My All Time Top Ten Songs

This is another favourite song take. Yes. But not one for my current favourites.

This top ten, is my top ten favourites of all time. So not fads. You won't find any new songs here (New this year) but ones from further back.

Without further ado, in no particular order:

I don't know where I first heard this song but I've always loved it. Never owned it, but the moment it came up on the radio I'd be singing along.

I remember dancing in the living room with my older brother and we'd be belting the words to this song out. We had the disk in this large clunky CD player that could hold only one CD but two tapes. I loved that player. Wish I know where it's gone (the disk that is, I know where the player is).

We had show and tell in primary school, can't remember what year but I at one point started choreographing with my friends some dance moves. We never performed it for the class, but it was fun! Another friend had a racing game on her PS2 for Crazy Frog.

This song in particular is very close to my heart. Before Mum moved away and we still did the week by week thing, Mum would use this song to wake my brother and I up in the morning, and we, or I at least would come running out to the kitchen and start dancing. I never knew what UK meant, I thought it meant some sort of sticky mud XD I was young enough to think Australia was the only place in the world.

My brother and I used to love this song. Well, my brother got sick of it, but I still love it. Don't know when or how I first heard it, radio probably, but I still love it.

I did get a lot of my music taste from my older brother, and this was one of his favourites that was originally Mums (Don't tell him that!) but I got it from him. I love this song, partly because it's awesome, mostly because it was a bonding song for my brother and I. It was something we wouldn't argue about.

I don't know. I've always loved this one, but funnily enough, it's meaning has only been hitting me recently. It's always meant something to me, but as I was only grade 2 when this came out, I'm not surprised it's taken me a while to figure out what.

I used to own Kasey Chambers album The Captain, and while Hard Knock Bible and We're All Gonna Die Someday were my favourites of the album, this is the one that pulled through in my memory. I still love the other two, but this one is it. (I loved the whole album, every song, but I did have my top few of course)

When I received Kasey Chambers, was about the same time I got Kelly Clarksons album Break Away. I know this song is about a broken heart and true love and that, but at my age, I connected it to Mum leaving. I cry every time I hear this song because of all the meaning I've heaped into it over the years. Because of You is almost on par with this song. Almost. I'm not sure what the difference is, but I cry almost as much with that one as this one. Since U Been Gone was my favourite of the album, but not the one.

You know what? Because of You deserves its own spot in this list. I attribute almost every lyric to my Mum leaving. Almost every word rings, or at least rung true. I still connect very strongly with this song and the last, and I'm not sure there will ever be a day when I don't cry while listening to them.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting to go and get emotional but there you go.

There is my all time top ten.

I hope you enjoy.

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