10 Covers songs you should listen to !




As suggested , this take is a list of songs covers that I recommend you to listen to :

1- Dream On , Ronnie James Dio & Malmsteen :

Couldn't believe this, one of the most amazing covers , and the two legends preforming this , Amazing.

2- Hurt , Johnny Cash

Covered , I thought this one was the original , but it was for Nine Inch Nails.

3- One, Johnny Cash

Same, I thought this was the original, but turns out it is for U2

4- Thoughtless ,Evanescence

This was a cool one, over the years I enjoyed it with the great voice of Amy Lee

5- Oops!... I Did It Again, PMJ Ft Haley Reinhart

I never thought this song would sound so great , and can you look how beautiful Haley looks.

6- Creep , PMJ Ft Haley reinhart

She just makes you feel like you want to hug her <3

7- Radio Active , PMJ Ft Blake Lewis

Cool , and great , with a really out of the world solo , they out did themselves again

I recommend you to check out PMJ on YouTube, they have many more great covers .

8- Thunder , 2 CELLOS

I can't say more than those two are really crazy

9- Heaven & Hell , Motion Device

Wow , this little girl , I want her as my daughter :)

10- Attack on Titan , Taylor Davis

I wish my wife would look like this woman, and play like her <3

Thanks for listening , in the end there is still many more covers I would love to include, but this is enough.

Peace be Upon you all <3

10 Covers songs you should listen to !
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  • Jaximus-Lion
    Kinda alright list but i have to disagree with Radio active cover, i am a BIG fan of PostmodernJukebox they are amazing and real hard working group, singers, musicians and dancers one of the best that youtube have for me, you forgot the radio active cover by PENTATONIX and Lindsey Stirling, I respect the jazz blues music, one of the most finest music of all times but specially this cover is way much better than the PostmodernJukebox did.
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  • hammeronfire
    you should all listen to my friend gabby she is the best ever super amazing #blessed singer in the entire world period end of discussion. let her know how great she is
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Most Helpful Girl

  • alice55
    Attack on Titan , Taylor Davis and Thoughtless , Evanescence are my favorite *-*

    In middle school Evanescence was my favorite music groups.
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  • ScottSummers
    hell yeah Evanescence my girlfriend listens to them 24/7
    i would suggest also this cover gorge michael - careless whisper performed by the seether
  • Jjpayne
    You really like that post modern jukebox don't ya? and yes that little girl can rock! I love how she was moving to the beat, like a real rock star!!
    • AbdKilani

      Yes PMJ are soemthing awesome, it is something I could relate to as a musician and appreciate that great effort they did.
      And that girl, I wish my future daughter would be as cool as her.

    • Jjpayne

      She really owns that song big time!!!

    • AbdKilani

      Yes 😍

  • Benedek38
    I usually like Dio, but this feels a bit powerless. Interesting. Steven Tyler did a better job here IMHO.
    • AbdKilani

      It is up to you
      But I think Dio couldn't do much for this cover as he was old

    • Benedek38

      That might be it. He usually has an incredibly powerful scream, and this song has scream potential... and he didn't use it. Probably because he was in his older days. I don't know when this cover was made.

    • AbdKilani

      I guess it was in the 2000s

  • AnnieBabe
    Great take. These aren't songs I'm into but I'll take your word and try one or two out. Hope they're as good as you say they are.😊
  • WillyD
    I liked the 2 cello's 'thunderstruck" and they really get into it. lol Ever watch the Harp twins Camille and Kennerly. If you like #8 you'll like them.
  • Eryxx
    Am I the only one in whose mathematics '1' is the first number?
    Nice take by the way. I've heard couple of them.
    • AbdKilani

      Look again please

    • Eryxx

      I'm impressed.. perks of being an 'Editor'. You should thank me. 😂.

    • AbdKilani

      Lol naww
      I just moved the first song around , it was third

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  • ATuairiscean
    You have him in twice - Johnny Cash was the king of covers, he made the songs his own
  • larswisner
    Wow I had no ida Ronnie and Yngwie made a cover of Dream On. I love Yngwie!
  • JackJPershing
    Love them all, especially Taylor, who even dressed for the part.
  • Aguysopinion4799
    I love Johnny Cash <3
  • nerfetiti
    this is not my kind of music
    • AbdKilani

      What do you like?

    • nerfetiti

      I love House music deep house, mainstream house

    • AbdKilani

      I see, I am not in favor of those genres

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  • Penelope_
    Good take
  • Desconhecida
  • Montana07
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good list
  • Lance1965
    The Dream On cover is amazing.

  • Dude_1820
    Talking Body by Five Hundredth Year
  • ThePundertaker
    I guess Johnny is good with covers
    Gtreat take
  • AliGodlike
    I love number 10 xd
    good take
  • Anonymous
    Good list! I recommend you two: Helden (Heroes) by Apocalyptica, and Take On Me by Northern Kings.