Otakus are lewding the solar system again...


I mean, give Otakus ANYTHING, THEY CAN LEWD IT!

Black hole? DONE.

Otakus are lewding the solar system again...

The Earth? Sorted!

Otakus are lewding the solar system again...

The Big bang? @BSApricot did that ages ago!

Also has Black Hole in this one..
Also has Black Hole in this one..

The moon? That too!

Otakus are lewding the solar system again...

The sun? That was also done!

Otakus are lewding the solar system again...

Now I could list every star, planet, galaxy and contents of the solar system and there would be a lewd version BUT I can't introduce that many images SO I am going to add the last image as multiple images.

Additionally, ALL credit to @BSApricot who provides these, check them out, their art looks amazing :)

Check them out on here: https://twitter.com/bsapricot?lang=en

However, it is not JUST solar content! It is anything!

My point is, otakus and anime fanatics have done this for ages, anthropomorphising anything we can and although I want to disagree with it, the art looks so good and well done that I can't argue because these drawings look great and the way they have given the relationships between different solar content like the sun and black holes was awesome! But yes, I can see why some people consider it too far since planets are now being sexualised ^_^

You know, I could list a FEW of the things that have been sexualised and anthropomorphised?

Black Hole



Big Bang




Milky Way



Orion's Belt

Lunar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Blood cells





Google Chrome

Internet Explorer



Burger King



Pokémon in general but Cloyster is an example

Windows *The computer type not the house type*

If you don't believe me, just search any of those with the word "Gijinka" written after it, the anthropomorphism BEGINS!

Otakus are lewding the solar system again...

Well, this was just meant to be a little update on how the world is doing, hope you enjoyed! ;)

~TheSnekHandler <3

Otakus are lewding the solar system again...
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  • ChiPaPa
    I think it would be hilarious for someone to make a comic of the super massive black hole- chan where she's found out to be some huge fat guy when they get close enough that devours them.
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    • That would be hilarious, all this time people are lewding it all then that happens! :D

    • No_Archons

      This is your destiny... you cannot avoid it... but you can rise to meet it if you choose. You must draw young one.

  • Deathraider
    Oh god, what kind of things are the internet into now.
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    • I have not enough word space to even begin my opinion on this subject... But everyone to their own right? :D :)

Most Helpful Girls

  • ILoveAnime
    Because people lewd everything.
    And I mean EVERYTHING.
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    • They do! :D But I'm not sure if I don't like it, I mean, someone out there put a LOT of effort to making that art and even if it is lewd, it is still something that someone drew and it looks good :) so I have mixed feelings I guess? ^_^

    • ILoveAnime

      Me too lol

    • We're so similar :) ^_^

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  • AnimeThot
    Have you seen Belle Delphines Blackhole-chan cosplay?
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    • I have not, but I will search it up to see what it is like :)

    • I'm black hole-chan 🌙✨
      It's not just stars and planets that I swallow...

      On her Instagram where she wrote that next to her holding a Earth made of cake and steam/ smoke around her while she bit into it

      She looks like she puts a lot of effort into her makeup which is admirable :) and I am sure she made the earth cake by herself too which I find nice ^_^

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  • Tylord92
    I personally think it's really fun and hilarious to see how people imagine different inanimate objects as humans. I think Osiimi chan's interpretation of "Black Hole Onee-sama" is both a pretty neat design and also pretty funny.
    • You are an observant man with a great personality, you have my respect

  • Kaneki05
    Tbh i just find it cringe, seriously don't understand what is wrong with someone to take a legit black hole or planet into a lewd anime girl.

    And i like anime and kinda can see the attractivness of a anime girl.
    • I understand the cringe but I also respect the art in how much time they took to make it :)

  • HermitTrash
    Science is great, the internet is great, and lewds are great. What could be bad about this?
  • Guanfei
    Rule 34 can't be avoided. If it exists, there is porn of it.
  • fujo-kun
    honestly nothing wrong with that
  • Kinogo
    Sounds fun
  • TohhhruAi
    Awesome I see nothing wrong here
  • NovissimumVirorum
    This is weird
  • ivanhunterjo
    I see nothing wrong here. good mytake
  • Pejtu
    who the F or what is otaku?
    • An Otaku is a person who takes great interest in the Japanese culture, NOT a weeb,

      Otaku- Respects, takes great interest in Japanese culture,

      Weeb- Wishes they were Japanese, disrespects the culture

      So you have a good fan of Japan and bad fans of Japan :/

    • Pejtu

      im too old for this shit O_O

    • It's alright :) Just ask if you need the help ^_^

  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take.