will never attempt, picks up a contract killer named Vincent who forces him to act as his wheelman. Throughout the movie their interactions start showing more and more of who the two of them are--one playing it safe always, and one coldly improvising at all times. The climax of the movie isn't a gunfight--it's when the two men lash out at the flaws they see in each other.

Movies with Life Lessons

The Lesson? Life's short. One day, it's gone. Don't just let it go and let your dreams die.

2. Batman Begins. Ra's Al Ghul takes a young, guilt ridden Bruce Wayne to a frozen lake for a swordfighting session.

Movies with Life Lessons

The lesson? Anyone can be trained. You can get lessons in anything you want, whether it be a trade craft or how to kill. But your skill means absolutely nothing if you and your allies cannot summon the will to act, which many lack.

3. Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring. Arwen the Elf (elves representing mankind, had the Fall never happened) takes Frodo and flees across plains to her home in Rivendell. When she reaches the river that marks the border, she stops and draws her sword. The enemy demands she give up the hobbit. She doesn't bow to evil or try to appease it, or make apologies.

Movies with Life Lessons

The simple lesson? Stand up. Don't cower down. Don't try to appease the people that hate you. Don't make apologies to people who want you dead. Stand and fight!

Movies with Life Lessons
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  • zagor
    Leaving Las Vegas:

    Move to Vegas, find a good hooker, drink yourself to death.
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    • sp33d

      sounds like a plan

  • monkeynutts
    Amen to a lot of those lessons.

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